Deadburg PC Update – April

Hey Folks,

Quick update regarding progress.  We’re continuing to release patches to the Steam test/beta.  I’m almost out of keys for the test, so if you want to participate make sure to sign up soon!

Once this set of keys is all used up I’m going to be closing the test until later this summer.  The schedule for the next few months is going to be a little slow, as I’m working on larger items.  Once these bigger pieces are in testing will open back up with more keys.

Edit: I’ve just given out the last key from phase one of testing.  Testing will reopen later this summer.

Join the test!

Open beta signup has now closed.


One of the early testers setup a Discord server for the test.  I check in there fairly regularly.  Note that this server was not created by Reanimated Games and it’s content is not subject to my review/moderation/approval.