Sometimes all you have between you and a pack of zombies is a good old fashioned driver. Swing through the zombie!
Better off to have some firepower with a bit of range.
Occasionally you may find yourself in a position to do a little remodeling.
Watch out for zombies at night, they’re a bit more active than during the day.


10 thoughts on “Screenshots”

  1. Game is incredible Jeff! Saw gameplay of it on YouTube last last night couldn’t download it due to Xbox Live being down, but grabbed it today and played it with a buddy for around 3-4 hours straight.

    Found some bugs though, and will report them on your forum once I get a chance. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for making this gem of a game, and hope you had a Merry Christmas. πŸ™‚

  2. This game is actually pretty good, I only have a few flaws about it. The crashing and how the game gets boring after looting everything, but other than those two I’ll give the game a good rating of 8.5/10. I got two of my friends to buy it, we’re looking forward to the updates in the future !

  3. just been in the industrial zone for the first time, and i swear to god i was speechless. i counted a stupid amount of floors, but i think it would be great to have some way of finding my mates, like amap or something. The idea of using blocks to save space definitely overun Apocz. U can go in buildings and theyre about 1000 floors high! Hope u guys stay fanbased unlike other companies ΓΌ

    1. Yea, finding other players in game is high on my list. I haven’t yet decided how I will do that, but it’s definitely something I want to address soon.

    2. Can you add me on xbox 360 I’m hillofkill855 can you please add me I need more freinds like you!

  4. I love it. but you can over powerd quickly if your lucky. Hopefully you add more craftable block. and books you have to find in order to craft more stuff would be cool. also like a mining implement (for future ideas). And one thing witch would be usful with playing with friends is storage chest and like a drop stack button. thats all but the game so far is so asome.

    1. There will likely be more crafting stuff in future updates. Adding depth like books to unlock certain recipes might make it in if I feel there’s a good use case. Chests is one of the most requested features, it’ll probably make it in. Drop stack isn’t something I’ve been asked, but makes sense from a gameplay point of view.

      Radar/compass in the new version helps find players. But a map might make an appearance as well.

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