Deadburg PC Update – December

Here’s a quick update for December.  Let me know if you still read these posts now that the test version is out.  I may change the focus of these updates to be more in depth about upcoming features.

Features added this past month

So this month had two “big” patches and a few bug fixes patches.  Only a couple big features were added due to the holidays.

  1. Controller support added.
  2. Creative Mode v1 (There is still a lot of work to do here)

Join the test!

Open beta signup has now closed.


One of the early testers setup a Discord server for the test.  I check in there fairly regularly.  Note that this server was not created by Reanimated Games and it’s content is not subject to my review/moderation/approval.

What’s Next?

Now that the test version is running and the game is “semi” stable I’m going to start working on larger patches that affect bigger pieces of the game.  Some items will be more experimental (Like swapping out physics) that might not actually make it into the game.  Others, like reworking multiplayer, will definitely be happening.  The timelines for these items aren’t set in stone however.