Patch 1.0.2 has passed review!

1.0.2 has passed review and should be on its way to you now.  It can take 24-48 hours for the update to propagate the LIVE system, so you may not see it immediately.  Hopefully it shows up for most people before the weekend is over.

43 thoughts on “Patch 1.0.2 has passed review!”

    1. Right now flashlights aren’t supported by the lighting system. Its not impossible, but it would be a large work item, so it won’t be in the next update. I do agree it would make the gameplay at night a lot better.

  1. I love this update. Actually struggle to find food and drink now, especially in apocalypse mode… that as well. Actually harder to avoid being spotted by zombies at night because of big gaping holes. Been jumped a few times.

    1. Yea, I think it gives the city a lot more character. The first time I found myself having to double back because a street just ended in a huge hole really sold me on the fact that it would add another level to the game.

    1. Rough estimate is it would be out around the 17th of Feb, based on how long the first two patches have taken. It’s not done yet, so I can’t say for sure, and of course the peer review system can affect this date.

    1. Maybe on the wandering, want to shore up networking first. Red dots right now are a maybe, would depend on ADS being added.

    1. Loving the new updated weapons. Maybe you could do some melee ones next. Like “baseball bat + bolts = spiked bat” or “hockey stick + brass bar = reaper scythe”. Or just new melee weapons all together like a sword or something like that.

      I’m not much of a melee user, but I know a lot of people prefer melee to guns. Which reminds me… my favorite guns before the update were the shotguns, but they were the only guns in the update that didn’t get upgraded. Maybe an semi-auto shotgun upgrade, 12 round clip with 3 round burst fire. Or a slug shotgun, adds knock back to the shots.

      Just a few ideas. I’ve already download this game 3 times, from 3 different accounts to 3 different consoles. Its worth every penny. Keep up the good work.

      1. Yea, I actually wanted to add modded melee weapons but I blew through my art budget before I got there. I actually have a version of the base sledgehammer as a proof of concept. I can almost guarantee you’ll see modded melee weapons coming at some point. It may take some time however, as I need to contract out the art.

        Ammo variations would be interesting for the shotgun. I’ll have to look into what I can find art wise for them. I’ve seen some interesting things people put on their guns, but generally they seem aesthetic primarily. Although some of the hanging mags they use in competitions could be interesting.

    2. More interesting city generation is my #1 priority after crashes and getting the defense mode out. I have some plans for this, but nothing to announce atm.

    1. First I want to fix up the networking issues in the current game. Then I need to free up a bit of memory to allow more players in. Probably not in the next patch (1.1) but ideally in the patch after.

  2. Dear mr deadburg creator, I would love if you would add split screen multiplayer co op local if you need to lessen the terrain generation or anything that’d be fine by me please do my brother really wants to play it with me

    1. I will be looking heavily into whether this is possible once I get 1.1 out the door. Hope to have an update by end of February.

  3. keep up the good work oh and could you make it to where you can smash crates with a baseball bat its annoying if i dont have enough materials for a crowbar etc

    1. I still want there to be some progression, but depending on where you are it can be rather difficult to find the tools. I may make some adjustments in this area.

    1. The defense mode is not included in this update. Currently planning for it being in the next (1.1). The new terrain modifier is only available on new games, under the Terrain option.

  4. Hello, once again i love the new update. I was wondering if your going to have more map generator settings, kinda like the apocalypse modifyer. It would be interesting to see what we can generate, like adding more zombies or if items respond or something. That would also be cool, but anyway keep up the good work-okuu

    1. I’d like to provide more settings for players to mess with. I don’t know how many other terrain modifiers might be added.

  5. I downloaded the update but didnt have a chance to play yet. I was sad I thought the defense mode was included but owell, More time to fortify my base lol!!!

  6. Do you think you can easy up on the zombies? There’s to much on the streets, its like apoc z. But better. I love the game but there is just alot of zombies.

    1. I could see dropping the zombie count when new zombies or better AI is implemented. The next few patches will probably have about the same number however.

      1. I agree, the zombie number is quite high, but i think its needed atm because the zombies are static till engaged. I havent played the update yet, did you get it in that zombies respond to gun fire? Aswell im an artist and have done graphic design for a long time as well as textures, concept art, and some small animations for my own games, nothing AAA, but you get the point. I saw you ran out of money at the moment for art, and i have a full time job outside of games, i just really like yours and would love to help, if you let me know what assets you want ill see what i can do

        1. Zombies do respond to gun fire in the 1.0.2 update. Not from huge distances, but enough to make using guns more risky.

          Ping me at regarding doing art for the game. TBH I’d rather pay for the art in some fashion as I know how much work it can be. But I also want to get the community involved more, just not sure exactly how at the moment.

  7. I know its an indie game, but is there any way in which zombies can move without you being in a close proximity to them? Give it more of a DayZ feel?

  8. I still think it be awesome if u slowed down the day and night time setting it’s to fast on my game I only played for 2 hrs and I’m already on day 40 and zombies have 800% health and 800% damage it’s litarly impossibly to make ur way anywhere unless u have a gum with lots of ammo

    1. Changing the day duration is one of the new options in 1.1. I should be making a post about it here in a day or two once I post the update for review.

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