Patch 1.0.2 submitted to review!

Hello Folks,

Just wanted to let you know that the latest patch (1.0.2) was submitted for review tonight.  I decided to tell you now, rather than wait until it’s actually available.  I’ll post an update when it passes review so you know when you should see the update.

Review Update: 8 of the 8 required reviews are in, it’s on the way!

Patch notes included below.


Patch 1.0.2 Change List:

  1. Fixed issue where changing key bindings in game could cause a crash.
  2. Fixed issue where large damage over time effects could cause a crash.
  3. Changed damage over time ticks to be slower and deal more damage per tick.
  4. Fixed issue where deleting the last city in your resume game list could cause a crash.
  5. Fixed issue where secondary attack could cause a crash if weapon breaks during swing.
  6. Fixed issue where terrain saves could become corrupted.
  7. Fixed issue causing auto saves to not work if console is turned off or game crashes
  8. Changed network search to only look for games of matching version.
  9. Reduced food drops from kitchens.
  10. Adjusted zombie noise volume.
  11. Adjusted third person muzzle flash location for all guns.
  12. Fixed issue where dropped items/blocks could cause a crash on loading game.
  13. Fixed issue where Night Owl was not affecting ranged damage.
  14. Fixed North and South street names so they match sunrise/sunset.
  15. Beds can now be moved, will drop block instead of components when broken.


  1. Added apocalypse terrain modifier.  Note: Enabling will increase load times.
  2. Added new upgraded guns.
  3. Zombies will now respond to gun fire.
  4. Added basic compass + player radar.

Known Issues:

  1. Apocalypse terrain modifier can result in spawns inside pits.
  2. Apocalypse terrain modifier can result in zombies falling to their deaths.

57 thoughts on “Patch 1.0.2 submitted to review!”

  1. that was quick the last update didn’t come out what 2 weeks ago
    but awesome news that it’s in review you’re moving pretty quick with these

    1. Hard to say, right now I’ve got 1 of the 8 required reviews I need. Hopefully I’ll pick up more this weekend when people have time.

  2. You should be able to get cars and helicopters and stuff like that maybe some different defenses for example sandbags with barbwire so if a zombie climbs over it, it will take damage. This would make the much more in detail

    1. Vehicles aren’t currently supported by the physics system. Not to say they’ll never be added, but I don’t currently have immediate plans to.

  3. Hey I was just wondering if you guys were ever going to include vehicles in any patch coming up. That would be awesome.

    1. Right now I don’t have anything else to announce for that patch. There will likely be some crash fixes and bug fixes. Not sure if any other features will come in.

  4. If you decide to add more features, my suggestion would be to focus on giving us more options to control the experience. Enemy health modifiers, resource spawn rates. Stuff like that.

    1. Yea, this is one of the things I want to add. I’m not exactly sure when it will make it in, but I would guess within the next 2 or 3 patches.

    1. Hard to say, I still need 4 peer reviews. And a number of the other games in review are from devs who don’t test other people’s games. I’m guessing we’re probably 5 days out at least.

  5. wondering if you have any thoughts about more traps. Or maybe to turn the spikes sideways for a fence or spear. Reuse tool shelves would be cool too. Cant wait to see the new update.

    1. No specific plans to comment on at this time. But I agree with the premise that there needs to be more you can do to a building to “convert” it into your own. You’ll probably see it come in over time as more aspects get enabled (Chests, fortifying blocks, additional defenses, etc.)

  6. Where can i find the review progress on 1. 0. 2?? Me and friends are verry excited! I like to keep them updated on this stuff!

    1. Still at 4/8, and unfortunately you can’t track it unless you’re in this program. I’ll post updates on the review count as they come in.

  7. I would love to know why I keep getting code 4 it happens to me and all my friends mostly when we hit lvl 20 or day 30 also in the future will you have it so zombies respawn ive killed soo many at my base and it gets boring fast without them respawning

    1. Unfortunately Code4s don’t give me much to go on. Do these happen at load, or when you’re playing?

      Zombie respawning isn’t in the cards at the moment. The issue being how do I know if a zombie is in your base, or just around it. And what do you define as your base. It’s easy for people to understand it, the computer really has problems with those more vague statements. The zombie defense mode might scratch this itch when it makes it in.

      1. @Reanimated I don’t know how the engine works, but couldn’t it be so that zeds just don’t spawn in a specific radius around your last used bed? Something like 30 or 50 feet horizontal and vertical. Perhaps we could chain 3 or so beds together to create a mini fortress? The balance would be that resources couldn’t spawn here either. An on screen notification, or countdown timer could inform players that it best to head back “home.”

        This seems like a good solution to me, but I have no idea if the engine could support it. Just my thoughts.

        1. I could disable spawns near your respawn point easily enough. Right now that is only done on your initial spawn. Presumably I could do it whenever you use a bed. Although this could be used to clear areas. And unfortunately it would be a one-way operation. So once the zombies are removed they wouldn’t come back.

          I can’t really remove resources quite as easily. As most resources are just a block in the world until you modify them by using/breaking.

          It’s something I’ll consider after I get the defense mode out and get feedback on that.

  8. Hey, probably a slow question but how do I run in this game? I see where you can upgrade running but I can’t figure it out.

    1. Running in the skill is just your base move speed. Reworded it in 1.0.2 to be less confusing. In the past running sapped your energy, but I yanked that mechanic.

  9. im not sure what the engine is capable but in later updates of course could you make it to where you can make a community by finding survivors and making walls etc etc cause that would be fun

  10. So what exactly will the defense game mode look like? From the posts I’ve read around here, it sounds like it only modifies the zed A.I to swarm the player at night. If this is the case, won’t players just clear streets during the day, thus making the game mode pointless? Will zeds from anywhere in the world attack? Are they spawned randomly? I’m finding it hard to picture how this game mode will work given the little details I’ve read thus far. Meh, i’m probably missing something obvious.

    1. The zombies for defense are waves spawned near each player in game. They’re pretty far off, so you won’t be spawned on top of, but they’re close enough that they should get to you relatively quickly. The world zombies are unaffected except that they might get pulled into the horde if the wave comes in contact with them.

      1. Ok, cool. I was worried that after a few nights the streets would start to get barren. Thanks for the response!

  11. NICEEEE………………………………..…………………………………..…………………………………..…………………………………..…………………………………..…

  12. I’ve told most of my friends about this game, and I’m trying so hard to spread the word! This game is great and seems like it will only get better. Can’t wait to see the new update!

    1. Kinda a funny fact: I spent more time playing Deadburg during the Halo 5 beta… and this is coming from a 10 year fan of that franchise. There’s just something so uniquely addicting about this game. It can be played in binge session, or for just a few minutes at a time. This kinda makes me think that a mobile version sometime down the road could be fun. However, if the game is already pushing the 360, I don’t see how that could be possible.

      Needless to say, I’ve been pushing friends to pick this one up as well. It’s rare to see a competent game on the indie market place. Deadburg definitely deserves any and all success it has.

      1. Ironically most current generation phones probably exceed the capabilities of the xbox 360, at least as far as the heavy hitters which is CPU/RAM. The game initially was actually targeted for mobile, but I decided the controls weren’t good enough for my first game release so I moved it to 360. First priority is a PC version, then I would very much like a mobile version that ran on the same code (So it would allow mobile and PC play together).

    1. if your going to make a base mode or make it to where you can actualy build a base and community etc etc i think you should put a turret and minigun in you know for defense

      1. I had an idea to allow a type of turret, but a fair amount of work still to do on it. If the defense mode is something people like it will probably get pushed up the priority list.

    1. At this point I do not. I’d prefer to support the game on sales alone. But if that isn’t enough to support further development then I could see some kind of donation system cropping up.

  13. Do you have any plans to offer different “grades” for the apocalypse mode? The group I played with last night seemed to agree that it was an awesome change of pace, but a little too over done. We thought that “strong, medium, weak” options would be great.

    1. Yea, this came up during 1.0.2 internal testing, but we were in catching crashes mode at the time. I’m hoping to add a bunch of game settings into 1.1 that you can play around with to tailor your experience.

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