Coming Soon!

Some of the updates planned for the next major version of Deadburg!

City Damage
New Map modifier will give your city that lived-in feeling!


Gun upgrades!
Feeling like you need just a few more options on your firearms? They’re on the way!
Zombie Defense!
Get ready for Zombie Defense! A new game mode where you’ll have to hold out against a zombie horde.


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      1. There’s an issue on Microsoft’s side, no ETA at the moment, guessing next week sometime at this point. I’ll keep the latest post updated when I’ve got more info.

    1. Can I suggest you something? Would you be able to raise the price on this game? I mean It’s FOR SURE worth more than a $1 heck I’d pay $10 to play it. But the reason I’m saying this is because I’m afraid updates will quit since the Xbox One. But I also understand that sales are low so raising the price might not help…but Kickstarter and some other fundraisers would be a good idea cause I want this game to become a Global phenomenon and earn the credit you deserve!

      1. Unfortunately the indie game store really requires that you sell at $1. Occasionally games can go for more, but those are generally the exception. Pricing higher just means people don’t buy.

        I don’t have any plans to stop supporting the 360 at this point.

        1. I would like to suggest sprinting, snipers, actually making a building with defense’s around it- like a home base where you can store items and stuff.

    2. pls send me an email how i can support this awesome game. I asked the fun pimps for making 7 days to die releasng on xbox but no reply….then i found THIS and i had to buy it. thx that such human exists, who can read my thoughts.

        1. I play (and filter through) A LOT of indie games for my show, “Gaming Under the Influence”. This is honestly more polished than Dayz in a lot of aspects and highly addicting. Got my whole team playing! Nice work!

    3. Hi I wanted to ask a question is there a scope for the tactical rifle because I see it on the coming soon page I also love your game and I hope the update will attract more players and I have high hopes for this game I bet in a year it will be on arcade or steam if you’re on top of things like crashes but overall it is very exciting game and I have very very high hopes for it I wish you a very best luck for your development game have a great one 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback Martin.

      Longer day/night is in the plans, specifically letting it be configurable per game.

      The primary reason I didn’t include ADS is that the draw distance is already somewhat limited, and I figured ADS would just make that “problem” worse. But I’ll put it on my list and see if I can’t come up with something that will work.

      1. ADS would make this game nearly perfect! Also, I don’t mean to make you work harder than you have to, but bigger servers, PVP, chests, weight limit, and sniper rifles would be above and beyond! This game is already amazing, but those would make it phenomenal! Thanks!

        1. Dude everything you just said is perfect! ^Take this guy’s suggestion! Emphasis on the sniper rifles (more guns is always better) and emphasis on the pvp. Deadburg is an amazing game! Best Indie game on xbox

        2. Yeah make some kind of storage container and new guns like an uzi,short shotgun,deagle,rifle,m1 garand and some new melee weapons like nailed baseball bat,machete,knife

      2. Could you put in the apocalyptic map modifier thingy vines and leaves and stuff to make it look more apocalyptic? I think it would be great and that it looks a little odd without wild plants (and animals?).

      3. Hey this is my favorite zombie game it is so close to being my perfect zombie game. There a few things I think you could add though not that it’s not good but it might be better with theses. I think Free Roaming A.Is aka zombies would be awesome and scarier. Also maybe add night breaches were a horde of zombies would break down your walls and try their best to get in your house. More guns/weapons. Maybe the option to bored up doors and windows. Animals. And last different zombie variety like from left 4 dead. Thanks for reading this if you did and thanks for the awesome game.

          1. This an awesome game but I think adding a few things would make it the best and worth while game on Xbox right now. Because it already surpasses apocZ and castleminer Z 10 fold.
            -Iron sights
            -Sniper rife (.308 or .50 ammo)
            -flashlights and torches
            -Dynamine sticks/ grenades inside gun shops on gunracks.
            -keep the popping in on buildings that are far away because I see that is helping loading times
            -Concrete blocks in the crafting area
            -maybe a hint on where things like experimental polymer are, I found it by chance in the hospital.
            -special “legendary” weapons with unique names and descriptions
            -rare sprinting zombies

      4. I think the game needs a system of making bases, and yes i know you can already but we need chests and we need to be able to but markers onto the compass like a green dot that would always lead you to your base. What im saying is we need to be able to place a marker perhaps craft one? Anyway me and my friends built a base the we went to explore and we lost our base. 🙁

        1. right down the closest street sign to your location -.- that was the point of that lol so that the street signs serve as markers

    2. And if the zombies moved around a little too. Even if they just walked small circles. It would be nice if they couldn’t see out of the back of their heads, so you could sneak up on them. Still, quite a fun game.

      1. Improving how zombies detect players is something I’d like to do. The noise system is only being used for guns, but I could see expanding that would allow me to tweak zombies normal detection so they don’t see people sneaking up on them.

        Moving zombies right now is a perf/networking concern, I might be able to address it down the road depending on what kind of optimizations get done.

        1. Perhaps instead of making moving zombies, make moving boss zombies that are unique and occur every 1/30 zombies

      1. I’m happy to hear whatever you’ve got. I’ve been looking at this game for a long time and sometimes its hard to have perspective after looking at something for so long.

  1. Hey do you have a possible release date for the new update I’m so exited for it if want to message me via xbox my gamertag is insanecrafterj thanks also caneed you add cars at one point please you don’t have to tho bye

    1. At this point I’ll pull a Blizzard and say, “When it’s ready”. First up I need to address some of the issues people have been having joining games and crashing. I’m hoping to have the content update up probably around the end of the month, but that’s just a guess at this point.

      Cars is on my wish list, but I don’t have any code supporting them at this point, so if they make it in it will be a ways off.

      1. you could look it up or ask one of us but not me i would most likely make you add so much rubbish that i had no clue how to use

  2. Absolutely love your game! It is fun to play with friends, and very enjoyable. Would like to see a modifier for day and night cycle, but just a longer cycle would suffice. Attachments is going to be good fun and would also like to see maybe flashlights and place able torches or lights. A rifle in the future would also be nice. Keep up the amazing work, and thank you for the future updates 🙂

    1. The current plan for Day/Night is to have a 12 min cycle (Which is what the game uses today) along with a 24min and a 48min cycle. The city creator would set it when creating the city.

      The lights in buildings can be moved, but it may be a bit opaque to players. I’ll try to clear that up by either dropping them from items in the world or adding a crafting recipe. Flashlights are currently not supported in the underlying tech, but I’ve got a couple requests so I’ll put it on my list and see if I can come up with a way to support them.

      For the rifle, are you talking about a bolt action hunting style rifle, or something else?

      1. In this game if there was something like zooming ing or adding scopes.that would be good. The rifle should be a bolt action two body shot or one headshot kill. Also if u shoot zombies in the arms or legs with a shotgun could u make them come on or just do no damage thanks for your time again

      2. Just any kind, some kind of semi automatic rifle. Me and my friends just think it would be cool. Thank you for reading my idea by the way, and I as of now use lights from buildings, which work pretty well. Thanks again 🙂

      3. can you make it easier to find rifle and shot gun ammo. i found like 10 of each and i couldn’t use them at all. i like the game but it seems to get boring after a while. my suggestion would be make more different types of building and make a gamemode where the zombies come after you in waves like cod zombies

        1. No plans to adjust amount of ammo found at this point.

          More building types is one of the things I personally want to see the most.

          A wave based defense mode is in the works and should be in the next update.

  3. I would like the ability to run but also can you not make it avatar characters i think you should make an in game character but please not an avatar also running!!!! And i feel there should be ADS and offline co op right now i cant play with my little bro i love this game despite the few complaints i have i support you all the way

    1. Avatars are probably locked in for Deadburg 1 at least. I simply don’t have the resources to produce enough artwork for character models with customization (Which I think is an important part). I’ve tossed around the idea of a PC port, which would then require these models, but I’m not sure how I could get them back into the 360 version.

      Offline co-op at this point is not on the immediate road map due to perf limitations with the 360. I’m not going to say it’ll never happen, but right now the game can’t support the overhead of a 2nd player on a single console.

      1. the legs move higher and they go out more thats all and they move faster i did it in computing one on scrach it helps and you should try dramwever to

    1. Lmao These guys sound whiny I want this oh oh add this? Jeez louise people give the guy a break?!! You all sound like a bunch of kids,in a candy store…..taking advantage of the shop keeper and his kindness…He is waiting on his shipment of Candy to Arrive and all you lot want a Game that’s too simliar to Minecraft/COD/Battlefield….Why ruin what’s already in place? Yeah sure add in some scopes and cool bolt actions I agree there…but COME ON PEOPLE! GIVE IT A REST?!

  4. Can yall make a fourms so posting suggestions and following the process is easier…

    Also in game

    -Possibly have a creative/map creator
    -You should be able to establish a base
    -in any house you should be able to put items in the fridge, bookshelves, etc

    1. So I have a sub-reddit setup at for discussions, but I may setup a specific forum here as well as a number of people have mentioned it. I originally just didn’t feel I could really add much and figured people would be happier with credentials being hosted by a larger site/company.

      Map editor isn’t on my list, but there may be something I can do to approximate it at least.
      When you say establishing a base, what would that mean in game?
      Containers is one of the features I’ve got on my list, but it got triaged out of release. They will likely make an appearance in an upcoming update.

      1. yea i know map editor is hard to implement as if you look at several other games that attempted to implement it and failed…

        If you cant implement a ‘creative map editor’ then possibly make it where you can craft and add blocks, etc into the map…

        1. A map maker would be cool but can you really add that?
          Perhaps making a model maker so you can insert custom models to single player and be able to place lootable chests. And in the world creation screen . However when you put this mode on it will say you can not go into multiplayer with this world. (For reasons about placing loot able chests!)

          1. The map maker would likely just be exposing the settings behind the city generation system. The current seed isn’t really used per se, except to generate these other settings.

            So you could mess around with the “City planner” and find a layout you liked and then import that into the game.

            This is just me thinking about it, it is not currently a planned feature.

      2. calse miner z got it done mabe you could ask them for help if you can or ask mojang bcuese they did it to but you can not die and you can fly and you can ask the people how made avitar miner panit ball if you need some idaes of what to add im happy to help to the best i can

  5. Great game. The zombies need to be able to move around like walkers without u having to get in their agro range. And if u can there should be vehicles. Also there should be more skills like endurance which would factor in a sprint button and how long u can sprint .or u can add bows and weapons that u can make on the go. Plz consider this in your next update thank you for reading this

    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      So the zombies walking was in a previous build, it was simply too much performance to sacrifice. And when I moved to persistent zombie spawns it introduced a lot of network overhead (Syncing zombie locations). I’ve got some ideas on ways to reduce the impact and you might see them moving around a bit more in a future update, but no promises at this point.

      Vehicles are a wish list item, but not supported by the tech currently, not sure if/when they’ll make an appearance.

      I will be adding more weapons, they may be a bit of a ways off as they’ll need new art which can be time intensive.

      Zooming/scopes I avoided because of the short draw distance in game. I’ve got a couple requests for an ADS system, so it may make an appearance, but zooms will likely be somewhat small.

      1. Its me again thanks for telling
        Me that i know gaming programming is hard but if you could just squeeze in running and base building that would be my dream come true best 7 days to die on xbox

  6. What I mean by establish a base is you should be able to buff up the base/house/ your site…
    Add barricades; wood on windows or you could mine the window or door and upgrade it.
    Really to any place/house, anything.

    Also sleepig at night should be implemented…
    You should be able to sleep in a bed anytime of the day to speed up that time… Day to go to night.. night to go to day.
    everyone should have to sleep in it but if oly one person sleeps it should just allow the person to stay in the bed.
    when you wake up they should to get out of be theirselves.

    Zombies should attempt to raid your house/place if you stay in it after awhile.

  7. But this game is very good…
    I think it is ranking up there with total miner and xenominer swarm…
    If yall keep going and stay with the game it may pass them and take the lead..

    I hope to see yall on the Xbox 1
    you would have so much possibiltys open up with the one……
    and maybe the possible item on yalls wish list and many on here ‘vehicles’….

  8. New Buildings Ideas

    Campgrounds in forests- You could get food,water, camping stuff
    Factory- metal, etc factory stuff
    lab-science lab\bio lab\etc- sciencey stuff
    school- papers,wood,nails,etc

    Not all places should spawn in every map.

  9. Hey man, i love your game, really glad psn went down and i turned on my xbox and found it! Ive always checked out the indie section, and there are sometimes a real gem in there, but, and this is a bold statement, i really think your game is the best to ever be released there and this has serious promise. You know its not great, has problems, but im sure youll iron out those. I havent turned my ps4 on in days because of your game. And i have every new ps4 game, so be proud of that, id rather play this then a.c unity, c.o.d., all of it. Great game my friend. But the thing it really needs is just a bit more depth, meat, stuff to do and see. Maps are beautiful and i love the apocolypse update screen shots I,ve seen. More weapons, more craftable items, and items to craft that cant be found, only crafted, thats important, modified weapons even, i know you have that coming but baseball bats with a bolt in it, stuff like that. And some more zombies, like boss ones, big tank that can destroy block in one hit, and acouple at a time, really fast ones, ones with ranged attacks, variety. But keep it simple like you have, anyways, best of luck, but i dont think you need it, this will destroy on the marketplace. But you said you were thinking pc. Id say yes do that, but dont do it to make money, do it to get the name out. Youll be pirated, be prepared but dont let it destroy you, let pc get the word out more, let modders make the game better, and stay focused on the console version and try to get it on the arcade and next gen arcade. These are long term goals that im sure you already have thought of but anyways, take care and i love it

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the game Danny.

      I agree on needing more depth. Beyond what you’ve mentioned there are one or two things that I have planned that could help that. I’ll be interested to see what you think of the defense mode, as it ratchets things up quite a bit.

      PC quite simply is to allow me to push the game as far as I want to, without worrying about the 360’s hardware limitations. Getting onto the PS4/XB1 would be nice, but as this is my first game I think the pedigree may not quite be there yet. I think a solid PC port would help that quite a bit.

      1. Ya i agree, itd be really nice to see what this would look like on pc with the bigger draw distances. And i do look forward to the defense mode, just wondering though, does it actually change the a.i. Or is it just sending a bunch of agro’d zombies at you in waves? And have you spent any time optimizing the games code to smooth out the processes and make it run smoother?, as they say, working smarter not harder. And i did want to compliment you on the way the building spawn in, the way they rise up, i really like thay, when i first saw it i thought it looked so cool, especially with the skyscrappers. Its little things like that, that polish that i really like about this, and make it better then almost any other game on the xbla indie store

        1. The AI is the same, but some of their behaviors get used more extensively.

          Most of the game code has been optimized, but there’s always more that can be done there. I have a few further optimizations in mind for a future update.

      2. I’m quite interested in playing this game, but I don’t own an Xbox so….I’d be quite stoked to seeing this on PC! I’m fairly certain something like this could successfully get Greenlit on Steam, even.

  10. I think it would be cool of you added snipers and if you can make it harder to find food because its to easy and if to power in the city’s went out that would make it more real And can you add farming for us to uses if we ran out of food in the world.

  11. What about adding a countryside with farms and crops and animals. You can kill the animals for food and hide which you could use to make armor,another addition if u can. U can add campfires to cook food or add an agriculture system where u can plant seeds and in two days and restore half of your hunger and from each crop you get 3 crops. Make a skill for unarmed that every time u level up u get 10% stronger. Plz if u can add this to your next update. On Xbox live I’m telling everyone to buy this to see how awesome it gamer tag is sir revan IX plz message me if there is any new news regarding this game. Keep making this game better. It’s already number 5 on the indie list, it won’t be long till its number 1 thanks for reading I look forward to hearing from u. Once again thanks

    1. It’s something I’d like to add, I think the first step is getting more than three players into the game. There are some technical issues preventing that at the moment, but they aren’t unsurmountable I don’t believe.

  12. This game definitely has a lot of potential.
    -More zombie types
    -more craft able items/weapons
    -an option to make items drop on death
    -food/less common
    -possibility of getting nothing when searching
    -limit how much a player can carry
    -stealth and stealth kills (instant kill when undetected)
    -boss zombies
    -infected animals
    A great game considering it is only a dollar

    1. More enemy types is probably my biggest wish list item as well. They’re a bit art intensive tho, so it can take some time.

      Death options are going to expand as well, like dropping/destroying items on death so you can play pseudo-hardcore without going to full on hardcore.

      Stealth/stealth kills aren’t on my roadmap at the moment, but might make they’re way in when Zombies behave a bit more logically to stimulus.

  13. Can you guys make more different kinds of food. And also I compared ApocaZ to Deadburg I would say its a tie . So I would say make more structures and a bigger map .

    1. No no no no no no. ApocZ was once an amazing game it has now become a failure on the front page of indie games because of its name. If it updates (IF) I might go back to playing it. Also dead burg does not need a bigger map, however structures like a huge crane or hotel would be cool. Also water is that in yet?

      1. There are hotels, though I don’t know if you’ve found them. They are large, red skyscraper type buildings. Very cool.

    2. I believe (or at least I hope!) that you have the two games confused. Deadburg’s map is definitely bigger than ApocZ’s. Also, as for structures, Deadburg’s whole map is a city, whereas in ApocZ, there are two cities with a few trailer parks. I’m not entirely sure what you meant by that comment, but because of ApocZ’s extremely laggy PVP, I’d say that Deadburg is a better contender. I would love to see PVP in Deadburg to make it more like ApocZ, but ApocZ’s creator is, let’s say, not the quickest when it comes to updates and patches. The game is still lag filled and, well, limited. This game, however, has much more potential. Love both games, love Deadburg more.

    1. The name was really just a lot of trial and error. For a while it was “New Dead City”, but that felt a bit too on the nose. I just wanted something that implied zombies and cities. And I wanted to get the .com address without any extra frills like or some such. And I wanted to avoid the phrases Mine and Craft. Since I feel people assume you’re just copying Minecraft when you include them.

      I don’t have any new avatar animations planned. Is there something specific you’d like animated or re-animated?

        1. So I think Avatars are basically here to stay. I simply can’t replicate the amount of customization available to them with custom character models. And I feel customization is at least somewhat important in an open world survival game.

          1. I do not mind the use of avatars (I actually kind of like the use, as you can make your avatar look less stupid at any time), but I hate the running animation. I think if you would add a walking animation, and then use the running animation you currently have for, possibly, a future sprinting ability, then that would make it much better. As for now, I feel that the animation of running when moving a fraction of an inch just makes the character look, well, strange.

  14. Hoards!
    Large groups of zombies that patrol the streets looking for something to feast on!
    I made a house with my crow bar and its awesome it is 4 stories tall! My friends and I always try to protect it from zombies while another person goes scavenging! The guy on watch duty gets bored though from no action.
    We thought hordes of zombies (or even just a group of 3 zombies) constantly headed toward us! Not so fast that it was noticeable, but fast enough so that we always had something to worry about. Something that would force us to strategize.
    Also we are in a apocalypse game. I don’t want food flying out of every cupboard and fridge. Make it hard on us to find food make it a struggle to survive.

    In other words me and my friends are enjoying the game we just take forever finding each other!

    Can’t wait to see more!

    1. The Zombie Defense game mode might be at least part of what you’re looking for. I’ll be interested to hear your feedback once it’s in (No hard ETA atm, but hopefully by the end of January).

      I’ll probably reduce the items you get to some extent.

        1. The zombies will attack you wherever you might be. Whether that be a house, a skyscraper or in the middle of the woods.

  15. Wow thats a story, can you put the avatars hands while holding the weapons so they can do the animation reload like in castleminerZ also maybe can you put searching animation like when they search items they pull out their hands and open items.

    1. @Legalmexican64
      Try to give ideas that dont exactly copy another game, change it up a bit…
      Use another game as a template to make an idea from, not as an Idea..

      1. Not being mean, My hope for this game is not going to be the same as other indie games, but Different… I hope this game is different and better than everyother indie game out there..

    2. More avatar animations may make it in. Right now I’m doing those myself and I’m no animator, so it’s a bit of a slow/painful process. It’s more on my luxury list at the moment, nice to have, but not game play altering.

      1. Also zombie death animations are spot on. Perhaps a few more zombie death animations and have them sorted with what weapon to kill them with.

        For example a knife or a sharp weapon would cause a zombie to use the normal death animation.
        However when you kill it with let’s say a shotgun or heavy/blunt weapon it would knock the zombie backwards. However using the pistol would cause the zombie to fall on its side and perhaps rolls to its back as its falling.

        There is so much potential in this game!

        And when you get to it zombie models could use an upgrade.

        See ya!

        1. Animations right now are mostly limited to game memory, as it gets pretty close to maxing out the 360. I’ve got some ideas to tweak that down so you likely will see more stuff in that area going forward.

    3. I think the arms moving to loot stuff would ruin the games unique feel when looting. I always get a good kinda feel when I’m looting. Reloading would be reasonable but keep the looting as is.

  16. I love this game, it’s one of the best indie games I’ve played in a while. Just one issue I have is when ever I play multiplayer with my friends we always get separated. I also get lost a lot when playing by myself. I have tried using the road signs to locate where I am but its not that helpful unless you remember where each road is. I was thinking adding maybe a map would help or maybe having it so you spawn on main street and the number of the street increases as you go in a direction like First St. North First Ave. South. But I’m not too sure how that would work, I would just like to have a way to navigate. I also have one question too, are the worlds finite? P.S. Sorry for the long comment.

    1. So the street naming is roughly based on New York.

      Streets going E->W are ___ St.
      Streets going N->S are ___ Ave

      If a St. is north of the city center, it will be N ___ St, south will be S ___ St.
      If an Ave is east of the city center, it will be E ___ Ave, west will be W ___ Ave

      And then Main St goes right down the middle.

      Worlds are finite, 2048×2048. Not huge, but enough to have a TON of buildings.

      1. I don’t think the navigation is too hard. However, my friends are complete idiots and often get lost. A map of some sort, or maybe (hate to say this), but using something similar to ApocZ’s “clan” system would definitely help.

  17. seems this game has became a hit since christmas, something for yall to feel good about and keep going and thinking big….

    You Have the community to help you aong the way to developing the game more, everyone on here will give you the support for ideas and etc….

    I know the 360 is limited to what you can put into a indie game without it crashing the game….

    i know I said this before but, If you can get this game on Xbox 1, lots of these ideas on here can be implemented into the game…

    – If You add in new buildings or structures make it where they dont spawn in every map…
    – Also dont rush something into an update because you just want to get it it… because if it crashes then thats a problem and more work for yall…
    If you have to delay a item in an update then move it to anothe update and keep working on it..
    Make this Game the Best Indie Game

    1. Warehouses and labs are in an industrial section of the city. You’ll likely know it when you see it.

      The sheds outside some homes are not the warehouses.

  18. Oh yes and before I go for today.
    Glass needs to be a craft able item and when broken doesn’t drop glass. Perhaps it drops a glass shard or just nothing.
    Oh and be able to barricade windows however if the windows break. barricades are destroyed!

  19. Possibly a game mode where your friend turns into a zombie if they die to one and the only way for them to come back is to find a cure to inject into them? Something along those lines, also special types of zombies, ones that can destroy things easily, attract zombies to an area from like a scream, etc. Just some thoughts man. Good game though! Love it

    1. PVP of various types is on my wish list, I just need to clean up some stuff with networking first.

      More zombie types should make their way in over time. I contract out for the zombies and it can take some time to get them into the game.

  20. From what I see of this game so far is that food is a bit to plentiful and the zombies AI is a bit buggy. (I know your working on it) For example they broke a 4 block wide and a 2 block tall hole and couldn’t get in.

  21. I think it would be cool to have AI survivors that you can make a survivor group with and it will show if their happy,sad,mad,hungry,etc.

      1. I love your game and i have a few suggestions
        -Craftable beds
        -More weapons like knifes or sniper rifles
        -Survivors.You will be able to trade with them
        -Can put items back in shelfs and in cabinets etc
        -I think food is too easy to find so maybe make it harder to find
        -Different Zombie skins
        -Maybe you should add cars or helicopters that can be repaired and usable but will require fuel

        Thanks for reading.

    1. I, personally, would hate the idea of AI survivors. That’s exactly the reason why State of Decay was rather horrible. The AI constantly nagged and rarely helped out. Keep it to strictly people controlled protagonists please.

  22. You have done an amazing job on this indie game one of the few i enjoy!
    Just a few ideas.

    *Maybe add AI Survivors
    *Barricade-able doors/windows
    *Slightly Less zombies
    *give zombies more sight
    *Farm plots and farmming?
    I know you already have a lot to do but these are just a few suggestions and one more idea.
    *Possibly more bodily needs such as heat and diseases?

    Thank you for listening and I know you still have a lot to do but if some of these could be added that would be amazing!

  23. Great game. It has so much potential, I definitely find it far more interesting than Minecraft.
    I’d like a third person view and better zombie models, more crafting options, dead bodies of past civilans and the zombie should drop stuff, but not game breaking type items like a Shotgun, but random generic items.
    If you do decide to have the items and weapons in your inventory stored when you die in the game, could you please make it an option, because I really love the hardcore survial aspect that this game has and have all my items back once I respawn would be cheap.
    This game has a lot of tension and is pretty tough. I love Last Stand on Insanity, it’s the only way I play. Great job!

  24. Just a few requests
    1.what is ADS
    2.different zombie models
    3.better ai for the zombies

    I see lots of potential in your game
    But I see the falling points too
    Talk to me if you have the time I genuinely can say this game is awesome- zack from glitch studios

  25. And another thing… when it’s daylight around 4 or 5 in the game, the zombie still retain their incredible vision and come running at you, even though it is daylight. That should really be changed, there are a lot of really cheap deaths resulting from that.

    1. Yea, I need to add some kind of graphical effect on then for when they are still under the “night” effect. I may adjust the time they come out of it as well.

  26. This is a great game. I berly got it yesterday and I’ve been having fun with it like clearing out big places and all but you forgot some of the best apacolypse weapons. Katanas, machetes, knives, and what not. I personally think it would be great to add weapons like that and moded melees like a nailed bat also an extra function on the guns like pistol whiping. It looks like it’s gonna be way more fun with the updates that your coming out with. Keep up the good work

  27. here’s a list of things that would be cool to add
    -shorter time for night effect to run out
    -possibly combinable weapons
    -upgrades for houses
    I think those would be cool

    1. I don’t have a dev account with MS for the new Xbox, so at this point I would say no. But the game is doing well on the 360, so I may have a better case in a few months.

  28. I just got this game and I must say it’s Awesome!! I love the survivor feeling and scavanging it’s awesome can’t wait to the new update

  29. Someone said something about pistol whipping and I think that’s a great idea! assign it to LT or something and have it do the same thing as the secondary attack melee weapons do. I find myself backed Into a corner with a zombie in my face mashing LT only to get my face munched. So having a knock back attack with firearms wouldn’t be a bad idea!

    1. I would rather see LT used as ADS and make RS for pistol whipping. It really bothers me that ADS is not an option. That’s usually a deal breaker for me. I made an exception for this game (glad I did), but Valve games are rarely played by me for that reason.

  30. I just got this game and i must say. its great! its fun and addictive.
    I cant think of any suggestions that warrant already mentioned
    but one. and it doesn’t sound like a huge task. (at least i think)
    could you add an option to turn off the highlights when you aim at a cube.? (not sure of the technical term)

    1. The first patch is just some bug fixes, and should be out soon. Waiting on 2 more reviews of the game. It’s not under my control so I can’t say for certain, but I’d expect it in the next couple days.

      The content update doesn’t have a hard date yet.

  31. First off, Awsome game, Ur Doing Great things with deadburg. heres some basic things that should help develop player immersion and appeal.
    Zombie behavior’s, set groups that act differently. (Never trust a zombie)
    -zombies attracted to gunfire- (o crap maybe i shouldnt fire this thing off )
    -Some walkers or wondering zombies. (Crape hes a crapple)
    -zombies that go around n break stuff, just too go around and break stuff. (the A-hole zombie)
    -Scent? Can a zombie hunt u down like a bloodhound? (not liderally. Remember,im not saying all zombies.)(maybe some that dont respawn but are just there) ( the random one u just pasted by. ) (hes still chasing me)( this zombies crazy)
    If a mod too some groups of zombies could be added, it would flesh this game out and bring the players coming back for more. its a zombie gift wrapped present, or the preverbal box of chocolates. (U never know what ur gonna get….) or well run into. ok, the car thing.. put them in but not drivable. u could possibly search them. its a ascetics thing!
    I dont know if any of this is possible, just tryin too help. i got more suggestions, but i think some other people want too post up here too. toodleloo reanimated

  32. Hello reanimated games
    First I would like to say Awesome game I am looking forward to see this game develop.
    Now I would like to make a few suggestions
    1.Inventory limit and place to stash items & equipment (crates, chests)
    2. Zombie types to mix up gameplay
    3.Less goofy looking zombies just a little bit :p
    4. weather
    5. iron sights
    This is all my head can conjure right now but anyway GREAT GAME. one question I was on the roof and zombies climbed up the building on weird green blocks…I try to stand on said blocks,I then fall through and die from the drop….lost level 7 one life character and fort with my defences…WHAT ARE THOSE BLOCKS? thank you for your time.

  33. this game reminds me of 7 days to die… i think this game would be even more awsome if zombies looked scary like Bloodsuckers from S.T.A.L.K.E.R

  34. You know what? i bought COD AW the other day and i still havent played it…..BECAUSE OF THIS AWSOME GAME!!! if u can put a way to navigate better e.g compass or a map….and chests to store ur items and an otion to sleep in a bed to advance time im telling u it can go a long way i told like 20 ppl and 17 of them bought this game without regrets….this game has a bright future ahead of it…granted u guys had problems but that wont stop your creative thinking!! keep calm and carry on gaming !!!

  35. Once again i have a few ideas

    *Wandering zombies(When did you guys get here? lol)
    *Proximary Voices and maybe echos’s
    *Zombies that can smell?
    Last ones which are my wishlsit
    *Pistol Whip?
    *wildlife (Both Predator’s and prey)
    *Dogs (whom fight zombies and must be fed)
    *Vehicles(Bye suckers!)

  36. First of all, I would like to say that I love the work that you are doing here. As a hardcore player looking for an extensive challenge in my video gaming, I have a couple of suggestions:

    1) Sleeping system: All players must be in bed to sleep until dawn, probably should be implemented after a longer day/night cycle

    2) Decreased drop rates for essential supplies: I feel that it is too easy to get water and food from houses, perhaps there can be a hardcore mode that decreases drop rate drastically

    3) The ability to craft or break beds: It would be awesome to be able to set spawn wherever you want

    4) Health Kits should be toned down: I was thinking one of two ways: A) decrease the amount of health restored or B) drastically decrease the spawn rate

    5) Flashlight with battery: I know that this would take a lot of time to make, but it would be awesome to implement. Batteries could also be found and could be used/ combined with a flashlight to increase the durability (durability slowly decreases as time goes on, as if it is battery powered)

    6) Chests: A place to store items would be awesome

    7) Limited inventory: Have a set amount of space allowed, would make it harder to scavenge items

    8) Hardcore Survival mode: Like mentioned before, this mode would be for the best of the best. Drop rates would be drastically decreased. Food and water meters would decrease a lot faster. Zombies break through walls faster. Some zombies still run during the day (50% or so). Weapon durability decreases a lot faster

    9) Perhaps an exhaustion meter: Sleeping could be used to refill this meter, also coffee? Perhaps there would be a sprinting function added that would make exhaustion decrease a lot faster.

    10) Hardcore HUD: Have a way to turn off the exp bar, time of day, damage dealt, and secondary bars in the bottom right. I personally love playing a game with as little HUD as possible, makes it feel more open and realistic

    11) Ladder blocks?: Use scrap wood to craft ladders. Can be used to climb buildings and other structures

    12) Map or compass: Crafted, can be used for navigation

    13) Option for keep, drop, or destroy inventory upon death

    14) Zombie reactions to guns: Keep it as simple as possible, perhaps when a gun is fired all zombies within 20 blocks are aggroed on the user

    15) Iron sights: I know it would be hard, but I feel that this game could really benefit from it

    16) Bolt action rifle: High accuracy, power, and range. No scope.

    17) Crafting for washing machines, dryers, and other unobtainable household objects to deck out your base. (Items that when broken give scrap metal and other parts)

    18) Weapons (when found) have a random durability.

    19) Recoil on weapons?: Not at the top of my wish list, but would be cool to see implemented

    20) Repair weapons using crafting supplies. (Perhaps a weapon repair kit item)

    21) Weapon proficiency system: The more kills you get with a certain weapon type (axes, bats, sledgehammers) The more damage and durability that they have

    I’ll keep you posted if anything else comes to mind. Thanks for reading and keep up the good work!

  37. Just thought of some new ideas that may be cool to see in a future update:

    *Barbed wire: Works a lot like the spikes, can be placed on the side of blocks to prevent and harm zombies from climbing to the top of buildings

    *Possibly a longer aggro range for zombies. I personally noticed that when I entered houses I was very safe without taking any precautionary measures. Personally, I think it would be awesome to increase the aggro range of zombies in order for crazier gameplay when changing from house to house

    *I don’t know if this is implemented already, but difficulty affects the rate at which zombies break down blocks (as difficulty increases, so does rate of breaking blocks)

    *Healing items are a bit strong in my opinion. Earlier, I mentioned health kits but I also feel the same way about medicated bandages. I personally think that they should be harder to make (drop rates adjusted), or do less for healing

    *Perhaps falling from extensive heights breaks legs, this slows down movement and requires a new item (doctor’s bag, something else?) to repair

    *Perhaps “blueprints” for all items that can be rarely found that reveal the outcome for a crafting recipe

    *Zombie “attacks” during the night. (spawn zombies around a player that are immediately aggroed on the player

    *Can opener for canned items

    *Can use the stove to cook items (perhaps can get gasoline/ gas station?) Cooked items restore more hunger

    My suggestions are based on the survival aspect of the game. I feel that the game is often too easy, and simply increasing the health and the damage of zombies is moving the game (in my personal opinion) in the wrong direction. I love the survival aspect of this game, I feel that it would be awesome to be more worried on the 3 essential things(food, water, shelter) rather than worrying about getting the “rarest loot” when playing the game. I think that if you were to really touch on those areas without making the game nearly impossible, the game would last players longer and would be more enjoyable and hectic. That’s why I originally suggested a hardcore game mode that could be sub categorized into difficulties. If this new gamemode was implemented, the players who like the “run and gather the rarest loot aspect” could still play the game like they always have, but the players who would like to have a hectic survival experience would be pleasantly surprised. I’m sorry if this seems like I’m asking a lot, to be honest I am not knowledgeable on the coding process, however, I still think that a lot of people would be pleased to see this implemented. Thank you for reading this and please let me know if this is unreasonable, or if you could possibly do something along these lines. I would love to further assist in ideas for further updates and will continue to expand on my wish list. Keep up the good work! This game is truly one of a kind on the Xbox 360!

  38. You should make ideas for the landscape other than small towns and citys. like forests and areas outside the citys. by the way me and my friend just started to play and we love it. also you used the eerie music in a VERY good way. it creates a lot of suspense

  39. Chests and weight limit would definitely give the game a challenge. It’s pretty easy hoarding items to prolong your survival, especially since you don’t drop any items when you die.

    Some may argue, “Well, what’s the point of having a chest if you won’t lose anything?”

    Well, how would you feel having 8 crowbars and a mass arsenal of weapons in your inventory that you have to sort through in a time of need? The game is great, a great starting point.

  40. I love the game but I don’t like that there is alot of zombies and I was wondering if there could be a creative mode type thing where you can spawn anything and be still in survival/able to die

    1. Also I think there are alot of cities and if there are any other buildings like factories or something can they become more common

  41. jeez guys theres only so much memory an indie game is allowed. if all this was put in itd more than max the capacity. Go slow reanimated and chill the headaches, sometimes fanbase can be hard to keep but it seems weve been expecting this game to b ethe new cod or whatever

  42. Hi reanimated, ive been playing your game and its amazing. Its been a while since a good indie game. I know theres limited memory in the game, but would it be possible to add weather and new zombies. Those are the only things i like to see. But any way keep up the good wor-okuu

    1. New zombies will definitely be making an appearance. Weather is something I’d like to add, but not sure when it might make it in.

  43. Sup Jeff! Really been enjoying the game so far. Me and the group of friends I’ve been playing with have been wondering if there are plans for implementing game type options. As in, the ability to tweak game settings like if zeds/resources respawn, day night length, ect. We firmly believe that giving players the ability to create whatever crazy game types they can imagine would greatly increase Deadburgs lifespan. As well as overall funfactor. Thanks for reading.

    1. Yea, it’s something I’d like to bring in soon~ish. It won’t be in the next patch(#2), but probably in #3 or #4.

  44. Maps to find friends if lost would make it 10/10. And the start screen says “copright 2014” instead of copyright. Bigger servers too. Other than that, keep on going!

    1. The radar in 1.0.2 should help you find friends. Map may make an appearance in a future patch as well. The copyright spelling error is fixed in 1.0.2 as well. More players is a goal, but no ETA on that right now, want to shore up networking for 3 players before I start stuffing more people in.

  45. Honestly, I feel as if the the zombies being able to climb buildings is a bit overpowered. I feel like it also takes the “ZOMBIE” part out. I feel like this because usually when you play a zombie survival game, they don’t climb. Sometimes they may glitch on top of each other, but that’s as far as they go when it comes to zombies climbing. Also, I feel like there should be an option button to climb on top of a two block tall structure(Seeing that you are two blocks tall when you stand. I understand that there is an option to jump higher, but that does not really fulfill the purpose. I appreciate you reading this message and I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you.
    -Xbox Gamertag- PrawlingPanda99

    1. Zombies climbing is basically to prevent people from using terrain glitches to prevent them from getting to you. The defense mode will make that more obvious and I’ll probably get a lot more feedback on it then.

      Some more movement options are a popular request, not sure when they might make it in however.

      1. A radar seems like an okay idea, but I also like the challenge of having to seek street names to find your fellow survivors. It really brings them together by using an important element of survival; communication. Then I again, I argue to make the game more challenging. Seems most want it easier.

        1. Well I think there’s room for both. I’ve still got a hardcore mode on my list. I expect I would disable the radar/compass on that mode.

  46. Hey, me again. I forgot to mention the last time about a drop all function. This would be very helpful, especially when dropping bullets. I always wind up giving my friends guns and ammo, but most of the time I have a lot of ammo. Actually, as I am typing this comment, I am dropping 250 bullets for my friend, because I gave him my old assault rifle. Once again I hope to hear back from you soon, and thank you for reading this comment.

  47. Hello. I know it’s been mentioned a bunch of times already but me my fiance and brothers all play this and we play quite a bit. And we all agree that even though the zombies get stronger it’s still gets too easy. You can go into a store when its gets dark and mine all the boxes and when daylight comes, all of a sudden you have 3 powerful weapons and 100 ammo for each weapon. And the bad part about it is the zombies are stationary. Maybe if they shuffled around during the day and had a horde in your vicinity searching around at night(or maybe gave them a line of vision?) it would make it much more challening/rewarding and much scarier when you do finally get all the supplies needed to survive. And one final thing. It breaks the game a little with the option to upgrade your speed. It doesnt take much to outrun them after a couple upgrades. Maybe change the order which to upgrade? Or maybe just add a sprint button so all survivors will be on the same page as far as being able to run away scared lol. I’m not trying to sound like your biggest critic haha but we all play zombie games and love movies and it’s already so fun and addicting, but if some changes like this were made it would easily catupult this game to the top of our lists as a favorite. Thanks for reading my novel lol 🙂

    1. Both running and jumping are a bit over powered. I haven’t addressed them yet since it doesn’t really hurt anyone. But I’ll probably be toning them down in the future.

      The warehouses I’m not a huge fan of myself. Too much stuff and its too easy to get it. But I didn’t have a good replacement for them, so they made it in release. If I get around to redoing the city generation I’ll probably rework them.

      1. The running and jumping is a very minor complaint to be honest. It can be left alone and the game will still be fine. The searching zombies I think should still be a thought though. It would actually make it downright frightening if you had a pack searching and chasing you from time to time. But I was thinking after I posted on here that maybe just decreasing drop rates would help? Like have less food and water drops in most living areas with a very slight increase in the rate that your meters depletes. Just so you really feel like you’re scavenging someone elses house/apartment to survive. If you don’t keep up on your water or food intake it could negatively effect your speed, melee, and and health? That way your purpose in looting building to building would be a little more desperate and require more team work(or maybe force someone to contemplate killing another for their supplies? That’d make an interesting twist eh? ;)..) And the warehouses I think maybe just decrease the number of them that spawn. Make it almost like it’s rare as if finding gold or diamond in Minecraft. I’m not gonna lie it does feel nice to break into one and feel like you can supply a small army with ammo. That’s part of what makes an apocalypse game or movie cool right? Finding that 1 warehouse full of supplies untouched by other survivors. But I think it should be full of just that. Instead of items to make most of the weapons AND ammo, maybe it could actually be just the ammo. And the schematics and bolts/ingots could reside in some of the other type of stores that are usually empty. I think that would help that overpowering issue a little hopefully without changing too much? 🙂

        1. Might not hit everything but here goes. Improved zombie AI might make it in at some point, but want feedback on defense mode first. Food/water is reduced in 1.0.2, but also the apocalypse map modifier makes it harder to get around, should make scavenging a bit harder. Making warehouses more rare might be in the cards. I wanted an industrial zone, but didn’t want them all empty.

          1. That sounds so excellent! Lol it’s good enough for me. I know I laid it on thick for a min there but I love your game as it is and I can’t wait to try it out whenever the update drops. Already this game has me hooked and if these updates roll in the way you’re planning… well I can say that you got something pretty special in your hands. Btw, I wouldn’t hesitate to shell out some more $$ if I see Deadburg curiously sitting on the “One” marketplace lol. (Especially if it had splitscreen co-op and achievements!) ;););)

  48. I would like to see something like a forest and animals in it like deer’s and also AI pathfinding and a stealth system to go along with it. I will make the game challengeing at night and also if u can decrease the zombies around the area

    1. At this point I’m not sure if/when/how the vehicles might be implemented. I think adding them as loot only could work on the 360, but no promises at this point.

      1. I luv this game but add a PvP weight system I would like this to turn into 7 days to die keep me posted and what ideas are u considering!!!

  49. It would be good to see
    •season change
    •different types of zombies
    •possibly a guard dog
    •armor types and armor perks
    •maybe a vehicle of some sorts
    But overall I love the game alot,very good job guys can’t wait for next update.

  50. It would be nice to have a sniper rifle and to make food and water (so edible objects) a bit more rare so you scavenge more also base building more diverse crafting (so bows food building items ext.) and bases are big thing but some thing I haven’t seen in many zombie survival games is farms thanks if you reply also trees we need to use those but thx if you reply

    1. So food and water got tuned down a bit in the latest patch, and the apoc map modifier makes them even more rare. Normal maps probably still have too much food/water.

      More weapons are a popular request, it’s something I’ll probably be adding, but it’s new art so it takes longer than code only changes.

  51. Is there going to be a creative like mode coming, but will it be similar to survival so you still need food and water and you can still die?

    1. I haven’t actually gotten as many requests for a creative mode as I thought I would have. It’s something I could forsee adding, but right now it appears to be a rather low priority. As for having survival aspects still be active, I don’t know. I guess it would depend on what players are looking for. If its just survival without zombies I’d probably prefer adding that directly.

  52. I really enjoy your game me and my friends like to play it a lot. I have a few ideas for the next update. I feel that the zombies should come at me more. I feel that I can almost walk right past the zombies. I would also enjoy a weight limit and chest to store things in. I would also like a sprint and some cars to make travilng the maps easier. I think more wepons would be nicer.

    1. Yea, a weight limit similar to Fallout is something I’ve been thinking about since I changed to the current UI. The big question is blocks themselves. And then how to handle the game automatically picking up everything you find. Pat of that is having places to put things not on your person, like chests as you mention.

      Sprint might make it in after 1.1. I’m making some changes to terrain generation that should pop terrain faster, which would make me more comfortable increasing movement speed via a sprint function. I’ve heard reports of people outrunning the current generation which is part of the reason for the current speed limit.

      Vehicles are probably not going to make the 360 version. Mostly due to the cost of physics for those types of objects, versus the cost for the current zombies/players. Basically it becomes much more expensive when you start using large objects.

  53. Well I was thinking for the 360 version you put bicycles and more crafting like building block ( walls, doors, wood weapons, ext.) and insted of starting with a hockey stick Mabel a nave ball bat or a stick from a tree also if adding a weight system make backpacks and depending on where you are Canada or the us start with a shotgun or handgun but make it rare but thx go the update on xbox really love the game.

    1. So the starting melee weapon is randomized from the set of sporting good type weapons. At this point I don’t have any plans to change that. Although I could add more items to this set. I added the four that I could think of that would also make somewhat suitable melee weapons.

      Weight system is something I’d like to do, there are some concerns preventing it from being added immediately.

      More items/blocks is something I want to add in as well.

  54. Wow, this game is amazing! I play it all day, and rarely take breaks 😀 I never thought I’d find a game like this, but I did and thank god for that! I’d love to be a tester for the game so if any developers see this, contact me!!! I’ve been playing games, including indie for my whole life and never seen such a well rounded game. Seen a few glitches here and there, but the devs really take time to make sure the game is running smooth! Finally, someone who cares about their game and players enough to respond to feedback and encorparate it into a game! That is very rare these days. I give the game a 10/10!

    1. At this point players can’t test the game during development. Once I get a PC version into a decent state I’ll probably look for testers on that.

  55. I love your game, I don’t own it, but i love it.

    I was able to play on the trial mode for over 1hour and 35 minutes because I kept restarting the trial. I eventually died by trying to cross building and falling 4 story’s. You might want to make it were trial mode doesn’t save the world you create.

    A person with enough patience to restart the game every time the trial ended could be bad for money making or something. You may not really care though.

    Don’t worry, I plan to buy the game.

    1. Yea, I’ve thought about that. I might “fix” it down the road, but for now I’m focusing on fixing crashes and adding the features promised in the ship build.

  56. Blue screen appears whenever it loads for anything, i am not entirely positive on why but it would be nice if you could patch that

  57. Has third person found its way into your idea book?

    How does rifles sound? You know, stuff like, bolt-action or semi-auto. Maybe even some SMGs? Revolvers? I basically just want to have a wide selection of firearms. Though I’m in no rush to get them.

    I’m no game developer, but how hard would it be to add something like a sickness meter? So when players get hit so many times by certain zombies. They’re inflicted with a illness that requires medicines from the Lab building?

    Example: zombies with green mist or something,

    Just an idea though.

    1. 3rd person has been requested. Not sure when/if it will make it in at this point.

      More guns is pretty high on my list, since the current selection is rather limited.

      Sickness is something I’ve tossed around. I’d say it’ll likely make an appearance at some point.

  58. Is there going to be farming or campfires? what im thinking is campfires will cook food but it will slowly be cooking. The cookers in the kichen area could be faster but need to be repaired.

    1. I don’t have any concrete plans for farming/campfires at this point, but really beyond 1.1 I don’t have a hard plan. Campfires would likely be “easier” to add to the game. Farming sounds interesting, but would be more difficult at this point.

  59. It would be amazing if you could add armor( when and if the PC version comes out mod compatibility that way the people could make mods this prevents the game from getting repetitive when waiting for an update)

  60. I think this almost better than minecraft just a few ideas like more guns ,zoom in on guns, military outpost , power, able to watch tv, farming, noticable running , balistic shields, less lag, more people in the game at once, different zombies and they don’t stand still. Thats just a list of things if u can get around to it thk.
    Love the game so far thought .

  61. I just got this game and i love it, though you could add some more features like these i thought off.
    -Make a “Peaceful” difficulty that is God mode, unlimited ammo, durability, Removes The food and water Meters so you Don’t have to worry about running out of food or water.
    -Make it so if you find a building you like to call home you can make it your base and able to keep the zombies out.
    -Vehicles, and if you was to find a RV you can make it your mobile home.
    -Make it so the tvs are actually working and you can have light switches turning lights off.
    -tweak the zombies so they react more like if it was real. Like you can through a rock and they would go to the sound.
    -And Also make it so if you find a gun you can change the color of it and can make it so you can put suppressors on or off.
    And if anyone wants to bash heads with me look me up my gamertag is my username. I don’t have gold now but will soon.

    1. Oh i forgot, make it so that you can have it where you are in the city before the zombies arrive, like you see the apocalypse start from the beginning.

  62. Best game i have a couple of ideas that would make it way better
    1.Cars trains plains helicopters
    2.more guns / melay wepons
    3.more buildings you can put thinks in capnets and chests
    5.2 player online/offline
    6.more people online like 20 or 40 people
    7.make citys bigger
    8.make a milltarey base or compound
    9.make a airport or something also add tanks
    10.i enjoy the game alot keep up the good work
    p.s best game ever

    1. Vehicles are probably not going to make the 360 version due to perf concerns.

      More stuff is something I’ll probably be adding slowly (More details in a post to come soon).

      Offline 2 player is something I’d like to look into once I get 1.1 out the door. No guarantees however.

      The max player count will likely be around 8 players. XNA cap is 32 and the game sends a lot of data (For all zombies, terrain changes, dropped items) so it stresses networking more than most.

    1. Its an interesting question. On the one hand it does seem rather extreme. But it also is the primary point of contention between the “game” and the player. Capping it seems like it would make it less interesting once they capped out. Although I’m leaning towards capping them out, it’s not something I’ve made my mind up about.

  63. Please add!
    -Idle Zombies walk around
    -More stable multiplayer
    -Fix the range for hitting zombies and them hitting us
    -Attachments for guns
    -Dedicated servers with lots of players (That’ll be fun!)
    -More guns
    -Advanced sneak system
    (i.e Clothes and armour you wear makes you easier to detect)
    -In game voice chat
    -Ambient noises
    (Birds chirping and leaves blowing in the winds)
    -Various zombie models
    -Decapitations animations
    -Creative mode

    Also this game is AMAZING!!! I really hope this gets lots of fans and fame because this game deserves it! Please put this game on PS4, Xbone and PC.

  64. Is the defence mode going to have hordes everywhere you go, so if you go in to a house will the zombies outside try to brake down the house instead of just standing outside?

    1. The hordes spawn at night and will attack the host of the game. They will break/climb/dig to get to them. During the day the game plays out just like survival does.

  65. when hitting objects can you use weapons so that they reflect in real hits. ie. If using an axe it would only need 2 hits on wood, when using a shovel it will need 4 hits on grass etc, etc …….

    1. The code for that is in the game, I just haven’t really fleshed it out that much. I’ll probably be tweaking it more as time goes on.

  66. can you add a hunger element where if you eat minimally then your unhealthy and if you eat healthy foods then your healthy like calories.

    also theese are other things : cars snipers animals sprinting stealth/crouching helicopters parachutes quests trading(like ‘this war of mine’) lighting improvements parkour skills kicking planes larger maps and finally free roaming zawmbyzzz!!!!!!!!

    1. They’re used in one of the features I have in the dev build. But I’m not sure when/if it will make it into release so I can’t spill the beans.

  67. I found a bug when placing down beds there look odd oh and are you going to add rules to Help coming soon Ideas and feedback?

  68. I found a bug when placing down beds, they look odd. Are you going to add rules to Help coming soon Ideas and feedback?

      1. when I place a bed down, the bed doesn’t look like a full bed. It looks like 1 pillow at top end and 1 pillow in middle of bed. So therefore it looks like 2 beds squashed together to make 1 bed.

  69. wow ive played the demo im gonna buy it its awsome like really really awsome im gonna request it to my friends it suck that car wont be added but i understand the avator character is awsome i have a army suit for it yoir the best indie game maker ive seen you do update and reply to peoples comment better than 4j studios they dont really reply but your perfect but cars would be awsome i love cars love the guns animation too your game is getting famous on youtube a bow could be cool in the game i think zombies standing still ads a creepy vibe

  70. hey nice game you should add bows and a sword that would be cool and a pool or river can do but nice game im gonna tell friends to get it good luck with your game

  71. I have somthing to add, its kinda wired that there’s a big set of stairs on the middle of tall buildings so I think this could help improve som things, LIke- elevators, they would be so kool when the doors shut u can click on the buttons and type a floor like roof 1st floor ect…… another is it showing you reloding and zoom-in capability, RPGS would be pritty cool to, and maby some levloution like when u shoot a building a couple of times it falls strait down or to the side depending on where u shoot it, but whenever you have time.

  72. this game is really fun, but they need to add more players in the servers. right now you can only play with 3 should add like 8 or 10.

  73. Adding the advanced option to create chunks and how much suberban/city etc in a certain area and map creator, be able to build houses. so you could create your own city.

  74. This Is my favourite indie game plz carry on adding up dates and so u can aim down sights. This game is amazing and a.d.s , cars and different types of zombies would make it phenomenal. I was expecting a bad inde game but when I played the demo it was a purchase straight away. I’ve been playing this game for 2 days straight and I’m not tired of it! I love it so much.
    Just adding more would make this amazing .
    I think it’s better than minecraft because I’ve played so much of It.

    Keep up the good work guys!!

  75. just a few things…maybe some blood and or gore? every good zombie game has blood…more weapons for sure! more weapons the better!!! also maybe Armour or helmets and things like that. the ability to upgrade melee weapons/guns would be really freaking awesome. i saw someone else say cars and i think that would be pretty cool…ADS and weight limit and chests would be on the top of my list though. that would make the game so much better even though its the best indie game on xbox…

    1. Next update will be a stability/bug fix patch for 1.1. The next big update I don’t have fully planned yet, my goal is to get networking into a better state so I can increase the player count in game.

    1. I’m expecting a problem where my game just crashed with me and my friends and we worked hard on this map then when I started it back up it wount let anybody join my game I even restarted my console. But still the same thing, what should I do.

      1. Hey Steve,

        Sorry about the crash. When you say your friends couldn’t join what exactly happened? Were they unable to see the game, or unable to join, or did they get stuck while trying to join?

        Without knowing exactly what happened I would say this. Make sure you’re hosting a public game on xbox live, and once you load into the game don’t do anything until your friends join (Or try to join). There is at least one issue in 1.1 that can cause joining to hang, and there are a few ways to create games that people can’t see/join depending on the options.

          1. Ok, so then doing the create a game, and then sit idle until they join should prevent that based on all of the repros I’ve seen of that issue. I fixed one cause of that in 1.1, but I’ve seen at least one more in subsequent testing.

    2. Working on a stability patch right now (1.1.1) and then I’ll begin work on 1.2. I only have some rough plans right now, so I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

  76. Also the things called “zombie vines” there anyoing, you can’t fix them, you can’t build over them, and you fall through them. Can u make it so they try to come up the stairs instead plz.

    1. Zombies coming up the stairs is probably not going to happen on the 360. It’s rather expensive to do 3D pathfinding and the zombie count is too high to do it on the current hardware.

      The vines will be addressed, I’m not sure exactly what to do with them at the moment, I may use them as a test bed for some block updates (Have them slowly shrink down and disappear or something).

    1. It’s mostly a matter of not having the resources in the 360 to support split screen based on how the game is currently designed. Not to say it’s impossible, but it is rather difficult.

  77. Love this game. One of the best I’ve played, indie or not. I got six of my friends to get the the game, they loved it. They wanted me to suggest some ideas for the game, I’ll also include my own ideas.
    So the list is:
    Power gauntlets, bladed gauntlets, ect.
    More guns
    More craftables
    More kinds of food
    More lightings
    Electricity currents (like Redstone in Minecraft)
    Chests or other means of storage
    Iron sights on weapons (highly recommended)
    Increased level caps to 40-50 (highly recommended)
    (I hit lvl 20 the first day I played and soon got bored with it, still fun on new worlds, it gives you something to shoot for, when you hit max lvl the goals mission to get stronger stops.)
    More kinds of zombies
    More skins for zombies
    Maybe armor

    That’s some of the things on our list, thanks for your time and you have a wonderful day.

    1. Hey I got a question, if / when are you going to add zoom In and, new guns, and/or space cap tactical military gear and book bags.

      1. Not sure at this point when/if those features will come in. At this point 1.2 is mostly going to be a multiplayer patch and doing some optimizations to free up memory. Once that’s done I’ll have more wiggle room to add new stuff to the game.

          1. I don’t think the TV will ever be functional. I have some rough plans on using it for some crafting down the line, but no ETA on that since it’s part of a rather large feature that I haven’t fully decided on yet.

    1. I’m not sure if I’ve watched that particular tutorial. It’s not really a matter of if the code can work, it certainly can and there is actually an earlier version of the game that had it working. The issues are more around resources. To show two players on screen at once I have to draw the terrain twice, I have to draw the zombies twice, I have to possibly store different terrain in memory depending on how close the two players are.

  78. Hey I wonder if u could add it so u have the choice of downloading the map to ur hard drive and be able to change the game mode

    1. When you say download the map, do you mean move it from USB to hard drive, or something else?

      Changing game modes is probably not going to happen, since it could introduce issues that would be harder to diagnose.

        1. So the game saves to whichever storage device you select when you log in. HD is faster than USB, at least all USB sticks that I’ve seen. IF you’re already using the HD there probably isn’t a faster storage device.

  79. Hi, im just reading abot “UnityXNA”. I dont know but it possible can transfer xna game like deadburg to unity and beyond. Im think that unity can be helpful in deadburg updating. (im dont know that is work)

    1. I could port the game to Unity, but it would be a rather large work item, and wouldn’t help the Xbox 360 release since I can only release using XNA on the XBLIG store. I could use it for PC and PS4/XB1 but I’m not sure it’s the best tool for the job on those systems. Specifically because Deadburg is rather intensive from a perf side of things, and Unity gives up some performance due to it’s design.

  80. I have a new idea for a game mode, where 4 survivors need to barricade a room and the zombies have to break the barricades down. 2 teams: Zombies and Survivors. It will be like defence mode Zombies vs survivors.

      1. Zombies vs Humans is something that would be nice, I’m not sure if it will make it in as it would require a fair amount of work. Mostly from getting the zombies to be interesting enough to play, but then also some method of containing the action like maps as you suggested.

  81. Hey I’m still getting the blue screen I don’t know if any one else is still getting this but I’ll tell you what it says if that helps

    Volume must be a positve float value.
    at Microsoft.xna.Framework.Audio.AudioCategory.SetVolume(single volume)
    at ZombieBlocks.Gamesounds.UpdateVolumes()
    at ZombieBlocks.NetworkedGameplayScreen.FullScreenLoad()

    Hope that helps I still really want to play this game!! 😀

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Thanks for the report, I’ll take a look. In the meantime you may be able to fix it by going to settings->audio from the main menu and then changing the values there. Looks like your settings file got corrupted somehow.

      1. Thanks for the help reanimated! You were right I restored the settings and I could play the game now! Thanks a lot 😀

  82. The whole game mechanics are too slow/lame.
    Other than that, awesome game!
    When do we get a local multiplayer?

  83. Best game ever I told my freinds they all got it
    And when my freinds come over they want to play it but they can’t so we go plae minecraft so plz add split screen

    And I think cars would be cool thnx

  84. And plz add npc survivors that you can trade food with for guns and stuff
    Because when u play single player you feel so lonely

    And pls add a gamemode were when You die you become a zombie and have to eat npc survivors or other people in the game
    Ps I think you should add a world generator were it’s just one giant building or a world generator were its just a fires t with like 5 little houses

  85. i just want to say this the best game ever but there is one downlide my freinds come over and want to play it but they cant because theres no splitscreen plz add splitscreen

    1. Sorry bout that, I haven’t been responding to ideas as of late since I get so many of them.

      Splitscreen is something I’d like to add, but there are some significant issues preventing it at this time. I’m working on them in 1.2 and should have an idea as to whether it will be coming in after.

      NPC Survivors probably won’t make it in, as they would cost memory that I’d probably rather spend on more items/zombies in the 360 version. I could see them coming into a PC/XB1/PS4 version tho.

      Becoming a zombie would be interesting but is pretty far down the list at this point. Since I think the Zombie gameplay would really only work for PVP, rather than being viable for single player.

      Additional world generators would be nice, but again probably further down on the list. I’d like to improve the base generator more before I add new generators.

  86. Hey can there be a co-op split screen mode. I would like to play with another friend when I have on at my house.

    1. Still working on 1.2 so I don’t have finalized notes yet. I was shooting for around the end of the month, but I don’t yet have everything done, so I’m not sure if I’ll hit that.

  87. How do I zoom out I don’t mean 3rd person. I saw a video today and his screen was zoomed out. How do I do that?

    1. There isn’t a zoom in game at this time. They may have been using a different field of view setting which would effectively look like zoom in a screenshot.

  88. do ya think u might be able to add certain zombies who can can carry guns axes etc… and and maybe a mode thats exclusive to
    multiplayer like a mini game were you can turn into zombies and then try to turn all your friends into zombies last man alive wins and becomes a zombie with agun next round and so on also could you add cars so i can get around faster also could you add explosives like grenades land mines bazookas etc

    1. I probably wouldn’t have the zombies carry guns. But one of the ideas I’m tossing around is a some with some kind of ranged attack.

      No game modes to announce at this point. I do want to do PVP stuff in the future however.

      Cars are probably not going to make it in, there are some performance/code issues preventing them at this point. Explosives may be making an appearance, I need to do some work to enable them and I haven’t gotten to that yet.

      1. I have a question sience this the beata and if it makes it to the real game will we get it for free or will we have to buy it again and for what systems , and price

  89. Maybe instead of cars for now you could do something like a bicycle? That would be nice.
    Here’s some things I’d love to see added or improved in this game:
    – a sprint option
    – some sort of storage (like a crate or something)
    – a little bit more detailed map or add it to the inventory so you can kind of see the places you’ve been ( maybe outline of buildings/add markers or your spawn point can have a dot)
    – a renewable food source like a farm or something that would be really difficult to obtain seeds for or as a rare drop.
    – armour

    Just suggestions but it’d be really sweet

    1. Vehicles are difficult due to the physics in the game at the moment. Also the draw speed is somewhat limited, so being able to move faster for a sustained duration would basically let you outrun the generation (At least I think it would, I’ve done some stuff in recent patches that should improve this, but I haven’t determined it’s “fixed” as far as speed goes).

      Sprint is something that is somewhat likely to make an appearance, as it’s been requested a bit.

      Storage is on the list, but it’s a big~ish item.

      I’ll be adding your spawnpoint to the compass in the next patch. A better map is on my wish list to, but it’s another rather big item (At least based on my thoughts about how I’d do it at this point).

      Renewable food is a tech limitation at this point, at least in terms of outdoor growables. It’s something I’d like to address but no promises at this point.

      Armor isn’t in as I can’t show it on players while using the Avatars. Invisible armor feels a bit lame to me, but if it makes sense for the game it may make an appearance.

  90. I just got anther idea, you should add spray paint it will be used for blinding zombies for 4 seconds. What do you think good idea or bad idea?

    1. I’d like to do stuff like this (Affect zombies in non-lethal ways that change how they behave), but it’s a bigger item, so it falls into the list of things I’d like to do but aren’t doing right at this moment.

  91. Hi, fan of this game. It is fun and unique. A few suggestions, however. I’ve noticed that the entire city is flat. I think there should be slight hills or inclines in areas. not super dramatic elevation changes, but slight ones which will make the city look overall better and less repetitive. Also, zombies never spawn underground. In apocalypse mode the zombies never are in the holes in the ground. Also, considering that the map is limited and not very big compared to other games relatable (mc for xbox), does food respawn? If not, it would be a good idea. But make it respawn VERY slowly. Next, I feel the game would be better if there was a farming system of some sort. I highly suggest you add that. But maybe have it so that zombies can smoosh or will target crops so yoy must construct defenses around them, idk. That’s up to yoy, these are my ideas, and I hope they help!

    1. Varied terrain is one of the things I’d like to do, but didn’t in Deadburg to reduce the complexity of the city generator. Making a city that uses sloping terrain properly is a much bigger problem.

      Food does not respawn in the current game. I’m not sure if I’d ever add respawning food, but I can see farming making an appearance at some point.

  92. Somethings you can add could be crafted food and granades as well as some under ground thing like mines for ores and ore crafting and firey buildings

  93. Been playing Deadburg for quite a while now. Bought it shortly after release and I’m grateful for the patches and updates. If I were to make any suggestions to this already awesome game, it would be additional building ideas.

    I wonder if residential areas could have a church? That might be both creepy and fitting.

    For rural areas there could be a farm. Maybe a small Hatfield, I dunno.

    I’d really encourage a police station if not for an extra ammo crate or ten, lol. Besides, the police station is an appropriate setting.

    Lastly, I could envision a government district. This could include courthouses, monuments, and maybe even a city hall.

    Just some thoughts. Great game and thanks for all you’ve done!

    1. When I mentioned the farm I intended to say hayfield, not Hatfield. Also a church could have a cemetary. Thanks for reading!

      1. One final thing I wanted to add. I doubt many people discourage new implements but I just want to suggest a few. We can outrun zombies already, so Sprint isn’t necessary. Besides, good cardio is already a skill one can invest in.

        Ranged zombie attacks should be optional if they are to exist at all. To me, these type of attacks steal from the idea of the undead being mindless carnivores.

        Maps might be more trouble than their worth. The street sign navigation system is awesome. They help serve as landmarks and I can orient myself toward the middle if the city by looking to the directional aspects of the signs. North 8th and East 7th streets? I’ll head Southwest to get downtown. It’s great the way it is, an a totally original approach!

        If you get compelled to add vehicles, I would make them strictly ambient vehicles. Busses, trains, airport planes, etc. Nothing driveable, just an additional measure of variety.

        Whatever you implement, I’m sure it will be cool! Yours is easily the best indie game on Xbox live!

        1. Ambient vehicles may make an appearance. It was something I considered pre-release but I thought players wouldn’t like it if they couldn’t get them running. As that looks somewhat unlikely at this point I could see them making an appearance to spice up the streets that are a little bare atm.

          I like the signs too. I think if the city itself was more distinct it could help people feel like they get to know their surroundings more.

          I think sprint is basically people asking for a faster way to get around. I’m not sure exactly how I want to solve that at the moment.

          1. maybe set a method of fast travel based on a grid? people can use it or not, but then sprint isnt necessary

    2. Yea, working on the city itself is something I’m working on. Nothing to announce per your specific ideas, but I want it to be a lot more varied than it is now.

  94. I understand working alone and would like to thank you for your hard work on this game as little as it probably means to you. On a realistic scale of doable things I want a better inventory, drop, split, and easy access to anything inventory related. I drop bullets for friends one bullet at a time. Not easy being ammo guy under siege

    1. Yea, dropping items is a bit of a PITA right now. I’ll take a look and see if it’s something easy I can push into 1.2.1.

  95. I can’t wait for the next update. There should be wandering herds of like 10 zombies wandering around so you don’t have to walk to the zombies. And moving blocks would be cool. Keep up the good work.

  96. It would be great if you could set something in settings that would make it really graphic with blood and gore. Or if somebody didn’t like that kind of stuff they could have it set so it doesn’t show that stuff.

    It would be cool if I could loot zombies bodies on the ground. Then the bodies would despawn once the player gets a certain distance from it or after a certain amount of time.

    1. Unfortunately I can’t set the blood gore beyond sort of the cartoony minimalist gore you see now. Since I’m using avatars Microsoft has requirements on what the game can/can’t do. One of the things it can’t do is have graphic blood/gore.

      Zombies dropping items is something I want to do, but it keeps getting bumped down the list by other stuff.

    1. Mountain areas probably won’t happen. The boring terrain is one of the trade offs I made early to support the city generation.

      PVP is something I’d like to do, but the networking needs to be a lot tighter and player counts need to be higher. Something I’m working on.

  97. hey, i was just wondering, when do you guys (reanimated) plan to update this game? and if anything else, need any ideas? im thinking maybe slightly more extensive crafting, and maybe some larger maps or the ability to choose small or large map. just a couple ideas, this would be a cool game to see go mainstream in a global manner

      1. although, any sneak peeks? maybe towards whether farming got addressed or not? or do i have to wait lol im assuming it got left out, probably slightly to big to address this next patch

  98. I have one question is the tactical rifle have a scope for it you can build it would be very cool if it did and I would like to see less crashes I only had two crashes they weren’t a big deal I have very high hopes for this game and I hope that it will be for steam and arcade and I can tell this game will have a great reputation and I bet a lot of players playing your game and one day I bet it will be a great game in the future even though it already is I can’t hope for the next update have a good one 🙂

      1. Hey Reanimated! I havent been on here for a while, and you say you are going to be making deadburg for PC. Sense xbox 360 is going to die, i cant move to next gen consoles, so i moved to PC. I am curious if you intend on putting deadburg on steam greenlight? I really like deadburg and think it would do OK on PC, and maybe give you a bigger chance of getting a bigger team to work with and make the game 10x better than what it is and put out more frequent updates. I am also wondering if you have steam, if so, what is your account name? I would like to add you.

        1. I am planning on bringing Deadburg to Steam. It’s something I’m looking into/planning now. There should be news on this coming probably this summer.

          1. Do you plan on releasing it on xbox one? I would love an xbone release this game is so much fun and I would totally be willing to pay like $5 for it atleast! Please consider and get back to me. (And what’s going on with the Steam Greenlight release?)

  99. What is the news on this game at the moment i just got it a couple days back and managed to capp my survival and defense charecters at level 30 do you think you could add more skill points past 30 like every 100k xp you ear one of each and also i would love a base upgrade?repair system in defense where you can use metal and stuff to buff your walls defense and use hammers for repairing blocks

  100. I purchased the game a couple days ago the 1.2.1 patch version and now I crashes and leaves the game in the middle of the loading screen. I hope this gets fixed because this game is so addicting

  101. So finaly will the splitscreen be possible soon?
    And will this game come out on xbox one? When will the next big update come?
    Also best game i’ve played!
    Good job!

  102. Please try to get this on xbox one!
    I would be so grateful if you would release this on xbox one! I would pay like 10 for this game easy. I love it but I really don’t use my 360 anymore and It would be so amazing if you did an xbox one release.

  103. I have an amazing idea, why don’t you create an actual game using this basis. Make a destiny themed game with everything in it already. Add storage an inventory limit and add military bases, CDC storage and more.

  104. Please bring this game to the PC unfortunately my Xbox broke and I just have a PC and would love to play this game and would love to see this game GO to the PC.

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