Local co-op on the same console is NOT supported!

Due to a mistake made when posting the build to the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace Deadburg currently shows support for offline co-op. This is NOT a supported feature.

We will be updating the game as soon as possible to fix this error in the description. That will probably go live around 1/6, based on how long it took to get initial approval.

37 thoughts on “Local co-op on the same console is NOT supported!”

    1. That’s why I bought this too. In fact I bought it today, and it’s a great, hope to see promising updates better than ApocZ.

    1. I would like to include it, it was previously in game but I had to remove it because the 360 couldn’t keep up with two players on a single console. I won’t say never, but at this point its not a high priority item.

  1. I bought this so I could play with my little brother. I know it’s only $1 but it said 1-3 local coop. Local means on the same console am I right? You should add the option to play with people on the same console in a future update.Good game though

    1. Hey Aaron,

      Sorry for the incorrect description on local co-op, I’ve tried to get the word out, but I can’t change the official description until my first patch (Which I can’t submit till later this week). A number of people have mentioned it as a desired feature so I’ll see what I can do. No promises at this point tho.

  2. NOOOOO wonder i couldnt find it!, The only reason i baught this game was 2 play it with my little brother ; (. though i would like 2 note in the drawers in the bedrooms drop WAYYYYYYY to much cloth 2 often. And if the Creater ever reads this message i would love to help out with the game however i can because i am really loveing it so far. The only if u would like to talk to me my email is chaos.dragon@sbcglobal.net ; ) (Ps: i am 17 just so u know)

    1. Sorry Chaos, easily the stupidest thing I’ve done and the most frustrating trying to remedy it.

      Right now the best thing you can do to help is send in blue screen crashes. Snap a photo if you see one and send a mail to support@reanimatedgames.com

      Beyond that I have another idea I’m kicking around that would involve the community, but that’s a bit of a ways off.

  3. The game is great but i have one problem the reason i bought the gane is so my little brother and me could play together he never realy wants to play with me i told him about the game he automatically wanted to play with me please release local coop

    1. Hey Tommy,

      Sorry about the mistake on the game description.

      Local co-op is something I’m looking into, but at the moment I can’t guarantee it will make it in or give an ETA.

      1. There may not be co-op but i give props to you for answering EVERYONES questions. It makes a good game developer!

    1. World size isn’t really an issue, it’s mostly generating terrain for two players at once and storing that terrain in memory.

      Likely what would happen is the local co-op players would be tethered to each other, so you could only be some distance away from one another. This way I can limit the amount of resources used as at least some significant % of the data would be shared between players. And local co-op would likely be an offline only affair, as I can free up some memory if I don’t allow online players too. So you could play local co-op, but not in the same game as players from Xbox LIVE.

      This is all from me thinking about this over the past few days, nothing is in stone.

      1. I would like to mention how I bought this game and that the whole split screen offline co-op option was the only reason I bought this game.
        I’ve read how it was once an earlier feature and I understand how the text could linger , but I want you to know there is tons of folks who never came looking for a message board to comment on. This is the 2nd $ I’ve wasted on indie games ! This and apocz both say multiplayer , this says co-op so I walked to the store and bought a xbox card . Personally sir I would like to let you know I’m very angry at you

  4. Look, you will get alot more people to play this game if you make it splitscreen co-op. I love the ideas you have for the game as it is and I got the game for the team play (for me and my brother). But, I believe there is a way to have a couch co-op. Even if you have to resort to “tethering” the players, that’s still something. I think you should input some sort of couch co-op, even if it is still in an alpha phase. So that way you can work on improving it later.

    Anyways, thank you for the game. I love playing it alone at night. I just wish that me and my brother could play together to share our fear. Lol

  5. P.S. I’ve notice the map kinda has a despawn feature, being tethered together wouldn’t be bad if both players stay in general area. Personally, as long as I would be able to go two-three houses down from the other player, I would be fine. :3 again thinks for making an awesone game.

  6. You guys are gonna be filthy rich. Love the game so far. Like everyone else we were dissapointed about the coop debacle, but we’ve settled in to taking turns by “day”. So, it’s all good!

  7. I’ve notice if you go to downtown area where the apartment buildings and hospital are the game sometimes crashes saying contact creator code 4 I just think there’s to many big buildings for it to it handle also I agree with everyone here co-op spilt screen would be a good idea to have even if just one other player

  8. I ain’t angry its game that’s 69p and a good game for the money but it does say what’s written on the the tin I understand that co-op online but people bought this thinking it was offline split screen but if you can’t do it you can’t do it. It’s your game do what need to with it and make it into a brilliant wee indie game

    1. Hey Martin,

      Sorry about the lack of co-op support. Its something I’ll be looking into once the first content patch is out the door. Should have an update in mid February.

      1. Is there going to be a fix to the local co-op gaming? It’s May now. I bought it for the same reason as the others.

        1. It’s a bit too early to say (Which I know is kind of crazy given that it is May). The next big patch is mostly about optimizing networking and memory usage. Depending on how much I can free up on the memory side of things will likely dictate if split screen is viable.

    1. No splitscreen, probably not going to happen at this point. Just don’t think I could get it working well enough on the 360.

  9. Can I get a refund??? Feeling a little scammed right now, I only bought because of the couch Co-op……. If they would make it Co-op that would be great….

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have any way to grant refunds on my end. You can try with Xbox Support but I don’t know if they will/won’t.

  10. Cann you add splitscreen its the only reason i did buy this game but otherwise its a great game. So please add splitscreen!

  11. Hi, It’s kinda been a whole year and then some since the last response. I would like to know if there’s any update in the split screen it’s an amazing game that I have binged many hours on. I just wanna sit with my cousin and drink soda and play for hours. So please lemme know with a response. Please and thank you

    1. Hi Aidan,

      Local co-op will not be coming to the 360 version. As of last September updates can no longer be submitted for XBLIG titles. So the 360 version will be unchanged from it’s current setup.

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