Hitting a crash and want to help fix it?

First off, no one is under any obligation to assist in solving crashes.  It’s our job to release a stable game.  But assistance can help us solve problems faster.

There are three basic types of crashes that you should see:

  1. A “Blue screen”, with text on it, like this
  2. A “Code 4” error that your Xbox will pop up
  3. A hang/stall of the game, this may occur even if the graphics are still animating in/out.

For any of these issues the most important information is some idea of what you were doing when it happened.  Whether that’s joining a game, or performing an action.  The more detail the better.

The next important piece is whether this happens consistently, or if it has happened once/twice/etc.

Finally, in the case of a “blue screen” crash, there is some data on the screen itself that can help us track down the cause of the crash.  The best thing you can do is snap a picture with a cell phone and e-mail it to support@reanimatedgames.com.  But even if you can’t do that it can be helpful just to know about a few lines from the text on this screen.  Essentially we need the second line from the crash screen, and then the first two lines that start with “at ZombieBlocks.”, these lines may be at the top or in the middle of the crash log.  I’ve highlighted the important part of the log on this image.  This data will make it much easier to track down the cause of crashes.

If you hit a hang, or a Code 4 crash there is not currently any further information that can be provided beyond a description of the problem and how often it happens.  But please do report any issues you see as we might be able to diagnose the problem simply on the description.

34 thoughts on “Hitting a crash and want to help fix it?”

  1. Great game I have to say first now here’s a list of things I get code 4 error from:

    1.) when a 3rd person joins the game

    2.) when crafting heavy sludge hammer

    3.) when looting houses
    (happens about every 3-4 hours)

    4.) when I sometimes open up my inventory it crashes

    My suggestion is to probably fix the error when a 3rd person joins the game I can live with the other two 😀

  2. This isn’t really the time but I was hoping for some sort of vehicle to be added to the game. I’ve been playing it all day and I really like it but there needs to be some sort b of goal. At the moment it’s b just leveling up I guess. But I also had a blue screen with codes on it. Anyways I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys do with this game! Thanks for making it in the first place and good luck!

    1. Vehicles are a wish list item for me, but not supported in the current code. They may make it in at some point, but it will likely be down the road a ways.

      I’m sort of a goal oriented person myself, but pre-release testing had people pushing for more of a sandbox style. I may add goal related game modes in the future if I find the right idea.

      1. I’d say do it freemium app style and just have three goals (get 30 head shots with police pistol kill 5 zombies in one hit via heavy handed perk) and then after you complete a goal it gets replaced with another and you earn excperience and maybe idk random items like food or whatever. Then harder ones give you guns just my take on goals that still let it be a sandbox game.

  3. Code 4 Error happens when I die and choose to rebirth

    (Also this is not a crash however when I join a game with 3 people all dressers near beds are guaranteed to have a pistol and 15 bullets)

  4. Um…. when a Zombie climbs up something and that something is air or sometimes a block it leaves behind a Green Piller

    1. This is basically the zombies building “zombie” blocks for when they are aggro’d to you, but you’re above their location. The idea is to prevent people from terrain glitching the zombies. So they build these towers of blocks so they can then climb them up to your location.

  5. Um I am going to send a email but when you open the coming soon window and back out of it and then you open it again it crashes the game

    1. Reinstalling likely won’t help. There is a bug with some saved games (Usually ones with lots of time invested). I’m still working on it but hopefully I’ll have it fixed for the next patch.

      You should be able to create a new city for now.

  6. I keep getting the code 4 when I load halfway into a save Pls fix this soon this game is great and want to play more. Reminds me of a game called 7 days to die

    1. It sounds like you’re hitting an issue with worlds that have been played in a significant amount. I don’t have a repro on my end so I can’t tell exactly what is going on. The next patch has some added error handling that should at least provide a better error than “Code 4” when this happens.

      At this point the only thing you can do is start a new city I believe.

    1. This is one of the crashes that will be fixed in the first stability patch. Should be out next week sometime.

  7. I played for a long time last night build a huge house did a ton of stuff. Came back on this morning an its like I did nothing. Anyway to fix this??. It’s not the first time its happened either just this was a big one. Hope there is a way to fix this .

    1. Hey Greg,

      This is the 2nd report of this type of issue. I haven’t been able to repro it on my end but I’ll continue to look into it.

  8. Thanks man. Just sucks because going back into it this morning an everything was gone an when I left it saves , so it prob saved over everything I did last night.

  9. I hit my blue screen crash as soon as I’m about to level up from 19 to 20. I used to get it every now and then or my friends would when they were in my games from looting houses but not so often anymore… Also every time it get on half of my well stocked supplies just disappear and bullets -__- what’s up with that

    1. The leveling up bug is fixed in the next patch, should be out this week sometime. The supply bug (Any stacks over 255 would bug out) is fixed in that as well.

  10. Not a crash but twice now I’ve saved and left the game inside a building one time a warehouse and another time a hospital and when I started up my game I was on the roof not sure if your aware of this bug but I’m just putting it out there has this happened to anyone else?

  11. Hey there reanimated I gotta say I love your game Deadburg I wasn’t expecting such a great time killer for just 1$. I just wanted to report a loophole I found with the Artisan and Mechanic perks, I found that when you max out both 10/10 or overlevel yourself through both (for some reason I can do that) you can craft assault rifles (Occassionaly craft 2 for 1) disassemble them to get 100% parts back + from the extra one crafted to get 200% parts only to be continued crafting then disassembling in an endless supply of weapon parts and exp. Not sure if this was intentional or an issue but I thought I might address this. This game has a lot of potential for an Indie game, thanks.

  12. My game keeps crashing when I shoot a zombie . If i don’t kill any it’ll run but when I shoot one the blue seen comes on every time. Very annoyed.

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