Patch 1.0.2 submitted to review!

Hello Folks,

Just wanted to let you know that the latest patch (1.0.2) was submitted for review tonight.  I decided to tell you now, rather than wait until it’s actually available.  I’ll post an update when it passes review so you know when you should see the update.

Review Update: 8 of the 8 required reviews are in, it’s on the way!

Patch notes included below.


Patch 1.0.2 Change List:

  1. Fixed issue where changing key bindings in game could cause a crash.
  2. Fixed issue where large damage over time effects could cause a crash.
  3. Changed damage over time ticks to be slower and deal more damage per tick.
  4. Fixed issue where deleting the last city in your resume game list could cause a crash.
  5. Fixed issue where secondary attack could cause a crash if weapon breaks during swing.
  6. Fixed issue where terrain saves could become corrupted.
  7. Fixed issue causing auto saves to not work if console is turned off or game crashes
  8. Changed network search to only look for games of matching version.
  9. Reduced food drops from kitchens.
  10. Adjusted zombie noise volume.
  11. Adjusted third person muzzle flash location for all guns.
  12. Fixed issue where dropped items/blocks could cause a crash on loading game.
  13. Fixed issue where Night Owl was not affecting ranged damage.
  14. Fixed North and South street names so they match sunrise/sunset.
  15. Beds can now be moved, will drop block instead of components when broken.


  1. Added apocalypse terrain modifier.  Note: Enabling will increase load times.
  2. Added new upgraded guns.
  3. Zombies will now respond to gun fire.
  4. Added basic compass + player radar.

Known Issues:

  1. Apocalypse terrain modifier can result in spawns inside pits.
  2. Apocalypse terrain modifier can result in zombies falling to their deaths.

Patch 1.0.1 has passed review! (Stability fixes only)

I got the final reviews needed tonight.  The patch has now passed review.  It can take 24-48hrs for it to propagate through the Xbox LIVE servers, so you may not see it immediately.

Note this patch is a bit smaller than most will be, as it was coded up at the tail end of the holiday.  Here’s what was fixed in this patch.

Stability Patch 1 Change Log:

  1.  Fixed issue where player will crash if selecting Ready while in a game lobby.
  2. Fixed issue where kicking a player can cause the network session to crash.
  3. Fixed issue where game would crash upon player hitting lvl 20.
  4. Fixed issue where player could no longer jump when at bedrock.
  5. Fixed issue where player would loose items if in stacks over 255 (This will not work for your initial load, but should work subsequently).
  6. Fixed issue with bandages that would occasionally behave like med kits.
  7. Fixed issue where game would occasionally crash when a player left.
  8. Fixed issue where game would crash if “Coming Soon” menu was opened twice.
  9. Fixed issue where game would Code 4 instead of blue screen if crashing during load.
  10. Fixed issue where stats and attributes could be set higher than their 10 lvl max.
  11. Fixed issue where game could crash when saving stats.
  12. Fixed issue where some crafted weapons/guns would get extra stats.
  13. Fixed issue where some crafted guns could crash the game when fired.

Losing save data? Try leaving game before powering off console.

So I’ve been looking into the lost save data issue that people have been reporting.  I’ve got a fairly easy repro of the issue related to powering off your console.  Basically if you power off the console while the game is running, your data won’t save.  Main menu counts as well, as long as any part of Deadburg is running when you power off, anything you did that session won’t save.  What you can do is exit to the dashboard first.  Then power off, and your data should be saved.

This will be fixed in an upcoming patch, but given how long its taking patch #1 to go out, it will probably be a few weeks out.

Patch update

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the first patch (1.0.1).  It was submitted to review on the 2nd, but we’re still a few reviews short of it going live.  I had indicated in some comments I expected it to go live this week, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case.  In case you don’t know what the review process is, I’ll quickly outline it.

The Xbox Indie store is gated by a peer review process.  Where devs review each others work, to ensure that only games reaching a certain level of quality reach the store.  In this case quality is generally referring to how the game behaves, rather than its content.  In order to get a game onto the service you must submit it for review, and then a certain number of developers must review it.  This process can be slow as the current number of developers is rather low.  Patches also go through this process, and it is here that the first patch is current hung up.

I’ll post again when the patch is live, and give more details on what it fixes.  And a rough road map for the upcoming patches.