Patch 1.0.1 has passed review! (Stability fixes only)

I got the final reviews needed tonight.  The patch has now passed review.  It can take 24-48hrs for it to propagate through the Xbox LIVE servers, so you may not see it immediately.

Note this patch is a bit smaller than most will be, as it was coded up at the tail end of the holiday.  Here’s what was fixed in this patch.

Stability Patch 1 Change Log:

  1.  Fixed issue where player will crash if selecting Ready while in a game lobby.
  2. Fixed issue where kicking a player can cause the network session to crash.
  3. Fixed issue where game would crash upon player hitting lvl 20.
  4. Fixed issue where player could no longer jump when at bedrock.
  5. Fixed issue where player would loose items if in stacks over 255 (This will not work for your initial load, but should work subsequently).
  6. Fixed issue with bandages that would occasionally behave like med kits.
  7. Fixed issue where game would occasionally crash when a player left.
  8. Fixed issue where game would crash if “Coming Soon” menu was opened twice.
  9. Fixed issue where game would Code 4 instead of blue screen if crashing during load.
  10. Fixed issue where stats and attributes could be set higher than their 10 lvl max.
  11. Fixed issue where game could crash when saving stats.
  12. Fixed issue where some crafted weapons/guns would get extra stats.
  13. Fixed issue where some crafted guns could crash the game when fired.

20 thoughts on “Patch 1.0.1 has passed review! (Stability fixes only)”

  1. Yes! A reason to hop back on my 360 lol!

    Have you tried contacting MS about dev kits for the Xbox One? Sorry if this was asked somewhere else but I thought I’d ask quickly while it was in my mind. This one I think would be a definite choice as it runs smoothly on 360, and Xbox One would just give more options I’d imagine.

    1. Not yet. It’s something I’m going to do, but I’d like to bolster my case before I do so. My understanding is basically that you apply, then you are judged as to whether you’re up to snuff, so to speak. If they decide you aren’t good enough I’m not sure that you can really re-apply.

      So basically what I’m planning on doing.
      1. Support Deadburg on 360, adding features, fixing bugs. Basically making it a solid release.
      2. Get a PC build working and put it on Greenlight.
      3. Hopefully get green lit.
      4. Apply to ID@Xbox. By this time I should have a large number of sales on 360. Some additional support via a successful Greenlight campaign, and a “high def” version of the game to show off. I think this is my best case for getting a dev kit.

      1. Hey, please just dont go console exclusive with the xbox! I would love to see this on the ps4 indie section some day. Anyways, hope the developings going great, ill test the patch and let you know

        1. PS4 is definitely something I want to do as well. No exclusivity planned at this point. But I am a new developer so there may be some de facto exclusivity if I’m rejected on one of the platforms. The plan is PC+XB1+PS4 at this point.

      1. No terrain generation fixes in patch 1.0.1

        I’ve got it on my list for 1.0.2 but its a non-trivial bug, so I can’t guarantee it will make it in.

  2. Yo, love the game so far! I figured it’d be some buggy Minecraft clone, but it has some serious personality. Me and my buddy were planning on doing a Let’s Play, to give it some exposure.

  3. can you ( in later versions) put something like a creative mode in the game to where you can put buildings, zombie spawners guns metal scrap stuff like that guns ammo etc. etc. and by zombie spawners i well pretty obvious but could you make to where you choose where the zombies spawn and yeah you get the idea

    1. oh and before i forget dead burg is one of the most best made indie zombie games ever . oh and will you be improving the graphics later on. sorry about all the questions im just really curious at what your plans are for this game.

      1. No planned changes to graphics at this point. Mostly due to performance concerns. But if there is something specific requested by players I’ll take a look.

    2. Creative mode is one of the things that was on my list, but so far relatively few requests for it. I’m not opposed to it, but it seems like most of the requests are around more survival stuff, so it would be coming in later on down the road.

  4. alright sweet. and do you have a plan or not a plan but a way to make this game into a 1GB indie game or do you have a limit

    1. Off hand I believe the limit for a $1 game is 150MB. But I’m pretty far from that level at this point so I don’t see it being an issue.

  5. you can’t say deadburg is better then apocz only bug fixes came out for it and its been about 5 months since the last one

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