We’ve gotten a ton of ideas/feedback from people, and its starting to grow a bit more than WordPress comments can handle.ย  To that end we’ve created an ideascale page for Deadburg.ย  This will allow you to vote on featuresย you most want to see added in future updates or to add new ideas if you have one.

You can find it at


288 thoughts on “Ideas/Feedback?”

  1. Ive played this for ages.. I love it. I had an assault rifle with 700 bullets and I left the game to go make food… I come back to play and when the game loads up, my ammo comes down to 150 bullets:/ it happened twice.. also the night and day time is very short and if there was aiming, it maybe would be very cool:) good work on the game.. I hope my feedback gets looked upon:) this game seems to have alot of potential, but there are some flaws and im trying to update you on them. Also on Last Life mode on the 11th day my friend died and the game ended.. it happened to still be on my saved world and I was able to go back and play on it with my friend again. The game sometimes crashes, mostly when you try to kick a player out of the game.
    Thanks for readig this, I appreciate your time:)
    Best Indie game <3

    1. Thanks for the reports Miguel.

      Longer day/night is in the cards, might pull it into the first Content Update given it’s been brought up a number of times. Aiming might make its way in, but it will likely be a bit further out, as I don’t have any support for it in the code at the moment.

      1. Reanimated, I have a small youtube channel, but it’s growing, I was wondering if I could be kind of a sponsor for you? Me and my friend love your game! And we want to help
        It grow. Now I don’t want to be paid or anything, I was just hoping that if I do this, and it helps. It could help to get updates out, like you said, the game needs support and feedback to keep going. All I want is a chance to show you how much I appreciate the content you have put out, and just get some cool updates in return, if you want to email me reanimated, my email should be on my comment thing thank you for taking the tume to read this

      2. I am not entirely sure hownto do a normal comment on here but will the ever be a way to get past level 30 and will we ever be able to max out our upgrades with our traits and stuff?

        1. Not sure on going higher than 30. If I did increase the levels I’d probably want to add more stats/attributes so that you couldn’t max everything out at once.

      3. IMPORTANT***
        list of bugs/glitches
        in defence mode zombies fly up and despawn
        non host players when they pick up lead / brass bars and gunpowder shows up in inventory as (0) and sometimes with rifle barrels
        sometimes zombies float up walls
        host can kick him/her self
        on a privot world with 4 slots avabale 1 random person can join once
        if the world is on privot with 2 slots avalible and the host invites someone then starts the game the hosts game crashes

    2. They should add cars
      that you can ride or just for decoration.
      Maybe you need to collect fuel that you must find at gas stations

  2. Hi just wanted to say a few things i saw your game on the Xbox live indie game area and i downloaded the trial but there are a few things i need to know before i buy the game.

    First i see zombies get stronger every day this sounds OK but is there a cap to how strong they can get i don’t mean to be rude but if I’m looking at zombies that can one hit me and take like 10000 damage to kill that does not sound fun.

    If there is no cap may i ask you to add one and i had a idea too maybe the cap could be based off what difficulty it’s on like on easy the cap is low but on the hardest one it could not even have a cap.

    Next the game seems to have to much food in it what i mean is in the 15 minutes i played i had a ton of food this maybe because i was on easy but if not could you think about giving the option to lower the amount of food you find in the game?

    And on a last note i hate to tell you this but i am going to wait till you fix the bugs i keep hearing about before i get the game the big one being crashing there is nothing worse then playing a game haveing fun then *Crash* $%#^

    1. Hey Ryan,

      No worries on not having purchased the game. There are definitely crashes present, so I would hold off for now if that’s important to you.

      Zombies do not cap at present. I may have them cap out in a future update. At this point I’ve not heard complaints about the strength of the zombies so it’s not a high priority item for me. Not that I won’t change it, just right now its not at the top of my list.

      Yea, I will likely reduce the drops of some items in a future patch. It’s hard to test this on my end because I know exactly how to find everything, so the game feels really easy to me. But then I test with people who don’t and they miss things I thought would be obvious. But I’ve got a lot of feedback that items drop too easily so that will likely get tweaked down.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      1. I actually would hate to see a cap o the strength and health but maybe once day 20 hits they should increase slower.

        Because im on day 39 and they are to easy on insane…

        1. i feel like you should decrease the spawn rate of zombies also add different types of zombies. larger emphases on survival make finding food and water harder

      2. Ive played this game for approximately four or five hours now. And my only complaint is it is extremely repetetive. I search the same building over and over again. I dont find any that just stick out and punch me in the face. Like make it where you have different sectors, like a country (farms, silos, fields, ect), a city with more variety of buildings that are defined (Like I know exactly what that building is when I see it) (Police stations, court houses, town halls, etc…). Thats all I ask, more variety in buildings to explore. Add like Military bases, and shit maybe even a fair, just be creative. Now if you have and this is just a wasteful comment then let me know. Because I just keep seeing the same thing and I need to know if I need to explore more or what. Oh and one last thing add a map like Minecraft, or if you have tell me how to get it.

        1. Hey Shane,

          This is something I think the game is lacking myself. It’s one of my top priorities after getting a handle on all of the crashes people are hitting.

          1. Wonderful, Im extremely glad you agree. I’d love to keep playing your game when things start getting updated. So is there anyway I can keep in contact and get first hand notifications if anything new comes up (Other than on these forums)?

          2. This page will probably be the most up to date as so far this is where most people find themselves. I’ve also got @reanimatedgames on twitter, haven’t used it much but I’ll endeavor to send out big updates on it as well. If you have a preferred method of getting this kind of news I’d love to hear what it would be.

        2. I agree with Shane.This game can get old by going into the same building over and over again after hours and hours of gameplay.The game would be more likeable if you added of course different types of zombies and different places to protect yourself. Here is my remarks on what you should add to make the game more enjoyable.(Many bug glitches such as lag and unsuspecting crashes in servers should be patched).(Create objectives in the game so when you complete it you gain xp and a new camo for the gun that you can buy from a hidden ai somewhere).(Create a pet kennel where you can buy pets that could protect you.) (Make more skills like breathing underwater so you can get an underwater loot chest or something.)Finally I hope my opinions for the game isn’t too advanced for the development team having to pay for the future updates with money but if it is I hope the team can at least do what Shane thought.Good luck on future development and I hope you had time reading and enjoying my opinions on the game. Your biggest fan,Brandon. To: reanimated

          1. Yea, the game definitely needs more content. I’m going to bring in what I can to the 360 version, but I’m somewhat limited by the hardware. So not everything will make it in.

  3. A few things..
    Do you have a twitter?? It would be alot easier to get the latest info about the game if it had a twitter, and you put alot of news up.

    Like ryan said food is way to obtainable. I think if you made it where some cabnets you open are empty but still closed it might help.

    Aiming and zombie ai need to be implemented/better. Please make some random zombies roam. Please just implemtet some optics any at all please! just optics!

    And find somthing to give the game more objective. Like maybe make missions that you have to secure a bomb and detonate to kill a bunch of zombies. Or save other allied ai. Maybe deliver stuff to some dude for a reward. If you had these optional to the player, it would help the longevity of the game by alot.

    And finally…at last…ADD MORE GUNZZZ!!

    1. I do have a twitter, but haven’t really been using it. I’ll try to do so more often.


  4. Like the game. Just wondering if zombies will actually walk around in future updates when not approached by the player. Also will there be a player vs player mode added?

    Will buildings like generated skyscrapers be added, and will the terrain be updated to include hills, cliffs or water in the future? Oh and more crafting recipes too.
    Thanks for reading.

    1. Walking zombies is a possibility, it’s basically a matter of whether the gameplay experience is worth the perf hit (Of having a ton of zombies walking around, stressing physics and networking).

      PVP needs some more networking work before it would give a satisfactory experience. I want to bring it in at some point.

      Terrain will probably be flat for Deadburg, it’s one of the early concessions I made to try to make the game more manageable.

  5. Yeah my games don’t save spots anymore? So I made a fortress and “saved” then got back on later and it was my pre fortress map again.

    1. There is a confirmed terrian generation bug in maps..

      I say use it to your advantage and destroy buildings because the glitch respawns NEW buildings..

      I am still PO about one seed because we actuualy had a Lab that was i the middle of a forest withonly 2 roads that went for about 25 blocks to a market and the other to the city.. skyscrapers/hotels and hostpitals and office buildings… All the buildings in this area have about 12-13 floors….
      It was a perfect map until it got messed up by a terrian generation bug…

      I understand how you feel

  6. Im goin sum up everything thats been REQUESTED help you aittle..

    Walking Zombies- that move around Without having to see people.
    Storage- Chest, etc.
    ADS- Aim Down Sights
    New Weapons- Snipers, rifles, etc
    Add were every block can be crafted please

    Pick what should spawn on a map
    A Cap On How Many Specials On One Map
    I know what you said but i have came up with an idea that will fit for an editor…..

    But, you could make it were a pre-made map generates and the player can just edit off the map and edit zombie spawns and Add i fridges and other lootable stuff with one catch… They cant edit what loot spawns there, the loot should be random….

  7. I may have forgot a few things but thats the majorly requested things… Hope i made it alittle easier for you and others…

  8. When the update comes, you should try to add building options to where you can build your own base and collect wood from trees,houses,etc. I think it would be a lot more creative and unique but overall great game. Been playing for hours.
    P.s. How do I find 5.56 ammo for the rifle that I made?

    1. Hey Deshawn,

      5.56mm ammo is either found in Gun Shops or it can be crafted. The crafting materials are somewhat rare.

      There will definitely be more craftables added over time.

      1. I was reading on what you said an you said you were limited to how much you can put in to the game because of the hard were. You should just go to pc you could what ever you wanted on there. Graphics I like there pretty good for an 1$ game. Besides going to pc and all the other work you have to do you should add missions like dayz epoc. Add aspects of dayz and rust to your game that’s what people want yet no body can seem to get a game like that made on xbox 360.

  9. I think you guys should add
    -Craftable beds
    -You can store your items in the closet and cabinets
    -Walking zombies
    -Maybe weather like rain
    -New weapons like knifes,Grenades,Sniper Rifles
    -Survivors that can be found around the city

    I love the game, its one of my favorites
    Also I think you should add were we can break grass and the spikes.
    Thanks for reading.

  10. Flashlights buddy well needed. New building s like a police station, army outposts, or high rise buildings.

  11. Ok roaming zombies take that off the list, unless you turn down the spawning rate of the zombies because I can move place to place with that many zombies

  12. And also can you not make the voices so that everone can hear you.

    Do like echoing voices like for example:
    Me and my friend spawned very far away of each other (this is in game chat) and we cant hear each other, so 5mins roaming the map you hear echos of your friend or other people voices you might add and you hear the voices getting louder because they are near you and they may also hear you talking as well.

    I hope you know what I mean

    1. Yea, proximity chat is something I’m going to add. It’ll likely come in when I open up more map settings to game creators.

  13. Okay what’s going on. I deleted my map and made a new one, got to level 8 saved that new map and got off. Now its gone and im stuck with the map I deleted that DOESNT save ANY PROGRESS

    1. Not sure what’s going on, first I’ve heard of this type of issue.

      Can you verify that your storage device has space available?

  14. I’m really sorry but the webpage that you recommend us, I’m not using it. I hope it fine for you and others

  15. I know this not the most important thing for the game right now but in the future it would be interesting if you got hit by a zombie you would have a chance to blood and would need to fix yourself up with a bandahe

  16. Love the game so far! Quick question. is there pvp I shot some one and nothing happened is it a glitch or have you not added pvp yet? If you haven’t can you add it?

    1. No PVP as of yet. The networking code isn’t really up to snuff for that. It’s on my list to address in future updates.

  17. My Absolute wish list.
    -Hunting Rifle (M40A5)
    -Survivvladimir putinors
    To make an AI zombie killing team!!
    -Mounted MG (PKP)
    A mountable MG to a block.
    -Carbine (ACWR)
    -Light Assault Rifle (SCAR L)
    -Marksman Rifle (M14)
    -Heavy Rifle 2 (AK47)
    -Knife (Bowie Knife, Bayonett)
    -Walking Zombies
    -Less obtainable food
    -Day/Night time settings
    -World Generation options

    And heres the final two…..
    Drumroll please…..

    -VIEW BOBBING (When you walk and hear footsteps)

    This is my ultimate list.

    1. The next update will be for crashes/stability and should be out sometime next week. I’ll be posting it tonight or tomorrow and then it has to go through review which can take 4-5 days.

      The next content update will probably be around the end of the month. Depending on if I need to squeeze in another stability patch or not.

  18. Possibility to change game modes on maps later on? Like from survival to that defense game mode in the future, BTW got my map saving to work again and now I’m having a blast

  19. Please dont abandon this game like soo many other indie devs do theirs, im looking at you digital dna..!! I love this game and im soo excited for future updates! This game is soooooo great!

  20. Maybe you could add a sprint make more Veriety of zombies like basic Veriety tank devastating if hit but easy to avoid, screamers if seen will alarm other undead to find you, maybe make zombies have stronger sights and make them wander just a bit so people could can’t just sneak around to get around

  21. My boyfriend found this game and knowing I like survival games but find zombies scary… and seeing it said co-op, he bought it. We are disappointed that it isn’t co-op as I don’t have an Xbox at home and it was the perfect game for us to play together… So please make it coop as soon as you can?

    This is a fantastic game and I have barely stoppe playing it… Reading the above comments, I agree finding food and cloth is a little bit too easy, though it helps immensely when trying to keel up fast enough to compete with the zombies… I play on easy and was wondering if the zombies could cap at a level or level up slower once a certain day is reached?

    Please keep the awesomeness of the and going!

    1. Hey Sandie,

      Sorry about the co-op listing. Given the interest it will probably be something I look into once the first content update is out the door.

      I will be giving map creators more control over how the zombies level up in a future update. So you could either slow them down or speed them up.

  22. We need maps so we can see our location and other players also I think you should decrease the amount of zombies in area’s because everywhere you go there are zombies everywhere.
    Increase day+night cycle
    And add more locations

    1. Nothing beyond the “Coming Soon” items is confirmed at this point. I’m not trying to be evasive, I honestly don’t know what else might make it in.

  23. Heya, I’m back. Me and my friend can’t connect to each other? Our confections are good and it loads to about 80-85% then stops. And sits there. Forever. It still seems weird to me because we use to connect and play at free will, no non loading screens. But yeah just look into it? Thankya

    1. Thanks for the report. I’ll look into it.

      Is this from trying to connect to a specific world? Have you tried other worlds?

      1. Yeah, we can connect to other peoples games, but when we try on any map of ours no one can join in even when it’s public game, their loading screens do it every time

  24. Hey reanimated, is it hard for you to add new stuff because the game is an indie game? And the game can’t handle too much?

    1. Part of it is just logistics of adding the code/art. A big part is the 360 is somewhat ill suited to this type of game, and I’m running out of resources. There’s still more I can do to improve it, but some ideas may not be possible with the current game/codebase.

  25. I would also like to join any design/idea teams for your game designing. This game is my dream game and I think I could really contribute to the ideas and art

  26. Bug fix update when? My friends cant connect to one of my worlds. It loads half way and stops.. We have soooo much done now they cant connect to that world anymore!! ๐Ÿ™

    1. First stability patch is in review now, should be out this week but it will probably not fix this issue. Any chance they could take a screen of their loading screen when it stops? Would help to see exactly what phase they are stuck on.

  27. Hey, Reanimated! I’m really liking the game so far, but there are a few ideas that i have, and I would like to share them with you. These things may have already been mentioned so I will apologize in advance for anything that may frustrate or annoy you.

    1. Longer day and night cycles.
    2. The zombies shouldn’t be stronger at night.
    3. New weapons, like flamethrowers. KILL IT WITH FIRE!
    4. New buildings, like medical tents that were left behind after their purpose to counter the outbreak was seen as hopeless.
    5. Some sort of body armor to reduce damage taken from zombies, falls, or other dangers.
    6. Certain tools can only break certain things.
    7. Sprint. I’m not sure if that is in the game yet, but I have not figured out how to go faster if there is.
    8. Much longer durability on spike traps, and a way to remove them.
    9. Picking up a whole bed and placing it in another location.
    10. New scenery. Instead of a world being one big city with similar buildings it should have very large buildings in the center, and they get smaller and less urban as you leave. Eventually one may end up in the country with hardly any buildings at all.
    Anyway, those are just a few of my ideas. If you would like to hear more then let me know. I’m here to help!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Travis. The game is still young, so any/all feedback is welcome.

      Without addressing all you points, 1 and 9 are high pri for me and I’m hoping to pull them into content update #1.

  28. Hey, it’s me again with a new list of thoughts.

    1. Guns seem to float when held, the avatar’s hands should be seen holding them up.
    2. Explosives.
    3. AI survivors that can be friendly or hostile.
    4. Weather, even dangerous weather on occasion.
    5. Zombie hives
    6. New types of infected, like riot gear zombies, military zombies, or hazmat zombies. The hazmat zombie would be wearing CDC hazmat attire and would have a green gas leaking off of it. If it gets too close to a player then the player starts having trouble seeing and takes slight damage. If the hazmat zombie manages to hit a player then that player will have these debuffs for a period of time, even if they escape or kill the hazmat. The hazmat would move half the speed of a normal zombie, while the riot and military zombies move at three fourths speed. The hazmat takes regular damage while the riot takes an extra 30 hitpoints to kill, and the military zombie takes an extra 60 to kill. these will not be introduced until later days of survival. Riot being 7 days, military being 15 days, and hazmat being 30 days. They will also be significantly more rare than the normal infected, but will have better drops once killed.
    7. Environmental hazards, like collapsing buildings or landmines. Landmines could be disarmed with wire cutters, picked up with a crowbar, then replaced and rearmed with the wire cutters.
    8. Zombies drop loot when killed
    9. New foods that add buffs, like coffee could add a temporary speed buff.
    10. Zombies can’t climb. I don’t know what that green stuff is that allows the infected to get up to places, but it doesn’t make much sense. Instead try adding a form of zombie that does climb up walls. Think of it like a zombie spiderman.

  29. I didn’t seem to see anything about this in the suggestions.. But you could you add crouching into the game? I REALLY love it by the way. I find myself playing it for hours on end! And i do agree with Travis. It feels kinda awkward just having a floating gun.. So if you can add hands to the guns that would rock!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. Great game. It has so much potential, I definitely find it far more interesting than Minecraft.
    Iโ€™d like a third person view and better zombie models, more crafting options, dead bodies of past civilans and the zombie should drop stuff, but not game breaking type items like a Shotgun, but random generic items.
    If you do decide to have the items and weapons in your inventory stored when you die in the game, could you please make it an option, because I really love the hardcore survial aspect that this game has and have all my items back once I respawn would be cheap.
    This game has a lot of tension and is pretty tough. I love Last Stand on Insanity, itโ€™s the only way I play. Great job!

    Oh and I forgot, some random albiet sparse AI survivors would be cool to have included.
    Thank you again!!
    And another thingโ€ฆ when itโ€™s daylight around 4 or 5 in the game, the zombie still retain their incredible vision and come running at you, even though it is daylight. That should really be changed, there are a lot of really cheap deaths resulting from that.

  31. Any way you can push the release date closer? I AM SO DAMN EXCITED. ALL I CAN THINK OF IS DEADBURG. IM ADDICTED!!

  32. Hi there, i’ve played the game for about two days and i very love it…. i hope you won’t change the unlimited weight and storage :D!
    Thought i have a concern now… i’ve reach level 19 and my game is crashing after crashing… everytime i gain a single point of experience it also provide me with a random stat point (on the reload) for X reason I hope it will be in the patch… since i can’t play it anymore :'(

    (extra info) I’m on day 9 around 100+ food and 500 shotgun bullet (crafted myself) and my stat are set on perception and artisan

      1. Thank you very much ๐Ÿ˜€
        That was quite a fast answer ๐Ÿ˜€
        I can’t way to see that update/patch out ( do you have any date on “when” the peer review will be “finish”)

        1. Unfortunately no, I need other devs to review the patch, and there’s nothing forcing them to do so by a certain date. It’s just waiting and reviewing from my end, hoping they return the favor.

        2. Also after reading the (help!) section i’ve found out you wrote (19~20) was the max level is it true? I hope not i want to keep grinding!

          JANUARY 7, 2015 AT 6:25 AM
          Probably, there is a bug when you lvl to max. Fixed in the new update which should be live in a few days.)

          1. Right now lvl 20 is the max. The initial idea was to go in a Mass Effect 3 route, where leveling wasn’t super long so you could try out different builds. But as most everything that’s open to change based on player feedback.

  33. Well I don’t like this idea at all… (Has a fact since the zombie goes strong you should be able to get stronger yourself)…unless you put an option in the game creation… to “unlimited level/limited level” that way player will be able to play as they which…
    SAME has the weight limit (there shoudn’t be! or if you want to to have a weight limit than all of those would be in a menu while creating the sesson)

  34. Hi, why the lights in the city are turn on? Who work in powerstation?! Player should have torch or something else. PS:Make local coop.

    1. Lights are on because early in testing I got a lot of complaints that interiors were too dark. Might adjust it some as I too think its too light in general.

  35. also you should add new skill system. Thats mean if player get level he should get 1 point for special abilites ( like weapon upgrading or combat abilites) and 2-5 (doesnt matter) for hp, stamina and speed run…

    thanks ;]

  36. Nice work with the game! My friends and I have a lot of fun playing it. Here’s a couple ideas that I have:
    1. Hardcore mode- different game mode all together, food and dehydration go down faster, drop rates of supplies are drastically reduced, durability goes down faster, zombies increased aggroed range, zombies break down walls faster. It could have easy medium and hard to adjust zombie health and damage as well, but is mainly focused on making the survival aspect harder
    2.Exhaustion meter- sleep to restore or drink coffee
    3.Barbed wire- prevents and damages zombies that try to climb walls, can only be placed on sides of blocks
    4.Health kits and medicated bandages should restore less health or be less frequent
    5.Movable beds
    6.Craftable washing machines and other misc items for dรฉcor
    7.Maps? Have it work like minecraft or compass with 4 directions
    9.Weapon Proficiency- as you use a weapon type more, you become better with them (increase damage, durability)
    10. Stamina Bar- Repletes over time, depletes when swinging weapons, jumping, sprinting? -I know there already is a special bar, perhaps merge it with a stamina bar then have level up attribute for it
    11. Limited Inventories and Chests
    12. Armor
    13. Breaking legs after falling splint for healing broken legs. Broken legs make you move slowly
    14. Sleep during the night to skip to dawn

    I have most of these suggestions and more in the Coming Soon! tab, be sure to check them out! Keep up the good work and keep coming out with updates!

  37. I got the game thinking it would be “Castleminer Z in the City”, but I loved it immediately. For $ 1 this is truly an amazing game, and I can’t wait to see how much more the game can become with updates.

    Great Job!

  38. Having wrecked cars parked randomly would help fill up the streets. They would create more obstacles when battling zombies. It would seem more like the world was inhabited before. Decapitating the zombies would be an awesome addition! Maybe some sort of chain saw or sword?
    The Z’s could stand to be a little more aggressive. They’re amazing inside buildings but don’t seem to react as well outside in the streets. Adding a “spawn on player” option would be nice. Other than that, the game is awesome!

    1. Yea I considered having cars to make the streets fell more lived in. I pushed it off since I thought players would assume vehicles could be driven, if there were broken down vehicles all around. And the city itself looks a bit too clean in general.

      It’s something I might add in later if I feel I can do it right.

  39. I’ve played this game a lot and I love it , i can’t wait for the next update , but they need to fix that blue screen when your world crashes and add vehicles

  40. I love the game but I donโ€™t like that there is alot of zombies and I was wondering if there could be a creative mode type thing where you can spawn anything and be still in survival/able to die
    Also I think there are alot of cities and if there are any other buildings like factories or something can they become more common

    1. Creative mode is something I’ve considered, but as of yet don’t know when it might make it’s way in. It hasn’t been requested as much as I thought it might be.

      More buildings will be coming in at some point. It’s probably my biggest beef with the game (Aside from crashes and networking desyncs), but my solution is rather radical so it may take some time.

  41. Could you add a mini map to see where other players are at? Because I find it really easy to get lost and not know where my friend is at. Also here’s my list of ideas
    -more types of zombies (like in L4D and dead island)
    -vehicles would be nice
    – more types of buildings like army bases, police stations, schools, stadiums?
    – make the zombies have a bloody apperance
    – nights and days longer
    – PVP
    – bigger servers
    – more variety of traps
    – more variety of guns (sniper rifles, LMG, etc…)
    I hope this is not overwhelming because I know you are working as hard as you can, but I believe that these ideas would make the game irresistible to buy.

  42. This game is great! With a bit more development it could be a 15 to 20 dollar game. Issues: the only real issue I’ve seen do far is possibly a corrupt game save, I’ll pay for a bit, rest in a bed, then exit to the home screen, and then when I go to reload the game it sets me back to where I started. It’s there a save game feature that I’m missing? If not, I would suggest putting one in the menu options.
    Ideas: I greatly support the idea of a map.
    Ability to use “iron sights”
    Different skins for zombies, ie women, hair, size, etc.
    Different ai for zombies, such as zombies wander around instead of stand still.
    More of a balance between difficulties, although with the right seed, even normal or hard can be easy, but I’ve died cause there was no liquid to be found….:-P
    Sniper rifles? Goes along with iron sights. Ability to view character in 3rd person view.
    The harder z’s get, the more xp they should give you, instead of the standard ten.
    Pirate ships. Lol.
    After a week and a of playing, I finally stumbled on to a lab area, and had already found the police pistol, and heavy assault rifle. Perhaps adding durability to guns might make the game more fair…
    On that note, making a reason to build or dig…
    Finding ore in the ground, or crafting tables.
    Also, perhaps different skill trees. You could create the possibility for different “character classes” which could add to the online experience. Ie, a ranged attacker, a melee fighter, a healer, etc.
    Anyway, sorry to bog you down, just a bottomless pit for you to think about. If I knew the first thing about programming, of probably do out myself, but alas, I don’t and I hope geniuses like you will come up and on top of this commercialized crap we get to deal with. :-).

    1. Sorry about the miss spellings, I’m using Swype on a smart phone. Speaking of which, a mobile platform would be Sweet to. I personally use android.

    1. I’ve been asked this a couple times. Initially I was thinking of it like Mass Effect 3, where you cap out relatively early. So that people could experiment with different builds. But given the interest in more leveling I may add levels at some point.

      1. Thanks! I appreciate the quick response, glad to see an indie game developer that is this serious about their game for once.

  43. Hey, do you think it would be possible to model your avatars arm into view when holding a firearm? If also possible, maybe a reload animation? I really enjoy what the game has at the moment, if it would be too difficult or not worth it I understand. Love the game and keep up the great work ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Avatar arms are a big maybe. It’s not particularly difficult to bring them in, but animations are pretty memory intensive and the game is running low. Avatar arms means there would be less room for new items for instance.

    1. At this point I’m not. There’s a lot of work brining on a new coder to an existing code base. And I’d probably want them on the payroll. The game is doing well, but not well enough to support two people as of yet.

  44. Hi there, I do some Photoshop work and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help out Deadburg. I’m not asking for pay or credit, I just want to help out the game! You can reach me at my email provided.

  45. Yea but zombie types would be sweet. Cause I get alittle bored just killing the same type of zombie model over and over again.

  46. Hey there Reanimated, I checked out the trial a couple days ago for a few runs and the game, well, rules! Those six or seven core suggestion we’ve seen here about aiming and walking and sprinting, building/infected diversity- etcetera are valid and the input is wise. I’m playin more now, you folks piqued my interest! I’m with the fans- this can be a friggin fine game! keep it up guys and thanks from a zombie survival and butt-kickin’ enthusiast! We appreciate the responses and basic awesom…ness of your game man! :>

  47. feedback on that update, it was great. co op play has improved a ton and im loving the map mods. i thing it makes the worlds much more interesting with all the bigass craters and holes in the walls. i rate this game 10 in indie terms.

    1. Adding more wilderness areas is something I could forsee being a city generation option. New characters (Zombies/Animals) are dependent on memory on the 360. New zombies are my priority, but if I can bring in some animals I’m not opposed to it.

  48. i got some new cool ideas 1 lofts it will make the game more scary 2 limited inventory then you can make it so we can store stuff 3 anvils might be a very very rare thing 4 New zombie types like riot ploice and soldiers when killed thair drop pistals 5 sewer. These are all the ideas i have. I know a few things wont be added in the list .

      1. Yes. But also find safe houses where they are barricaded up where you will find survivors protecting/guarding the buildings.

        1. Yea, finding the houses of other survivors is something I’d like to add in. Not sure if the actual survivors will be present, or you’ll just find their old bases. The houses would come for free with the current terrain system. The survivors would be an added cost in terms of perf/memory.

    1. PVP is something I would like to get in as well, basically gated on some better network code and getting more than 3 players in a game. As those are resolved I’ll probably bring a PVP mode in.

      Farming is interesting, might make it in, but probably somewhat long term.

      AI companions are probably not in the cards for the 360. Aside from the memory footprint they’d need some pretty good AI to not be annoying. AI traders is a possibility.

  49. Not sure if you’ve already done this or not, but you really ought to make a facebook page so it’s easier for folk to keep up to date with what’s going on with the game. Might be a decent way of spreading the word, having folk tag the page when recommending the game to their friends and such.
    Apologies if you already have a facebook page, just that I was looking earlier and couldn’t seem to find anything. Awesome job with the game, one of the best indie games I’ve ever played on xbox.

    1. Yea, I probably should setup a facebook page, I’ve been somewhat remiss in getting all of the social networking stuff up and running.

  50. I just wanted to state that I think that the game is really doing great. It is hard to find good indie games and on top of that, find creators who are serious about updating their game. Nice work on that!

    There are many ideas that I have for the game, but I know its foolish to think that a lot of it would be implemented. If you are interested, check of my ideas “Andrew Jamnik” on ideascale.

    My main concern regarding this game is that I feel like it is more of a shoot and loot game rather than a survival game. Zombies are often to slow to really harm me (Even on hard) and my vitals both don’t go down fast enough, plus they are easy to restore. Please take into consideration adding a hardcore survival mode to deadburg where it would challenge even the most seasoned of players. Check out the details of a hardcore survival mode on Ideascale. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  51. Hey devs what you should add in is bikes and cars they each should take damage after hitting a z and you can craft them

    1. Vehicles are not currently a planned feature due to performance concerns on the 360. Not going to say never, but not soon.

  52. I must say, this game is extremely fun to play but as you may be aware, it’s rather repetitive. I enjoy this game and really look forward to your future work.

    I think for the people that play, it would be cool if people struggled to get loot because it is rather easy. Also the spawn is a bit dodgy because I see people join and get mauled by zombies.

    I would suggest adding more crafting recipes too because it’s just fun exploring new stuff. For example, maybe a bed recipe or barbed wire windows ๐Ÿ˜€

    Great game, 10/10.

  53. also my name is zPRT ShOw OfF as my gamertag you should play your own awesome games as a celebration.cmon don’t let us just have the fun

  54. I would like it if the devs add a few milatary base around the world and you can find guns.One other thing
    with the milatary is add a lot of new guns like a machine would make deadburg more popular I had 10 people say to me I will not play deadburg only if it has cool things like a milatary base etc.

  55. you should make supply drops
    from plains for awesome items that you couldn’t find any where else except for in that supply drop.

  56. my friends keep joining the zombies r pixle like and follow him everywhere then they revert 2 normal and crash his game i dont know mutch it my first commet if u can fix that it will be the best indi i ever played

  57. I just got the game today and I think this is one of the best indie games so have ever seen but it has a tendency to crash a lot and I also was wondering where is the best place to find those blue fiber looking items so I can make -I think- a heavy sledgehammer?

    1. No use aside from asthetic. Initially I wanted to put more emphasis on the scavenging than the crafting of blocks. Something to distinguish the game from Minecraft. I could see more block based crafting coming in at some point, but no hard ETAs at this time.

  58. Honestly, I’ve been having a blast with this game. I just got it last night, and I already know I’ll probably never stop ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do have some suggestions that would make it even more enjoyable. Firstly, I think the daily zombie health/damage increase should change depending on difficulty. On Easy, there would be no change in zombie health. On Normal, it could be +5% per day. On Hard, it could be +10% per day. On Insane, it would be +20% per day.

    Additionally, there should be a way to reset your skill points. For example, you can still gain XP after hitting level 20, but your level wouldn’t increase. You could then spend, say, 2500 XP to reset all of your skill points, allowing you to move them elsewhere.

    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Zombie scaling is something that can be set in 1.1, so you’ll be able to customize your zombies to some extent.

      Character progression/options is one of the more popular requests, not sure what form it will take or when it might appear however.

  59. How about a little story line about how it started and big severs sorry for being picky but love the game

  60. Hey what I would love to see
    1 a sleep meter of some sort
    2 creative mode
    3 more buildings
    4 a way to reset skill points
    5 more types of zombies ( such as a ranged of some sort)
    6 in game achivements or awards
    7 a map
    8 maybe ai hostile suvivers that would use guns
    That’s it thanks for reading

  61. Are you going to add new areas? like the burnt zone so every house is on fire or shopping mall zone. Right now we have labs uptown and the house zone.

  62. Are you going to add new areas? like the burnt zone so every house is on fire or shopping mall zone. Right now we have labs uptown and the house zone. k

  63. I just finished my first night on defense mode, and I figured that I should share my experience with everyone so you guys know what to expect and also I would like to comment on what I like and dislike about it.

    First off, I decided to make the day/night cycle 48 min (longest time). It turns out this was a fatal mistake. Although you have more time to prepare during the day, you also have to survive 2 or even 4x the time compared to the other cycles. Also, since I like my experience hard, I decided to play on insane mode (probably not my best choice).

    I finished my 24 min day with a heavy sledgehammer (not sure if this is new, but I never got one before, just wanted to say that its really OP) a civilian pistol, and a machine gun. Night came around and I hid in a nearby convenient store. When the first waves came I dispatched them by funneling them down the aisle and taking them down one at a time. But as the time moved on, I was quickly overwhelmed, I had to dig into adjacent buildings using my sledgehammer WHILE holding the zombies back too! Not easy! Especially on insane mode! Anyways, I kept jumping buildings until about wave 12 and then I was overwhelmed and killed off ๐Ÿ™

    So, with that out of the way, I wanted to say a couple of things

    First off, no glitches! I didn’t freeze and I was able to get through the ordeal with little lag, however, I will admit that there was lag present, but it was a comfortable amount. However, that being said, I was playing on solo mode. I am worried that it will lag too much when playing co-op, but I cannot confirm that.

    Second off, overall, I like the defense mode. From now on, that is the only mode that I will be playing. But, that being said, I still have a couple of suggestions in order to make it the best that it can be:

    Personally, I felt like it was a minigame, rather than surviving the night, I felt like it was more of a “get to the highest wave you can!” I don’t necessarily like that, and would much rather have 10-20 waves spread out throughout the entire night, rather than unlimited (I’m sorry if it isn’t unlimited, I died before being able to see)

    I was also disappointed with the tracking of the zombies, they were very bad at keeping up with me while I jumped from building to building. Rather than ask something stupid and fictional like: Could you upgrade the zombie A.I? I have a different solution. What if you could make it where walls are much harder for human players to break on harder difficulties, or just have it its own option in the advanced options menu. If it would take longer for me to break the walls, I wouldn’t have been able to escape the grasps of the zombies for so long. Also, what if walls of buildings could only be broken by a certain item, or if they couldn’t be broken at all, but instead could be crafted using scrap wood. These are all possibilities that not all players would like, so an option for them would be preferable.

    Finally, I want to touch on a concept that would make Deadburg a lot more fun when it comes to combat. This could also be an advanced option so that the players who disagree would still be content without it. In L4D, when a player is attacked by a zombie, they are slowed down and thus aren’t able to run past a horde. I was thinking that something like this should be implemented in Deadburg. Perhaps when zombies are in clawing range? This would prevent players from simply running past zombies during the day and night, and would make it a bit harder.

    Anyways, just wanted to share input about the 1.1 update. Overall, I am impressed with the defense game mode and I’m about to go for another round of it. I’ll be sure to share more ideas or problems while I play it more.

    1. Thanks for the detailed feedback Andrew.

      Yea, currently day duration affects the wave count. I’ve of two minds about it. On the one hand I don’t really like just beating the player to death with wave after wave. But I also don’t want the 48min players to be bored after killing a few waves. So right now you get a wave every minute or two (Real world time) until you die or you hit dawn (6AM game time). I’ll probably adjust this but I haven’t found a solution I’m happy with yet.

      Zombie tracking is pretty bad once you start diving through terrain/buildings. The heavy sledge exacerbates it as it’s pretty good at bludgeoning your way through stuff. That said, the options menu is there to allow for players to customize their gameplay, I think increasing block health would be a reasonable request on that front.

      I’ll have to play L4D and see how they handle slowing/rooting the player. It was something I had considered but wasn’t sure how it would work in first person. Mostly in regard to whether players would understand why they were slowed.

      1. I was thinking about defense mode, and I thought that it might be smart to make it more customize-able to fit every player’s unique wants. For this I came up with two options that you could add to satiate a lot of the different wants,

        1) Customize the starting night- Especially on the 12 min day/night I feel that I don’t have a lot of time to get ready for night one of the defense. Rather than basically dooming players for night one, what if the host could set the starting night for defense mode (starts on night 2 or 3 instead of night 1) This would give players more time to ready themselves for the defense, and if the host would rather have that hectic, barren-supplies night one defense, they still could.

        2) Hosts can edit the rate at which the waves come at them- This would allow all hosts to basically edit the difficulty of the defense mode without editing the entire difficulty of the zombies. Perhaps have intervals from 1 to 10 min. Once again, just a preliminary idea, perhaps it may spark an idea.

        As for the zombies slowing players down, I see where you are coming from when saying that players don’t necessarily know why they are slowed, it can sometimes be that way in Left 4 Dead too. I don’t necessarily know if that idea is the way to go, I just feel the daytime is too easy on the streets. Another idea that I had is that maybe you can turn on a setting where some zombies still run during the day, or when zombies hear gunfire they run at you. I’ll keep thinking about it and see if I can come up with anything else that could be reasonable.

        1. #1 is something I wanted to put in, but didn’t want to delay the patch any further. It will make an appearance soon.

          #2 seems perfectly reasonable, I’ll probably add it along with #1.

  64. This game is essentially the best game on the XBOX LIVE Indie game Marketplace. Very worth the little amount of money, please keep up the amazing work and commitment to the fanbase. I recommend adding features derived from Call of Duty Zombies, definitely take inspiration from that. Since your homes are well built and decently structured, go for bigger! Build a mansion, create a points system, throw in a few more weapons and dot them around for a cost, make doors openable for points to access new areas etc. Finally, a map editor! I think this would be great for replay value, being able to build your own buildings, your players would be making hunger game maps! Not only this but maybe implement the Call of Duty Zombies features into this too! I guess I said finally but whatever, my last thought was to add quests, random survivors that need you to kill X amount of zombies or fetch them a certain item, make them tradable, add rebels, etc. I know it’s a lot, but I’m sure these additions would be worthwhile. Thank you for such a brilliant game!

  65. I didn’t mention this before, but I think that adding advanced settings is an awesome idea that has real potential. Sometimes, people can get really caught up on the concrete items being added, rather than new concepts or freedom for playing. I ran into this same problem during developing new races and maps for Warcraft III (Minuscule work compared to what your doing) Anyways, I think that by expanding on the advanced settings, you give the host freedom to craft their own creative experience for Deadburg, allowing you to craft a better experience for the newbies and pros alike. Also, a bonus to this is that it takes less memory than let’s say making a new model for a zombie (Purely aesthetic, not worthless, but I think that maximizing functional content in the game with memory budget is key). I don’t know the first thing about making a videogame, but I do know that creators want to appeal to all of their fans, and sometimes all of their ideas can be overwhelming and impossible to make true, I think that the advanced settings idea creates a common ground for all. Anyways, just wanted to praise you on your idea and tell you that my friends and I look forward to further expansion of this game, no matter which direction it goes. If you ever need any more ideas for advanced options, if you haven’t already, I have an advanced options page on the deadburg ideascale containing a plethora of different ideas regarding it.

    Keep up the good work!

  66. Hey reanimated, the only thing I ask to add is walking zombies, and more guns
    P.S what do I do about the game repetitively crashing

  67. I play and love your game it is just I suggest adding in the following if possible:
    +Rocket Launcher
    +Better Crafting Format
    +Glass Jar(Collects Water)

  68. i think it would be nice to make skill trees or maybe different classes like medic gunsmith/blacksmith scavenger and maybe a combat class that adds damage with guns or blunt weapons etc. I don’t expect you to put this at the top of your list but it would add more strategy to the game i feel and a more personal touch for a more unique character
    Thanks for your time

  69. As a long time fan of the horror-survival genre, i have a few tips. First, players always enjoy finding new and rare items, as well as the bragging rights that come with them. Maybe add a item rarity tier system along with new items and oddities?

    Another thing. A must-have in almost all successful multiplayer games is a shop system. Maybe add NPC’s that run shops and defend themselves at night. Have them sell necessities, but leave the rarer items to looting. This adds another sense of accomplishment and purpose to looting all those houses.

    Lastly, some new forms of zombies would be good. Have the night be filled with tougher tier zombies, and maybe even add enemy NPCs. Also, a PvP mode would be good, but it would require some new weapons, such as long range rifles and traps, or stealth weapons.

    This game has great potential! I would love to see it become popular enough to have multiplyer servers, but thats a ways off. Keep up the good work!


  70. Hey reanimated,

    Just wanted to make another suggestion on how to make this game even better! I was playing co-op yesterday with one of my friends on defense mode and I noticed that all we had to do was have one person sit back behind a wall and attract the zombies while the other one (the person whom the zombies are not going after) goes outside and kills them easily. This isn’t just in defense mode, I realized it while exploring too. When used correctly, this makes the game really easy and takes me out of the experience a bit. I was wondering if you could switch the AI of the zombies up a little and have them target the closest target, rather than solely target one person until they’re dead or get out of range. I know it is a tall order, but I feel like this game could benefit from that change!

    I’ll keep you posted if I think of anything else, in the meantime, keep doing what you’ve been doing, as I’ve stressed before, the game’s awesome!

    1. Yea, this hurts defense mode the worst, but you can exploit it in survival as well. I’m getting to the point where I think most/all of the “AI” for the zombies will need to be redone, since they’re still pretty far from being engaging IMO. Not sure exactly what form that will take at the moment, but improving interactions with multiple players is one of the biggest issues.

  71. Another thing……

    When I was playing Defense mode yesterday I noticed that a lot of the zombies were randomly dying, I couldn’t tell what was going on (whether it was them spawning on the roof and falling all the way down, or it was them glitching through a block). Also, I noticed that it is really easy to survive defense mode if you go to one of the middle floors of the hospital, you might want to consider allowing the zombies to spawn inside the buildings (not sure if you already do this). Also, I personally am not that big of a fan of the whole get a gun at the end of the night if you survive. On day one I was able to survive the night and I was rewarded with a police shotgun with 50 shells (bit OP) I would consider revising the rewards system (not saying it should be removed, but maybe it should be modified, or better yet, let the player decide if they want rewards on or off!)

    I still think that drop rates should be decreased by a lot! Stores and houses too! I know there was an update for that earlier, but I still think that it wasn’t enough. I know it may sound like I’m complaining a bit, but I just want to be constantly scavenging to find minimal items, it would allow me to keep my worlds for longer. Also, please add a limited inventory, I was thinking about the stacks, and here are some of the stacks that I came up with:

    Food: 5 items
    Water: 5 items
    Shotgun Shells: 20 Bullets
    Health packs: 1
    Bandages: 3
    Blocks: 25
    Crafting Items: 20
    Pistol ammo (9mm and 10mm): 30 bullets
    Machine gun: 50 bullets
    Guns and Weapons: 1 slot each (perhaps some of the bigger weapons take up two?)

    Perhaps make the inventory size be the quick bar and one more bar over it. Most of these stacks were made by trying to think how to balance out some of the items and I don’t expect you to use any of them, in any case, maybe it will aid you with your own work.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Zombies randomly die due to a bug, it should generally happen when playing in multiplayer games, but can happen in single player games as well, depending on where you chose to hole up.

      Dealing with single large buildings is something the current defense spawner doesn’t handle well. It wants to space zombies away from you a decent distance, so you’re not jumped immediately and so they don’t spawn inside your defenses. Right now it only calculates that distance in 2D, with height not being taken into account.

      The inventory system is mostly a matter of UI, the current UI doesn’t really work with limited slots, since it would be difficult to represent that to the user. I could go in a Fallout 3/Skyrim vein and add weight to items, which would integrate rather easily, but then the idea of auto-picking up items doesn’t fit. A item grid like Minecraft is a possibility, I initially wanted to make Deadburg different than MC in whatever ways I could, which is pretty much why it’s not in the game at the moment.

      1. I think that a Fallout/Skyrim weight system would be great! You would have to consider having players open up a cabinet’s/refrigerator’s/drawer’s inventory rather than it just spitting out items. This could also be good for storage because they could use this interface to store items in the container as well. Sadly for items that drop from crates there might be a problem. I would consider having a button to pick up items off the ground, this would be helpful if players wanted to drop “trash” items as well because they wouldn’t be forced to avoid them. With this upgraded inventory you might want to consider a quicker way to drop stacks of items so that players can easily cut down on weight in a small amount of time.

    1. A redone city generator is something I want to do. It’s probably not coming soon since it’s a rather big item however.

      1. I think that the buildings should be partially redone to be more realistic.. Currently they dont actually make much sense as to how or why they are put together the way they are.

        1. Yea, the buildings are probably the part of the game that I want to change the most. They don’t really sell the idea of exploring a city as much as they could.

    2. fuck this game , I was ripped of four fucking times, my mate twice, that is a total cost of ยฃ4.14,
      that is $6, your’re a bunch of money stealing bastards ,
      I’m not buying a game from you cunts again,
      I will get all my mates to report this game, and this shitty company to Microsoft…
      This game was so fun at the time

      1. Hey Harry,

        Sorry about the download issues. If there was anything I could do to fix the issue I would, but the ball is firmly in Microsoft’s court at this point.

        Redownloading the game should not charge you however. So unless you used different Xbox Live accounts to buy the game you should only have 1 charge per account. If you were charged multiple times I’d open a chat with Xbox Live Support, they should be able to refund your money.

  72. Love the game thus far, even have my son (8 and loves zombies) playing it. Once I figured out what the hell a lab was and that the crates wouldn’t explode I find myself extremely resource heavy…. Like day 8 I’m level 20 and have a few thousand rounds for every weapon. Also the perception skill is way WAY too stat heavy. Would recommend dropping it by a good 75% of the current bonus. Only real issue I have (solo mind you) is that the pathing for the Z’s is terrible… cardinal directions and the refuse to walk around anything… they even climb immediately to my height (sniping platform afficianado here) then try to plow a path to me… only to break 2 blocks, fall, and repeat at the next warehouse wall. Makes defending a joke if you even remotely elevate yourself. Don’t know shit about coding but I would imagine that to be a more serious consideration.
    Love the game, hope to see some base building and heavy defense action in the future (im thinking…. TURRETS) maybe even a arcade game bump and throw in some harvesting automation for food/water. Sigh…. this game has so much awesome potential that I want to touch your head and absorb some of the genius. Anywho, Bitchin game. Just plain bitchin.

    1. And when you break bones youll hilusinate and if your dehydrated your swings do less damage and great game keep it up

  73. Why not add a interface or something similar to fallout that way you could chose to take what you want and it would allow a feature to store stuff in the containers

  74. Ok then what if there was a weapon that stats depended on the player lvl and/or day to help with the fact that the zombie keeping increasing in stats as the days go by and set it to require a certain difficulty to spawn with a low spawn rate at like a 1% or 5% chance of spawning

    1. Hey Harry,

      Yea, something happened on MS’s side. No response from them yet as to the cause or when it will be fixed. I’m guessing it will be sometime this week, but that’s a guess at this point. Latest news post will be updated with any information I get.

      1. That is because Microsoft sucks ass… It would be nice if they would stop crapping all over the Indie community. They treat everyone like leperous step children. Rather disgraceful… but hey, its Microsoft.
        Still hoping for a home base defense option… perhaps with an updating surrounding area every morning after seiges. Oh, and some turrets… sexy sexy turrets. maybe check out the coding on xenominer swarm for inspiration? Anyway, good luck with Macrosuck brother.

  75. You should add a military base with an artillery piece unmovable but can rotate with few or one shells and craft able bullets but you need to find blueprints but you need to go across the map to go to a Military Storage but hordes attack and only like 6 blueprints exist or add an RPG

  76. Ive got 2 new ideas 1 is a new item its called nails used for crafting a club and 2 you will be able to upgrade a baseball bat to a club.

    1. Bosses would be interesting, no specific plans to add them at this point but I’ll put it on the list. If they do make it in it would likely be on PC/XB1/PS4 versions of the game, as the 360 doesn’t have the spare memory for them.

  77. ok first I love the game, I like how you are involved with the community and reply to people in the community .

    I think when you get the time / money and stuff you should and in ai that attack you and your friends such as bandits gangs maybe hostile military patrols, there needs to be a sprint, ad different types of clothing such as swat armor military armor ghillie suites in particular (a sniper to go eith the ghillie suit obviously) and just different types of clothing
    and a crouch and prone system and some type of safe zone or make the players be able to create safe zonez for ai to spawn in and give out random objectives and that is about what ii can think that needs to be added thnxs for taking your time to read over this ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Additional enemies may make it in depending on how much memory I can free up to add them. Since people have been getting a lot of out of memory crashes I’ve been reluctant to add more stuff to the pile. Part of my focus in 1.2 is to reduce the current memory consumed by the game, so I’ll more space to add new things.

      Unfortunately I can’t replace the clothing on the avatar’s due to rules placed on them by MS. No armor/etc is a non-starter on the 360 version.

      Sprint will probably make an appearance sooner rather than later. No current plans for crouch/prone at this point, although it has been requested before.

      1. Alright well I think those are some goods things to add but what ever you can do as content and bug fixes and stuff are great ,also just keep up the work with the game it is a great one , and for the memery and stuff that ms wont let you do you should put it in a new tab for this site explaining what it is you cant do and why and things of that such that would be good for the people that don’t know much about those things

  78. I was reading on what you said an you said you were limited to how much you can put in to the game because of the hard were. You should just go to pc you could what ever you wanted on there. Graphics I like there pretty good for an 1$ game. Besides going to pc and all the other work you have to do you should add missions like dayz epoc. Add aspects of dayz and rust to your game thatโ€™s what people want yet no body can seem to get a game like that made on xbox 360.

  79. That’s a nother thing you should make the game more money its a good game and you would have more money to work with

  80. Hey can there be a split screen mode, I know that would take a lot of memory, but just a thought, because I have tons of friends that come over to my house just to play games and I would like a 2 player split screen co-op. I know about the memory problems but if you can get it on current gen consoles it would be cool. Remember just a thought.

  81. Every time I spawn in all I see is a blue screen but i can see my inventory and my friend says I move and look when i move my sticks but I still can not see what’s going on what do I do?

    1. I’ve had reports of this in the past, but I haven’t been able to repro the issue on my side. If you create a new game does it work ok?

      1. I tried to start a new game but it still has a blue screen, I thought it might be my helmet on my avatar. Then i changed it tried to play another game still i have a blue screen with my inventory, I don’t know what I am supposed can you help?

  82. i have bin playing this game for abute s week and it is cool but the game crash evey time i go in to my hasen ?

    1. Hey Kaleb,

      Sorry about the issue. If the game is giving you a blue screen when it crashes then if you take a pic and send to it will help me diagnose the problem. If it’s a Code 4 error then I’ve got an idea what might be happening, Patch 1.2 might make it a little better (1.2 is in review, no ETA on release at this point, probably a couple weeks.)

  83. Hi I just got an idea for a crafting recipe and it’s called Gunpowder. The stuff you need to craft gunpowder is charcoal you can find it underground, saltpeter, sulphur and a medication bottle.

      1. I was planning on some more crafting recipes for some of the components, but they just didn’t make it into the game for shipping and never got focused on in the post release updates. The crates are a bit of a band aid.

        I’m definitely open to creating recipes to craft some of the more rare components. I’m staying away from mining in general (To avoid comparisons as much as I can), so generally I want recipes to use stuff you could potentially find. It’s not always possible so in those cases where it isn’t there will be some liberties taken with realism.

    1. I don’t have them in the plans, there were one or two events I was thinking of before release, but they relied on the zombies, and their AI is pretty bad right now. If I had more actors in the game (Survivors, more enemy types) it would make more sense. I’m not against adding them if there are good ideas that I can fit into the game.

  84. a few things to implement such as; 1 a possible key to delete blocks that are unneeded. 2 perhaps try to create and add a small dirt bike or 4 wheeler to craft and assist with moving around the map and back to a safe house in a day.
    I would also like to see some type of item regenerations over time to continue the game for a longer duration such as leaving a store alone for 5 days and the shelves intact the items re appear on the shelves, possible trade instead of just dropping, I honestly love this game and its pure imagination and ability to mix many elements from other games and combine them very well.

  85. Hey i have a idea how about a bigger world update and special zombies? Like ones that do more damage and ones that are faster. Just a idea. Also a block they can not break -must be crafted. And one more thing. How about a sword for a wepon? Thats my ideas. Love the game btw keep up the good work and ill think of ideas

    1. Bigger worlds would probably be a sequel type item. At least while the only “terrain” is the city generator. A bigger city would be more of the same. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t think it would immediately improve the game.

      More zombies is one of the things near the top of my pile, but they’re rather big items, so no specific ETAs at this point.

      More non-tool melee weapons will probably make an appearance, can’t say when however. I know it sucks that I always give that response, but until I have something in game I don’t want to say when/if it will make it in, too much can happen that can prevent something from going in smoothly.

  86. First off love the game, its pretty hard to find a decent zombie survival game that’s not to expensive. I just have a small suggestion, you should toggle the jumping height. When your jumping gets really high tap jump to go just a block high, and hold it to go higher.

  87. I just had another idea, my idea is if you drink a bottle of water it will create an another bottle called empty water bottle and this can be filled up again in a sink. Good idea or bad idea?

    1. I would need to have working water levels (So you didn’t get unlimited water from one sink), but otherwise I could see it working.

  88. I was trying to play with my friend but when he tried to join I got blue screened I don’t know how to send it to you could you tellme

  89. Just been blue screened again by trying to join my friend and this is what it came up with

    Deadbolt game crash (v1.1.1) were sorry but we’ve hit a problem please contact you…

    Unable to read beyond the end of stream

    Then there is just a bunch of code
    This happened when I tried to join a private session from a invite

  90. I have a new idea for the storage. You should add a cold bar on the soda and water bottle, and it will have a blue bar underneath the picture. You will be able to store it in the fridge, so the cold meter will go up. If you keep it on you for a long time the cold meter will go down. If you drink it whilst it is low you wont get much soda out of the bottle.

    1. I could see that working into some kind of morale/comfort stat, where you want your food warm and your drinks cold. We’re a ways off from that stuff in game right now tho.

    1. The animations themselves aren’t exclusive to my game. As long as the characters themselves aren’t copied we’re all good.

  91. Me and my friend downloaded this game a while ago and I decided to play it again and I really like it but I feel like you guys (and girls) should add some stuff like new places to go because you kinda only have 3 places, cities, suburbs, and parks/forest. like maybe a real forest with tall trees or country side but who am I to judge cuz I don’t know how hard it is to make stuff like that so any way. maybe you guys could add some new features like cars or add some crap to the building. (cuz the building/breaking blocks is kinda sucky)

    1. Yea, the environment/city is one of the area’s I think needs the most work. I’ve got a few ideas, but nothing to share publicly quite yet (Not sure which might actually make it into the game).

      1. also do you think you guys can add a way to know where your base is, like a beacon or map because that would be helpful

      2. also do you think you guys can add a way to know where your base is, like a beacon or map because that would be helpful, (also It said this was a duplicate comment when I tried to type this in) (which it isn’t)

    1. This is one of those polish things that I’d very much like to do, but always seems to fall down the list to higher priority items. Partly due to the fact that they would only be in game, and not official xbox achievements. It is on the list tho, just can’t commit to a date at this time.

    1. Next update is 1.2.1. Not sure on the release date quite yet. I’ve been working on another project that’s taking longer than I anticipated. Once that’s out the door I’ll be focused 100% on 1.2.1. Before the end of the year is the only commitment I can make at this time.

  92. IDEA:

    Structural integrity

    That’s my idea
    It would make the game a whole lot harder
    If you guys don’t want it like that make it a settings

    1. Nope, not at this time. I had planned for some blocks to be stronger against zombies, but it hasn’t made it in game yet.

    1. I haven’t stopped updating, but I have been working on another project for the past few months which has delayed the next update. Still aiming to have the next update out before the end of the year.

  93. Can you make it so you have to craft more gun parts such as a Gun trigger and a gun handle so it will make crafting guns harder. In 1.2.1

    1. Probably won’t make it into 1.2.1. The plan was for it to be mostly bug fixes, but since its taken so long there will be a few small features, but no major content additions.

  94. i think it would be cool to have parachutes and a new mode called radiation mode where you have to get all the items you can (YOU HAVE TO GET THE GAS MASK OR ELSE YOU LOSE ) then get to a fallout shelter under your house then you can make electricity based items,whatever you want to improve your fallout shelter you can even make it bigger or put different rooms and you can go into the wastelands and look for items.Your probably not gonna add this but give it a chance at least ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I don’t know if something like that would fit the current game. But I think there’s a harder core version of Deadburg which would benefit from more complicated environmental mechanics (Like radiation/cold/heat/etc…)

  95. Also could i sponsor this game? DO NOT PAY ME.I just thought I could sponsor it on my youtube channel to get my subs to buy the game Email me if yes in my comments My channel is GAMERZFTW534

    1. So for now the attachments will be as higher tier weapons, like the current set. I’d like to split them off and be more of a mod system at some point, but not sure when/if that will happen.

  96. i have played this game probably 30 hours or so and 1 request I have is a higher max level because im only on day 7 and have made 67,000 xp. I really hope you can add this

    1. Yea, I may have set the level curve a bit too shallow, since people seem to always be asking for more levels. At this point I’d need to add more stats/attributes along with any level increase. Not sure when/if that will happen.

  97. When do you believe the next update will be out me and my friend are having a fun time playing and we have all reached level 30 so what’s next

    1. 1.2.1 is done, but I’m currently waiting on Microsoft to fix a bug with the store. Unfortunately new games/updates can’t be downloaded, so I’ve got to hold release until that’s fixed.

      1. Hello, my cat recently chewed apart my Xbox one power supply cord, as a result I had to replug up my 360 but a new power supply is on the way by mail so no worries there.
        However- back to why I’m here,
        Upon going back to my 360 I completely forgot I had bought this game when it first came out, and I’m glad to see that you have fixed a lot of the problems I had with it.
        (server crashing when players join, not being able to place a block in the direction I want it placed, oh and those annoying Undead blocks that you would just fall right thru grr
        So glad those can be broken and moved now)

        I actually managed to talk 3 of my friends who don’t have an Xbox One yet into buying your game just last night!
        And they absolutely love it.
        Unfortunately… It is not available on Xbox One and I strongly feel I should have this little game to play through Xbox Ones Backwards Compatibility program.

        It would then allow me to boot up the game from my Xbox One & play with my friends who are still on 360 without having to unplug everything & hook up the other console. Please get this approved for Xbox 1!

        Another thing I would like to request is something that really bothers me a lot..
        I am a shooter fan & not having a Aim down the sights mode on the weapons is something that just feels uncomfortable to me.

        My favorite zombie game ever of all time is State of Decay.. And it also did not have an aim down the sights mode- however that is something I have brought to their attention as a must have feature for the sequel.

        Thank You & I love the game!

  98. Would it be possible to put two civilian shotguns together to make a double barrelled shotgun, also you should have an upgraded police shotgun with a scope.

  99. you should add drivable cars and cars that u can loot and fix up to drive, and you should not need gas but to make it hard, instead of it being easy to fix but u need lots of gas you should make it so its harder to fix (depends on the car) but no gas required… sure u guys might be busy but this can and will be probably the biggest and best update you guys will ever add.

    Also the cars you guys are adding if u listen to this comment

    should be different like rusty jeep is really easy to fix up but goes top speed 30 mph

    and then regular car, little bit harder to fix but top speed 45

    then truck, medium to fix top speed 50 mph

    then police car and ambulance, hard to fix, top speed 65 mph for both

    then military Humvee 60 mph but has more health


    Rusty jeep is 1000 HP

    regular car is 1500 HP

    and the Truck 1750 HP

    and then the Police car and Ambulance are both 2000 HP

    and of course the Humvee is 2500 HP

    Please add these into the game and maybe you don’t have to do all of them in one update maybe you can do regular car and rusty jeep in one update and the others in other updates

    Thanks for reading if you did… and thank you for updating If you did… I will find out because I go on this website every week

    and no need to rush this update Idea (soon idea=reality)

  100. Toilets, the game needs toilets. And Sinks. The “bathroom” rooms are kind of sparse. Other than that I agree with most other comments about wandering Zombies, different zombie skins, AI Survivors, side-quests, and vehicles. A “Countryside” zone with forests and farms would be cool too.

    Great game overall, reminds me of a 3D Cataclysm DDA, which makes me happy.


  101. Some kind of explosive device, grenade/pipe bomb/molotov. Nothing could be more satisfying than blowing up a horde of zombies.

  102. make it where thee game is a little harder cuz when ever u open something there are always something in there and it makes the game too easy cuz you set in like 30 mins

  103. I think this game is really good fun and look forward to what you’ll do with it in the future!! Really good job on creating an enjoyable indie game for such a cheap price.

    I notice the game lacks music. Not sure if this is intentional and you like it that way or not, but I’m just saying that I’m a composer and if you’d ever want some soundtrack for the game, probably for free, contact me ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. hey jeff me and my cousin had some cool ideas for the game,

    more zombie skin’s

    craftable trap’s

    npc survivors

    making water easier to find ( it’s nearly impossible to find )

    camera’s ( you can hook them up to a tv to monitor a area )

    iron sight’s and scopes and aiming in general

    lockable door’s

    pvp ( we really need pvp )

    let me know what you think jeff.

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