Deadburg PC Update – 2022

Hey Folks,

Updates are coming to Deadburg in 2022!

The Steam test that started back in 2017 will be getting updates. The primary goal of these updates is to fix bugs and polish the existing state of the game. There may be some features added during that process as well. Overall I want something people can play reliability if they want to recreate the original Xbox 360 experience on PC. Due to the technology used to create this version of the game it will not be coming to consoles. The first of these updates pushed out earlier today bringing a revamped networking architecture that should reduce de-sync issues.

If you want to play the test build but don’t have a key yet you can follow the steps below!

Join the test!

Open beta signup has closed.


One of the early testers setup a Discord server for the test.  I check in there fairly regularly.  Note that this server was not created by Reanimated Games and it’s content is not subject to my review/moderation/approval.

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