Deadburg coming soon to Xbox Live Indie Games!

Hello Folks,

It’s been a long time coming, but Deadburg is currently in review and should soon appear on the Xbox Live Indie Game store.  Get ready to explore the city of Deadburg!

Jeff L.

7 thoughts on “Deadburg coming soon to Xbox Live Indie Games!”

  1. You should add more guns, broken vehicles you can repair, more players, make the zombies move freely, let the players be able to run for a certain amount of time, let us be able to crouch, and make a map that shows other players add these and itll be a very fun game

  2. Add chests and make it so we can only have a certain amount of stuff we can carry, and put bags In so when we get them we can get more room In our inventory, but put different types of bags, make it so we walk slower if were carrying to much stuff, make it so the guns start to eventually break, try not to add so much supplies,add a sniper , possibly let us aim In, this Game is awesome its just missing some cool features but i Love it

    1. The lack of containers in game (Chests, closets, etc…) is basically what drove the current unlimited capacity inventory. Once they make it in I may start adjusting that down, at least on higher difficulties. Roadmap for updates beyond #1 is fuzzy since I wanted to respond to player feedback, but its something I want to do.

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