Creator & Programmer
Jeff Loiselle

Lead Artist
Liam Richardson

Licensed Art
Lorc (GI)      sbed (GI)
xelu (OGA)

Licensed Fonts
Weathersbee Type
Magique Fonts
Steve Matteson

Licensed Music
Alexandr Zhelanov (OGA)

Licensed Sound Effects
remaxim (OGA)     HaelDB (OGA)
Jute (OGA)      kddekadenz (OGA)
Michael Baradari (OGA)      artisticdude (OGA) (OGA)

GI –

Licensed work was not made specifically for this project.

12 thoughts on “Credits”

    1. Hey Bayley,

      When you say start up, do you mean when you launch the game initially from the dashboard? Or when you load a specific city?

    1. Yup, this is my first commercial release. I’ve got a few other projects that may be showing up at some point. Right now the focus is on getting Deadburg stable, then working out a reasonable content update schedule (Right now I’m thinking monthly).

    1. Can’t say exactly, the peer review system can go fast, or like last time it can be very slow. If I use the time for patch 1.0.1 it will be ~9 days from today, or around the 31st. But it could be faster. I’ll update with status on Saturday, assuming it hasn’t released already.

    1. law somebody asked him about laser pointers and scopes and flashlights but reanimated said there wont be flashlight because he doesn’t have that set up yet but that’s what I heard . but there may not either be any laser pointers but maybe but I know he has something up his sleeve for new attachments.

    1. I’d like to bring it over to the XB1 and PS4, it will somewhat depend on how the PC version does.

  1. I definitely would love to see this be released on PS4 I loved playing this on Xbox 360 but it keeps on Force crashing everytime I go to open it…

    I’m the guy that showed the video bug from your game about 3 years ago on YouTube ( dove218 ) would love to see a lot of major updates done to it and like I said brought over

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