Deadburg PC Update – Test Signup Closed!

Quick update, I’ve just given out the last key from the first phase of testing.ย  I’ll be opening another phase later this summer.ย  It’ll be announced here and on twitter.

33 thoughts on “Deadburg PC Update – Test Signup Closed!”

      1. Are you guys still working on the game? I miss when you guys spoke instead of radio silence ๐Ÿ™

      2. hello it 2020 I’ve been looking for a copy of this game for a while now it will mean the world to me if you can at least release it on steam or a link for me to download from i hope you respond thanks

  1. Is this project still being worked on? I’m actually very interested in this game coming over to PC, I think others will be as well

  2. R yall still working on this this game is really good and it is still on my Xbox 360, I’m waiting for the pc ver

  3. hello ive been looking for a copy for a year and please give me something on when its release or a beta steam key because it frustrating trying to find a copy so it feels like im taking shots in the dark but please reply

  4. are the devs still active at all i really loved this game back in the day on the 360 and want to play it again but dont want to have to drag out the 360 find all the stuff for it and was wondering if there is any way to get the pc beta copys anymore are there still steam keys out there or am i out of luck

  5. Hello to anyone reading this. I remember many years ago living in a secluded area with only online friends and only an Xbox 360 to rescue me from my boredom. This game, Deadburg, Even with its semi-limited content gave me about as much fun as a triple A game would have around that time (2014 I believe) And I really do want to see this game come to PC and if possible would like to support it in any way I can. All I have to say for now is PLEASE don’t abandon this game I honestly could see it going very far if enough effort is put into it. Don’t lose motivation
    ~Angel Lohmeier (Lohmeier54)

  6. Hello does anyone remember a dude on xbox 360 called Blackogreen30. Also is this game even getting ported to the xbox one

  7. Its the end of 2021 and we still havenโ€™t forgot about you Deadburg. Nor any other Xbox Live Indie Game that came before or after you.

    Rest in peace Deadburg ๐Ÿ•Š
    And all Xbox Live Indie & Arcade Games ๐Ÿ•Š
    You are missed…

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