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Just wanted to give everyone an update on the first patch (1.0.1).  It was submitted to review on the 2nd, but we’re still a few reviews short of it going live.  I had indicated in some comments I expected it to go live this week, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case.  In case you don’t know what the review process is, I’ll quickly outline it.

The Xbox Indie store is gated by a peer review process.  Where devs review each others work, to ensure that only games reaching a certain level of quality reach the store.  In this case quality is generally referring to how the game behaves, rather than its content.  In order to get a game onto the service you must submit it for review, and then a certain number of developers must review it.  This process can be slow as the current number of developers is rather low.  Patches also go through this process, and it is here that the first patch is current hung up.

I’ll post again when the patch is live, and give more details on what it fixes.  And a rough road map for the upcoming patches.

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  1. Really big fan of Deadburg & have recommended it to many people. But recently I had to stop playing the game because I would all my saves would end up getting corrupted and the game would crash (Blue Crash Screen & Code 4 Screen). Hearing the new update is now under review is awesome but I do have a few questions, which would really help me and a few others dealing with the same issues.

    Will the new update patch fix the joining game problems?

    Will we be able to continue our already saved data(worlds) with the update coming out & will we no longer see the error screens & constant crashes?

    Will this upcoming update contain the things that are mentioned in the “Coming Soon” tab from the main menu?

    Now things I have a question for that I have not seen around:

    Will we see a future update in which it increases the number of people allowed in 1 game?

    Will we see some special infected or any other different zombie model apart from the one already in game?

    Will there be an update on the controls for an option to go into 3rd person view & perhaps a crouch button?

    Really hope I can hear back from you soon & get some awesome answers to these questions I have in mind at the time, thank you! 🙂

    1. The update should fix joining games when they are in the lobby, that would previously crash. And it should improve network stability when players are joining/leaving/being kicked.

      Unfortunately if worlds are not loading currently they will likely continue to fail to load with the new patch. However you should get a blue screen when this happens, instead of a Code 4. This should provide some more insight into what is happening and allow me to fix the problem in the next stability patch.

      The new patch is stability fixes only, there is no new content.

      I do want to get more players in game, right now its a memory issue that needs further optimization. I don’t have a specific date for when this work will be done tho.

      More zombies will be coming, but they take a fair amount of time as I need to get art done for them. So it probably won’t be happening “soon”.

      Right now there aren’t any specific plans to change controls. I’ve had a couple requests for both crouch and a 3rd person mode, so its on my list of player requests. At this point it’ll basically be working down the list in terms of what features are most desired and their implementation costs. If you haven’t gone to the ideascale page for Deadburg you can find it here, It’s not the only place I’m keeping track of, but it does make it easy for me to see what features people want.

      1. Really appreciate the response & thank you for all the answers, I hope everything you’ve got planned for this soon comes into play. Also, I didn’t know about the Ideascale page, will be sure to tell people to check it out, thanks! 🙂

      2. You should really get a Third Person View in. That would really bump this game above the other Indie titles, even more so. This game is already a great First Person game, imagine if it was both Third and First Person game.

        Besides being beneficial for gameplay and aesthetic reasons, I also believe it would draw in even more interested players.

        Be sure to vote up my idea for the Third Person View!

    2. The reason your games crash after a while is probably because when the player reaches level 19 the game has a glitch where the exp goes over 2000 even though the player does not level up and any exp gained after this happens causes the game I crash

  2. The blue screen that I am constantly geting is when you get to level 19 it bugs and says 2500/2000 and if you get any more exp it crashes this should be fixed within the next update as it seriously hinders the players ability to keep playing the same world as it is relatively easy to get to level 20 wven when trying not to

      1. No problem, as long as the crash is in the live build you are perfectly within your rights to complain to me in whatever fashion you desire.

        1. There’s also a small bug that zombies jump through closed doors if there is an object in front of them like a bed for instance same when you destroy a bed you can’t put it back down

    1. Unfortunately its somewhat out of my hands. I need other devs to review it, so the best I can do is test their game so they’ll test mine (Which I have done). But there aren’t many games for review at the moment, so its very slow.

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