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  1. I hope you won’t be offended when I say that I am utterly surprised at how much fun your game is. It’s rare when an indie game on XBLA is actually worth the money. I just dropped two hours when I only planned on playing a few minutes. Your game shows promise and room for growth. Only one issue though, the game crashes when it gets overloaded, which happens too often. Other than that, I love the game and hope to see what you do next. Keep it up.

    1. Hey Jordan,

      Thanks for giving it a try, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

      Sorry for the crashes, I’ll be trying to get them cleaned up ASAP.

      1. I just spend 4 1/2 hours on deadburg to have the game crash and delete my whole level.. Thanks deadburg you suck more than apoc z! Horrible game just because of the crashes and BS, I get that it’s a new game, but don’t you think you should make sure the game works before you release it.. Retards.. Really go suck a bag of penis’s

        1. Sorry for the issues. I completely understand your frustration regarding loosing that much play time to a crash. All I can really say at this point is that I will continue to patch the game as fast as I can to resolve issues like these.

          1. Sorry I was heated at the time when it crashed.. I really do enjoy this game can’t wait for the updates and patches!!! Sorry for being that angry reviewer!! Haha really im sorry, don’t listen to the ignorance of my frustration lol, what’s your email btw?! Id love to ask some developmental questions!

          2. Hey, reanimated, don’t listen to that douche, your game is great besides the crashes, just try to get the updates out as soon as you can

        2. Shut up , it’s your fault it broke , (too little storage or too much lag) btw apoc z does suck balls

      2. Hey reanimated, I freaking love uour game, you just did a HUGE favor to the gaming community, your game is going to go far. You and your guys have great content, but of course, since it is a new game there are always gonna be problems, but for me, I kind of found ways to avoid crashes and have the full experience for this game, I also want to help by giving feedback, me and my freind put about 5 hours into our save, but when I die and respawn it kicks him out of my game, now this is easily fixed by inviting him back to the game, also to anyone else, make sure your friend is in the game menu when they accept your game invite, not on the dashboard, this will either give them a bluescreen when they join in, or their game will close. But other than all that mumbo jumbo, thank you so much reanimated for the greatest indie game I have ever purchased on xbox 360

        1. Thanks for reporting the two issues. Did either of them give a blue screen? This is the first report of these two issues that I’ve got.

          1. Reanimated I would love to be able to aim down sights I’ve put over 16 hours of playing time into this game and I will continue to play it by there’s a few issues can we aim down sights and the zombies get too hard too fast I would like bigger maps and more than just the city it would be cool to have plains, islands , forests etc. and I would love to have player vs. player and have more people in the game and better graphics that would top your indie game it’s turning into a dayZ I love it and I will continue to support it

          2. ADS has been requested a lot. It’s definitely on my list. No promises until I’ve got code working for it tho.

            Bigger maps are probably not a thing for the 360. Mostly due to memory/performance constraints.

            PvP is a wish list item if I can get more people in game. I figure once I can get 8 players in I’d be open to bringing in PvP. Also need to sharpen up the network code so it’s more responsive.

            Not sure if any graphics changes will come in for the 360. I don’t have any planned/working at the moment.

          3. Mine has crashed a couple of times each time boom blue anyways great game just don’t know what labs look like

      3. I love dead burg and theres so much room to add more , the only problem i had that the newest update isnt allowing me to download dead burg it even deleted it. It could be due to xbox servers currently acting up but the game is amazing

        1. Thereโ€™s an issue on Microsoftโ€™s side, no ETA at the moment, guessing next week sometime at this point. Iโ€™ll keep the latest post updated when Iโ€™ve got more info.

          1. I don’t know if every one has forgot about the game but could there possibly be a new update coming out this game is amazing and I would love to see some vehicles or like a map and some new weapons I’ve logged probably 20 hours on this game and it’s really fun and I would love to see it grow

      4. Hey man I just wanted to let you know I got this game Monday and at first I thought it was gonna be like apocz, which to me got boring because you can’t go in building and all you do is ride around and kill zombies, but I was dead wrong man. This game is great, I absolutely love it. About the only problem I have with it is on defense mode. It’ll say the zombies are coming but sometimes they don’t appear when I’m out looking for supplies. Other than that this game will get rated greatly. You should get Alchestbreach to play it, he’s a funny guy and he gives some good tips. Pretty awesome game though man I would’ve paid more than a dollar for it. You should add a map and maybe a car or bike but that’s on you though man. Thank you sir for making this game I absolutely can NOT get off it. And a side note don’t listen to these other douches that say it sucks because it doesn’t, every game is bad at first and then a few updates here and there and it’ll be a better than it was.

      5. hi dude any idea when the new weapons will be? sniper would be good and granades. also could you put vechiles in the game?

        1. No official announcements for new weapons at this point. I’ve got some things in the works, but not far enough along to talk about them.

          1. Can’t say exactly at this point. I’d guess early-mid November, but games/updates have been blocked for the past month, so a lot depends on when that gets fixed by MS.

      6. Hey great game. I’m no developer like some people think they are! But I love your game aside from one feature. The block placing is complicated. If I wanted to place a tv with it’s back against the wall, it would place the front against the wall. Other than that I love your game!

      7. Each time I play a profile that I didn’t buy the game on it crashes soooo fast this is quite annoying cause then I need to sign back onto my other profile while on the game then sign back off just to play the other profile I wanted to play the game on.. I know that all sounds confusing.. but just email me if you didn’t understand what I put there.. anyways.. please fix the issue of it crashing!!! and maybe make it so you can craft washer machines, bookshelves, etc. So when you actually make your own house (which a lot of players do) you can have more options to choose from when decorating. maybe make it so you can put paper in the book shelves or food in the fridges so they actually look like they got food inside. then make the fridge act as a door? so you press x to open then hold x to take or maybe hold x while holding the item you want to go inside to put it inside, etc. please add more stuff to the game! very fun but it’s getting old with the same content.

    2. I also thought like him but this game much more promise than other Xbox live indie games with zombies like apocz zombie survival ect. Keep going because I know for a fact this has the promise to make reanimated a big name

    3. Hello, anyways love the game dead burg when I bought it I was like “another indie game hope this one’s better then the last” then I was like “oh my gosh this indie game Is the best” but almost every time when I spend about 1 hour in multiplayer I get a blue screen and crash please fix
      Thanks and also check out my youtube terrariamasta1659

      1. Sorry about the crashes, if you can send me the blue screen that you’re getting I can look at fixing it in a future patch. You can send a picture of the blue screen to support at reanimatedgames.com

    1. Hey josh,

      Thanks for letting me know.

      Don’t know of any reason it should crash on changing weapons, but I’ll look into it. By any chance do you know what weapon/item you had before you tried to swap to the handgun? Was it the Civilian(9mm) or Police(10mm)?

        1. Its something I would like to do, but MS controls access to the XB1. So I have to apply and be accepted before I can bring it to the XB1.

          1. Is there a special seed that spawns you near a good building or something or are you going to put that in later update

          2. There probably are seeds that put you next to better/worse buildings, I haven’t seen anyone share them so far.

          3. So it’s a bit hard to say. The store stops accepting new games/updates in September (Although the current games will still be available). Working back from that date, Microsoft has had issues with the store going down (It was down for most of December, on the developer side). So really any updates/games need to be ready in August. But pushing a big update then is dangerous because if it exposes an issue you only have a short time to fix it. So you really want to release 1-2 months earlier then that, to provide time to do at least one patch. So that bumps us back to June/July.

            So my rough plan is to try to put together one last feature patch for the Summer, with possibly one small bug fix patch after.

      1. Hey Stone,

        Sorry for the errors, if you or your friend could send me a screenshot of the crashes they’re seeing I’ll see about getting it fixed in the next patch.

  2. Hey, so i just want to say that this game is amazing and has a lot of potential. My only problem with it is the crashing and so multiplayer issues, but other than that its great. I have a question about the next update, is there going to be more content than just the three shown , except for bug fixes, like maybe new AI or something

    1. At this point it will probably just be the three items mentioned. There will also be some bug fixes but likely not any more content.

  3. Is there going to be future updates, like more content , kind alike how minecraft works , every update theres new content or is this going to be the only update there is for the game

    1. At this point I can’t promise a certain number of updates. It’s basically a matter of how the game/community is lasting. As long as the game still has fans and sells enough copies to cover development I’ll continue to push stuff out. So far I would say its doing better than I expected, so I think there will be a handful of content updates at least.

    1. Right now there isn’t a bed crafting recipe, but it would be easy~ish to add.

      TV is for some future stuff I had planned, not in game currently.

  4. Love the game, however we have encountered a major bug . In one case we upgraded the running ability 3 time the extra speed make the world spawn un able to keep up. Then at some point the world starts disappearing and eventually you fall off the map.

      1. Hey bro I just want to say that this game is definatly a couple thumbs up in my book. I honestly believe if you keep working at this and add more content and features then It could be bigger than Minecraft. Waaaaay bigger. Keep up the good work bro because I see a very bright future for Deadburg.


  5. Dead burg is a very fun game I’ve played for 3h now and I can’t seem to find any Experimental polymer (can someone tell me where to find it please) thanks

    1. You can find it in Labs, these are white buildings in the “industrial” zone. Hospitals also have labs on their upper floors.

        1. It’s a bunch of large grey buildings (Well they’re the most notable indicator anyway). I would expect you’d recognize it when you saw it.

  6. Hey um i dont know if you meant to do this but the seeds sometime change and never are the same..

    We found a Lab in a perfect spot with hotels, and office buildings, and hospitals… but the map changed while playing…. please message me i dont get this, a seed shouldnt change while playing and if it was already loaded.

    The lab was in the middle of a forest with a road to a market avenue and hotels and office buildings behind it…

    It was too perfect, possibly a test or dev. seed..
    because it changed several times dramically…

    I can show you the seed if you want and show you 3 different versions of the same exact seed…
    Message OHN0U81..
    I kindof dont want to post the seed on here because it is a seed me and my friend want to keep from going public…

    1. I think this is actually a terrain generation bug. I’ve seen it while testing but haven’t been able to find a good repro to track down the issue. Basically random terrain from other parts of the map can be randomly inserted into sections you’re loading up.

      Any info regarding this would be appreciated, you can send me an email at support@reanimatedgames.com

  7. tried to continue a game got a code 4 a few times in a row. screen goes black and an error window pops up. tried starting a new game, got the same result. love the game.

      1. It got worse, so I figured out that when i re-downloaded the game it would work again. and that worked for a few games. but it still wont let me play the game after signing off and now I can load into any game. I’ll load in and it will all be blue with my controls being messed up. Other players will see me but I can’t move or fix my controls. And when I try to fix my controls it crashes. This sucks cause i really love the game. I usually get a code 4 when trying to load my own game(single player) and a blue screen when I play online, just like my weapon (or whatever I’m holding) and blue(the game will continue to go on around me.

  8. Hey when my brother hosts a game and invites me I can’t get ready in the menu it will just crash I think your game deserves a higher spot on the indie games and I hate to see your game rated less popular than it should

    1. The crash on Ready will be fixed in the first stability patch. In review now, should be up sometime next week.

  9. Great game but can’t reload any saved games after exiting the game. Just get a error code 4. Is the save corrupted

  10. I have been playing a while but I have noticed that if you jump on to a zombie’s head it sometimes spawns this green block which I can not break and I can go through it.

  11. I have also had a glitch where I have reached level 19 and when I go over level 19 my game crashes! When I go back on I am level 19 still and my EXP is over 2000! I also receive points to spend like normal and if I gain any more EXP even picking up an item then my game will crash again and I get more points to spend. I have also seen in the message that it says zombie block. Maybe this explains what that weird block is.

        1. Any currently working world should work fine in new patches. If its currently crashing I can’t say if its corrupted or not until I fully understand the issue.

  12. Hey this is the best $1 I’ve spent. I have only froze one time. Haven’t cave across any other glitches or errors. I Just can’t find the experimental polymers or gun powder.. a Map would come in handy ..my dumb brother knocks down the street signs lil. Overall ill give it 8.5/10. I have apoc z a 4/10

    1. I’ve got every weapon my house is next to the grey buildings haven’t come across a single crash a tiny little lag not a lot love the game just please please add more weapons PLEASE oh and I’ve seen the update will my world disappear if I update though

      1. Updates should not cause any issues with existing worlds.

        More weapons will be coming in, it’ll take a while since that’s new art.

  13. The game is excellent. I did go to the farthest point down I could travel and when my toon touched the “bedrock” he got to where he cannot jump back up. I had to wait to starve to death. The other thing I would like to bring up is maps. A map in this world would go a long way. I think the zombies should respond to gunfire as well. I do love this game and I hope it has continued success. I cannot wait for the next update. Defense mode will make it even better!

  14. I made the mistake of raising my jump stat to 20, so now I can’t jump without dying. So if you could counter that somehow, then that would be great.

  15. The game crashed after i attempted to make the heavy sledgehammer, but I think it is because I hit level 19. I have 2247 XP out of 2000.

    1. Probably, there is a bug when you lvl to max. Fixed in the new update which should be live in a few days.

        1. Unfortunately the way XNA/Xbox Live Indie Games works its hard for me to set a specific date. I’m basically at the mercy of other devs running the update through a series of tests.

          There aren’t a ton of active devs so it can take a while to get through. The initial release took ~5 days, this update is about 5 days in and needs 4 more reviews.

  16. So I think I may have found a temporary fix for the lvl 19 bug. If you die then your xp progress resets and gaining xp no longer crashes the game. Now i will have to see if I can level up to 20 without crashing.

  17. Love the game where the experimental polymer or gun powder I’ve been playing for a while and cant seem to find it

    1. Polymers are found in the laboratories. Either in the industrial zone or in hospitals. Gun Power is found in warehouses, again in the industrial zone.

  18. I love this game better than gta 5 and call of duty it has serious potential to grow but i am now currently having a problem that prevents me from playing……basically i start the game (so far so good) i then either click single player or join online (so far so good) BUT then when i spawn into a world it glitches i can see my character and equipment but the whole world is BLUE which frankly is annoying but thats not all when sometimes i spawn into worlds my controls have changed i move up on right stick i walk bacwards and x to punch.. pause button to jump an pause BUT if i use the crossbuttons to browse my current equipment it dont work instead i have to use my right stick to go left and right to have a look at my equipment BUT soon as do that that goddam blue world thingy happens again ๐Ÿ™ whats happening??

    1. Hey David,

      Sorry this is happening. It sounds like your save files may be corrupted in some way. If you start a brand new world, does this still happen?

      1. I have the same problem even uninstalling and reinstalling the game doesn’t work. Making a new save doesn’t work either in single player or multiplayer. I really do hope this can be fixed soon as I am loving the game. I will try a couple of things to see if it fixes itself and let u know if it does and what I did

        1. Deleted all my saves then uninstalled and reinstalled, but now the game crashes everytime I try to make a new save

  19. Love the game. Better than state of decay. Only problem is I keep getting blue screen crash after about an hour of gameplay. Also every time I load a map I have significantly less ammo than when I left.

  20. after updating : i still have a blank screen when i load in to world. and i still crash at key bindings. i’m going to try deleting existing worlds………deleted and re-installed game still getting a blank screen even after deleting old games, still crashing at key bindings. new game crashed after 15 min. without ever loading in the screen.

    I love playing this game and i hope my feed back is helping.

    1. Thanks for the reports.

      Keybindings crash is fixed in the next patch, but not the current one. You should be able to change them in the main menu before you start the game.

      Still not sure on the blank screen issue. Are you using a specific seed for the world? Do you have any non-default settings that you’re using?

      1. i figure out i had a few old saves that were corrupting it. made sure every thing got deleted, and re-installed and started a new world. game works great now.

        1. Thanks for going the extra mile to get it working again. Bad saves shouldn’t affect new games tho, so I’ll have to look into why that might have happened.

  21. Deadburg is one awesome game! Super fun, very addicting! I just wanted to say two things. First, thank you for creating a game that actually makes me have a feeling of money well spent! Second, how do I get polymer??? Lol

  22. I’m looking forward to the new defense game mode and please consider adding sprinting and co-op on the same console.

  23. Can you please tell me where I can find the experimental polymers and gunpowder? I love the game it’s really fun but I’m at somewhat of a standstill until I find these materials.

  24. hi i’d just like to say this game is definitely worth the money, but some kind of indicator for multiplayer that shows where the other players are would be awesome. Maybe a map?

  25. Thanks for making this game, it is really fun although there are a few bugs, such as optimization issues and some multiplayer issues. The optimization issue is when the game loads the game slows down by 89% at least. Then the multiplayer issue comes from sometime the game not loading first try or not joining at all other than that I’ve only crashed once and I found out te secret to not losing your levels

      1. Here is what I think is happening when this happens the melee item is at x and you have a group of zombies bigger than x when you secondary attack you go into the negatives and the game sees an unexpected number so since the game didn’t foresee those numbers the game crashes. You should use an if <or= to 0 to break the item or for even smarter durability system make it to where if you have more than enough durability to use a secondary attack on the group of zombies have the game do it if not then have it deal damage to random zombies that you tried to secondary attack

        1. Yea, this is basically what happened. The game was dealing damage X times, and reducing durability X times. Fixed to reduce durability once, instead of multiple times.

    1. The city you’re playing may be corrupt or be experiencing a bug. Can you try creating a new city to see if that loads properly?

      1. well i have made about 10 different worlds it does not work and my friends games dont work either and i love the game so im sad its doing this ๐Ÿ™

  26. When my game starts to load it says “the game has unexpectedly stopped working. Please try it again. If problems persist, please contact the creator of the game. Code 4”

  27. when i click key bindings it says
    Deadburg game crash: we’re sorry but we’ve hit a problem. please contact support@reanimatedgames.com for assistance
    At System.throwhelper.throwkeynotfoundexception()
    and so on and so on
    and i’ve been looking at the messages and someone was taking about a zombie block it says that for me to

    1. It may be a network sync issue. Might have him leave + rejoin. I’m guessing he’s seeing the deaths of zombies you’ve killed previously.

  28. Hey, I hope you can fix the problem with the code 4 crash. Its happening to me now. I load one of my games and about half way it unexpectedly stops working. I love this game and I really want to keep playing it. If you can’t fix it I understand but the game is really fun and if I can go back to my saved world it would make the game way better. Best of luck on trying to fix this reanimated =D

    1. Hey Keagan,

      I’m going to keep patching the game as long as these issues are still out there. Depending on what is causing your code 4 you might find relief in 1.0.2.

  29. When my friend attempts to join it gets close to being done but then it stops loading, making them unable to join

    1. Hey Scott,

      I have a couple reports on this, I don’t have a root cause yet. I think you’ll have to create a new city to play together at this point.

  30. First of all. This is worth more than a dollar. Excellent game. Beyond losing 7 in game days because my son stole the xbox when i left for a fire call I havnt had any issues but I do have 2 requests if possible. A power generator so I can build security lights around a perimeter, I use house lights but flood lights would be awesome. 2nd craft a bed so I can respawn in my fort lol. Thanks

    1. 1.0.2 allows beds to be moved so you should be able to camp out in your fort.

      More lights isn’t in the immediate future, but I don’t see any reason not to add more.

      1. wow fast reply. You have become one of my fav Developers, I hope this game does well for you. This game has me playing the 360 more than my xbox one. lol. Im looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks for a great zombie game. Now I need a firefighter sim lol

  31. First off, excellent game. Me a my brother play this for hours at a time. Our only issue is that all we find are just houses, taller houses, and stores. We can’t find any hospitals or warehouses or anything of the sort. Any help?

  32. So your going to fix the blue screen next update and when i clicked the key bindings it crashed so you did not fix that

    1. Hey Diego,

      Sorry, the update should have fixed the issue.

      Please try this:
      1. Verify your game shows 1.0.2 on the bottom of the main menu screen (This means you should have the fix)
      2. Use the settings menu to reset your key bindings to the defaults.
      3. Try loading the game now.

      Please let me know if this resolves the issue for you or if it does not.

        1. Hmm, if you create a new city does it work?

          Can you send me a screenshot of the blue screen, I fixed some issues with key bindings but maybe there is another one I missed.

  33. Omg, thank you reanimated. I am able to go back to my games without an error code 4. Thanks for the help. I can finally ave fun again. Your the best. =D

  34. Since the latest update came out 1.0.2 im lagging you might be thinking im in apoc terrarin well im on normal and im still lagging. Before this never happend any way I can fix it.

    1. There were a few changes to avoid some issues with corrupt data saving. This could be causing some stuttering in some situations. I’ll take a look and see if I can alleviate it somehow.

  35. I love your game ! code 4 isn’t a problem for us it happens but I really don’t care for it because this game is too fun and I would like a block for walls so its hard for zombies to break in and my friend said that there should be explosives/C4 for killing zombies and destroying buildings. also I heard you are making scopes for guns so does that mean aiming?

    1. Aim down sights is something that’s a popular request. I haven’t yet indicated when/if it will make it into the game. I’d like to but the list of stuff I’d like to add is pretty long.

      Explosives are something I’ve played around with a bit. The issue now is network sync for those items. Probably coming in when I circle back on the networking stack to shore it up (Post 1.1).

  36. sorry my grammar sucks I meant that we should have some animals in the game so we could hunt them and then cook them in the stove or something

  37. I wants this game to be the best so ill be hoping that there will be some people/other developers that can help you with this awesome game.

  38. would it be awesome if there could be quest or bandits that would be in gunstores, and the only way you could get some of those new and old guns that were in that store by defeating the bandits or using stealth

  39. I need to ask 1 thing- is there any way to find bullets besides the pistol i made an assult rifle and a shotgun and i cant seem to figure out how to make bullets for them and i cant find any bullets

    1. hey Dan you would need to craft them there made out of ingots and gunpowder witch you can find both of them in the warehouses.

    1. Basically it’s going to go out as soon as testing comes back clean. The main code work is complete, just need to iron out the bugs. Possibly today or tomorrow.

  40. Ive found a massive bug in Deadburg so what I did was I went to the edge of map and randomly the floor disappeared and I fell under the map. I dident but I cant get to the surface.

    1. Yea, this is a pesky one. Right now all you can do is starve to death. Looking into the actual cause but it’s a non-trivial issue.

  41. Is there a map limit? I came into the game seeing it being procedurally generated however found an edge and fell off. Are the maps infinite?

  42. I’ve got a new building idea you should add shopping malls. Where you can buy stuff, ie supplies and weapons. To collect Money you should be able to find purses and wallets and cash registers.

  43. Noticed this bug post Defense mode update so chances are it hasn’t been identified yet but whenever I reload the Police Shotgun if I switch weapons at just the right time during the reload it changes the new weapon into a Police Shotgun as well. This is a way to duplicate Police Shotguns and it can be quite annoying during the Defense nights given the fact that I’m constantly reloading and switching guns (I’ve had it happen on accident a few times) I can’t say whether or not this affects the Civilian Shotgun or any of the other guns (I checked the Heavy Machinegun and it didn’t seem to work) I’ll try and see if I can replicate the results and give you more info. Other than that, the game has been running very smooth since this update.

    1. Interesting, I haven’t seen it but I’ve seen things somewhat around it. I’ll take a look. Thanks for reporting it.

  44. Wher do you find experimental polymer I have spent 5+ hours on the game and haven’t found one piece

  45. I forgot to say that when 1.1 came out the game started to freeze again. I played co-op when this started to happen again.

    1. Yea, 1.1 introduced some issues. I’m working on 1.1.1 and should have patch notes out in a few days. It addresses some of the crashes/hangs.

  46. Hey I saw the game and it looks awesome but for some reason when I try to download it it goes to 1% then to 0% and goes back and forth several times before it telling me it can’t download it tried restart in my box letting it cool off still the same I doubt its my internet because defiance and destiny still work perfectly any help would be awesome

    1. Looks like something is wrong on the Xbox Live side of things, contacted Microsoft but no news as of yet.

  47. Dude, I’ve been playing for two days now. But I wake up and want to play it again and it says it has a new update. I then said yes thinking it would fix bugs but it fails to download and it deleted my copy of the game and now it won’t allow me to download the game anymore

    1. Sorry Kyle. The issue appears to be on Microsoft’s end, so there’s not much I can do at this point. I’ve let them know about the issue but no word/news as of yet.

  48. Hey me and my friend tried to download your latest update but it went from 1% to zero did this a couple times and then it said it can’t download please fix it we like your game a lot.

    1. Sorry for the issues Martin. At this point the problem is on Microsoft’s end. I’ve contacted them but no word back as of yet.

      1. Can you notify me when they fix the problem thanks and keep doing good ur game is great.

          1. Just out of wonder do you think the game will be operational or working tommorrow or the next day?

          2. No response today and it’s pretty far from normal business hours. I don’t expect we’ll see any fixes until next week at this point.

    1. One more thing im having the same problem as martin. Do you think you can email when its able to be fixed? Thanks! Im looking forward to playing your game.


  49. Hi this is my favorite game in the univers it’s like dayz mixed with minecraft but my freinds ceover and want to play and I have to do no and play a different game SoCan you add split screen please

  50. Oh I almost forget can u also add cars and trucks do we cna drive through the city and if u do add cars plz make it so the cars can be broken by zombies do that you can’t just hide in the them and be perfectly safe

  51. Maybe you should add a strong zombie that moves slower
    And grenades
    And an rpg
    And a zombie wurm thing that digs through the ground and is very rare and in its tunnel is rare items and it’s hard to kill
    And a big zombie boss that smashes through buildings and stuff easily and he can come on night 15 or something
    And a bird boss on night 25

  52. hello reanimated first thing I would like to say great game keep up the good work You are great I also think having a hidden hit point value for the blocks so that way survivors that last longer have a way to defend ourselves stronger blocks means Longer survive also I do believe we could use more defensive items like crossbow traps shotgun traps a way to build a defensive position with like barb wire and so forth the ability to mine resources after they Have been depleted would be great to because after about 40 To 60 days in defense you run out of resources also can we increase the level cap past 20 please one more thing will you be bringing deadburg over To ps4 well that’s about it for today I’m not going to get into the bugs and glitches everybody else has beat that Horse dead keep up the great work And as always have fun and survive as long as you can

  53. Great game Im playing it a lot but my friends want to play with me but they don’t have the game so if you could add a split screen that would e awsome thanks

    Ps read my other comments for ways to make the game even more awsome

    1. Hmm, I’m not aware of anything that should cause a issue loading a single player game. I’ll add it to the list of bugs for 1.2.

  54. I already posted this in the forums, but this is the official help area so I decided to post it here too. Anyway, this one time i was playing defense mode in single player and was about to achieve the so called “prize” that you get when you survive a whole night in defense mode. Instead, right about when the sun was going up and I was going to achieve my prize, i was reunited with a slap to the face. Instead, i got a bug that turned my entire screen blue, crashed the game, and when i exited and re-entered the map, my save files for that map were gone. I’m not sure if it’s the same in the co-op version of the game, but it is a serious bug that you need to look into.

    Also, by the way, it is pretty easy to survive a night in defense mode, because i had the game difficulty set to normal, and to survive all i had to do was run and jump down the roads with a level 0 run skill and a level 1 jump skill. However, when you try to find a shelter to hide and take cover in, which the game says is your best option, it is nearly impossible. Maybe you should increase zombie speed, but have less zombies in the hordes that attack you. That might fix it, but i don’t no the first thing about making video games so you go ahead and do whatever it takes to fix these things. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Other then the few bugs and glitches in this game, it is a very great game and you should keep doing whatever you are. I downloaded this game for only the price of a dollar and was planning to only play this for a few minutes. Instead, I was invoked to hours of gameplay, struggling for survival, scavenging for food and water, having to raid gun stores for ammo and weapons, having to craft materials out of ordinary house-hold items. This is the best indie zombie game I have played since I MADE A GAME WITH ZOMBIES and Castle Miner Z. I give Deadburg an 8/10.

  55. I really need help with not being able to see at night so if you have a suggestion (beside staying in a house at night) then you should tell me. Thanks also keep up the good work on the game.

  56. In my game, whenever I go so far, as in traveling, the map starts to disappear behind me and whenever I fall down what disappears, I have to die to get out, which takes quite a bit. I love your game though. I rate it 9/10, i’d love it if you could try to fix that. Then also the crashes too if you could fix them. I would theรฑ rate it 10/10. If you could fix that, that would be awesome.

    1. Sorry for the issues Brody. The map disappearing issue should be fixed in 1.2, unfortunately it’s going through review pretty slowly, so hard to say when it will release. Some crash fixes are in 1.2 as well, but guessing there will still be some issues to fix.

    1. They were going to be factories, but I didn’t really have the block types to sell that very well. So right now they’re just generic buildings.

    1. Yea, thats an edge case I haven’t resolved yet. Breaking spike strips vs moving them essentially.

    1. We tried to stay away from making them look realistic given the other blocks wouldn’t really match this style. I may add more gore to them, to give a better “zombie” feel, but I can’t do so on the 360 due to content restrictions when using Avatars. It could make the PC version however.

  57. Can anyone tell me what the melee weapons that require a high level are. If you can I would really appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Load times are probably not going to change significantly at this point. The game is doing a fair bit of work in the background and I don’t have any planned optimizations at this stage.

  58. Hi I am trying to play with a friend but it won’t stop crashing I have tried 10_14 times and I was wondering if there is a way for me to reset it I have tried redownloading and it dint work and I tried contacting support@reanimatedgamea.com like the game said but no reply plz help I really enjoy the game and want to continue but it won’t let me ๐Ÿ™

  59. It’s great.love it.a few things need to be added though.? BTW im not gonna complain about crashing? 1.add in sprinting. 2.aiming 3.lakes/oceans.If you add this well thx! If you don’t thats fine.?

    1. I agree Corben.But you should also give the zombies better
      AI Because you have to be like three blocks infront of them for them to come after you and maybe you can add daytime like zombies are rare but at nighttime there is the usual of whatever gamemode you’re on.and I encountered a zombie flying up to heaven.It was really weird.Thats all

      1. Zombie AI is something I’d like to improve, but it’s a major work item so it’s somewhat further down the list.

        Zombie’s flying is something I’ve seen before, but I thought it had been fixed, I’ll take another look.

    2. If you do see crashes please complain away, I’d like to get them all fixed.

      Sprinting and Aiming are on the todo list. Lakes/water are something I bumped from Deadburg to try to keep performance up, they probably won’t be making an appearance.

  60. I don’t know if anyone else has posted this issue (I don’t have enough time to read all the comments) but I have an issue trying to change the player count. When in a host lobby, editing settings, if I try to change how many players can join I get a blue screen mentioning some issue. If it helps I’ll go find it now. And another issue is me and my friend we’re hosting a private server together so others couldn’t join but somehow they were joining. But like others, I see a great future in the game, first I got the trial, loved it in about five minutes and got the game. Anyways, hopefully we can sort these bugs out. Goodbye.

    1. Thanks for reporting the issues Zach, they’re both on the todo list for the next patch.

      No worries on the details of the lobby bug, it’s a relatively easy fix that I just didn’t find in testing prior to the patch.

  61. This game is great I just don’t like it when the game bugs out and it happens in the next update you guys should fix that and also add more gunpowder and the experimental things I hardly ever find them anywhere still I would rate it 4 stars

  62. Can you tell me what zombie scaling is please?
    Also I like the new Deadburg pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ on the Indie store.
    Thank you.

    1. The zombie saling is like health and damage they can do they have 100% of each put the scale on 20% every day they gain 20% on health and damage

  63. Can you fix the loading screens please, it just keeps loading also you should add a few more features before you release the steam version.

    1. You mean you are unable to load a particular map, or it just takes a long time to load it up? I don’t have any loading screen specific bugs on the list at the moment.

      The steam version will include more/different features most likely. I’ll bring the features I can over to the 360 version, although come September I can’t do any more updates to the 360 version as Microsoft is closing down the dev side of the store then.

      1. When I am on the start menu to start the game it takes a long time to start up the single player and multi-player. I don’t mean loading a map.

        1. Ahh ok, yea this is something I’ve been meaning to address.

          Basically you’ve got lots of maps, and the game is looking over all of them. Now even if you’ve deleted most of your local maps, the game stores your multiplayer maps as well. So if you join a random game, you’ll get map data for that city stored locally, even tho you won’t be able to load it or see it yourself. Basically it’s someone else’s city, but you’re storing it locally so that playing with that person doesn’t require redownloading the map each time.

          Unfortunately it’s also your character data on that map, so if it’s deleted you’ll be starting from scratch if you play that map again.

          I could possibly have a character archive, that we put all old character data into, in case you rejoin the city in question. We could then clear out the active cache and make that initial load quicker.

  64. i can never find the expermental polymer anyway the game is really fun it be even better if there was more thing like sniper

    1. i can never find the expermental polymer anyway the game is really fun it be even better if there was more thing like snipers

  65. -(minor), no confirmation of save when selected from the options
    -(moderate), even with autosave disabled, game still saves when I die or if I leave the game through the options menu.
    -(minor), the zombies “death knell” comes noticeably after the zombies death. To the point where I think there’s another zombie close.

  66. I love this game and I have high hopes for it growing but I think it would be sick if you could add pvp as a sub option for survival and also maybe add bikes or something because you do run kind of slow in game. Other than crashes keep up the great work!!:D

  67. I don’t know if anyone still plays Deadburg on 360 but I’ve been playing for a couple months now and I swear I’d rather play Deadburg then most popular FPS games.

  68. Just wanted you to know people on 360 are still playing. Deadburg is still standing in 2017.

  69. hello ive been looking for a pc copy for a long time its a game with BIG potential so can you do me a huge favor and give me a beta key or a mediafire or google drive download or release it on steam i know its in testing but i will take the state it is in right know so think about it thanks

  70. are the devs still active at all i really loved this game back in the day on the 360 and want to play it again but dont want to have to drag out the 360 find all the stuff for it and was wondering if there is any way to get the pc beta copys anymore are there still steam keys out there or am i out of luck

  71. I found a pot and when placed it, it seemed to had option to gardening it, so I was wondering if you can farm in the game.
    Also found a televisor and hitting it gave me the whole object that says containing useful electrics; and an ingot and that made me think if there are work stations to melt metal or workbench to disamble complex items… The game gave me a lot of incognits that I want to discover. Shame I don’t have any friends to play with. I am covering the game on my small channel.
    As amateur programmer I relly appreciate your work on this wonderful promising game all that years.
    Sorry for my english btw ^^U
    My best wishes.

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