Patch 1.1 Patch Notes + Update!

Hello Folks,

Update – Things seem to be back to normal in the store.  I’ve posted Patch 1.1 into review!

Current review progress: 100%  (3/29)

Finished up 1.1 tonight.  I’ve included the patch notes below.  Unfortunately the Xbox Indie service seems to be having issues with recently posted games no longer being downloadable.  I’ve seen it happen to one full game, and it looks like it may have also happened to a game receiving an update.  While this issue is present I will be unable to release the Deadburg patch.  So far no word back from Microsoft on this issue, I’ll let you know when I have an update.  Sorry for the delay.

Patch 1.1 Change List:

  1. Fixed issue where strength durability bonus could make weapons invulnerable.
  2. Fixed issue where street lights would not emit light when moved.
  3. Fixed issue where clock would incorrectly show 12AM at noon, and 12PM at midnight.
  4. Fixed issue where broken doors and refrigerators would spawn back their missing half when actioned.
  5. Adjusted terrain generation to improve performance.
  6. Fixed issue where zombies might spawn in mid air on apocalypse maps.
  7. Fixed issue where zombies would occasionally be frozen in incorrect animation. (Or not…)
  8. Fixed issue where game would occasionally crash when drawing zombies.
  9. Fixed issue where lights were generated in the middle of hospital stairways.
  10. Fixed issue where zombies could occasionally become unresponsive (This may still occur due to other bugs)
  11. Fixed issue where flowers would remain after their flower boxes were destroyed.
  12. Fixed issue where zombies would occasionally get stuck trying to jump over a block.
  13. Fixed issue which could cause an out of memory crash in multiplayer games.
  14. Adjusted auto-save to run every 5 min instead of every 60s to help address stuttering in game. (Will probably make this a setting in a future patch)
  15. Fixed issue where player could become stuck during initial game load.
  16. Added network throttling to games to try to recover from significant desync conditions.

Big Features:

  • Defense game mode added. Currently in “beta” as there’s still some work here.
  • Advanced settings added to games.  More settings to come in future patches.

Known Issues:

  • Zombie attack waves arrival/departure is not animated.
  • Defense mode may not be playable/responsive on all network connections.

28 thoughts on “Patch 1.1 Patch Notes + Update!”

  1. I’ve read some things about how micro(soft)penis treat indie developers. Been bad since start of new year with being unable to try trials for indie games or downloading a full indie game, but the download progress staying at 0%.

    1. Yea, they’re a mixed bag.

      On the one hand they provided a level of access no other console does to developers like me who don’t have previous experience. But their support of the indie store has been rather poor as of late. Granted it’s not a big money maker for them, but it seems like they could allocate more resources for it than they do currently.

  2. How much longer will it take?.. I really want to play but I won’t until I have the update :/ Could it be a matter of time or weeks or more?.. It’s just really annoying…

      1. Oh…Damn, that is way much longer than I thought…I actually had nothing else to do so I was hoping it would’ve been before Monday, but I guess not 🙁 Anyway, Thank-You for telling me.

    1. Probably not, depending on what exactly you’re referring to when you say lag.

      The new network throttling settings should keep players better in sync (So what you see your friends doing is actually what they’re doing at the time). It won’t really affect lag when breaking blocks/aggroing zombies. However if you have a very good internet connection it will allow you to run the game at a slightly higher network framerate, which could help make things feel more responsive.

  3. So are the settings just the defense thing and apocalypse stuff or is there options for rarity of loot, amount of destruction caused in apocalypse, etc.? I know you said more to come so i wouldn’t expect all that stuff if its planned.

    1. The first two “Advanced” settings that made the cut are day duration and zombie scaling factor.

      1. Ooo cant wait to be able to set day duration tharll be interesting. Keep up the good work i enjoy playing this game a lot and hope for many more good things to be added 🙂

  4. I’ve only played multi-player once and ever since 1.02 came out its freezing mostly every 12 seconds that’s why I don’t play deadburg much.

  5. I wish that in the next update comes some storage blocks (when you die with a shotgun and you are far at your spawn location… better store it in a storage block) , Animals (like dogs) , seeds (to get potatos , aples etc) ,more weapons , and 3rd person view option. Hope that we gonna get the storage block in the next update

    1. Given my experience with 1.1 I think the next patch will probably be a stability patch, aimed at improving network performance (Mostly reducing bandwidth requirements) as well as reducing memory consumption (To make room for more content in future patches). Once 1.1 makes it through review I’ll probably do a series of posts on what my plans are.

  6. Reanimated, Did you create Deadburg on your own? If it’s the case, I just want to let you know that I have Infinite respect for you and you are really Extremelly Good at what you are doing and please do not stop or give up because I Really, Really enjoy your game and will definitely never stop playing it 😀 And I also rated it 5 stars if it can help 🙂 But, this game is seriously THE Best Indie game I’ve ever played. Just…Thank you so much for making it and updating it when you can, I know nothing about coding or how to create a game, because I am only 16 yrs and I still have to finish school this year, but after I am done with it, I will quit and I am planning on learning more about creating a game and I thank you because you are inspiring me since I will have to create one by myself. Anyway, Thank-you Reanimated for reading this and Thank-you again for making this Masterpiece of a game. 😀 Sincerely, Brandon Malette.

    1. I did the coding and “design” such that it is. Most of the in game art was done by a separate artist, with some of the icons being licensed works. Also had a lot of help testing the game.

      1. I see. :p Still, for an Indie game it is really impressive. Can’t wait for the update 😀 Definitely my favorite game! 🙂

  7. Hey Reanim, I have a question to ask to you. Why do you always have to do a review everytime you update Deadburg? I mean, what is it’s purpose? Do you have to do it everytime? Why? Sorry, Just curious is all. I never heard of having the game or update “reviewed” before.

    1. So the Xbox Live Indie Game store that Deadburg was released in uses a peer review process. This must be done whenever a developer release a new game or updates an existing game. The peer review process requires other developers to play/test the game. Mostly they’re looking for compliance with the rules set forth by Microsoft. So every time I release a Deadburg update I need to put it through the review process. Unfortunately the number of active developers is rather low, so it can take quite some time to get through. My average seems to be about 10 days.

  8. I am sorry to bother you on this fine day good Sir, but my curiosity has the best of me. My mustache and I have a small ‘plateau’ of questions to ask to you if you may agree. I, wish only to demand you simple little tiny weenie questions that has no importance anyhow, but to me, valuable. So here it goes:

    1:How much time does it take for you, Sir Reanimated, if I may call, to update the game after you Sir just released one? If I may ask.
    2:Do you?, my fine Sir, feel proud of yourself for you made this game?
    3:Do I?, A good, fine and caring gentlemen, Annoy you with these unnescessary questions? If I may ask.
    4:Do you? Sir, plan on making us still more updates on Deadburg in the future? How much approximatively? If I may, off-course, ask.
    5:What are the current features do you wish to add to Deadburg on future updates? If I may ask, Fine Sir.
    Thank-you, Sir Reanimated, for you have read all of my unnescessary questions and, hopefully, answer them, if you may wish to.
    -Sir, Melon-hat, The Fabulous Master Of Mustaches.

    1. 1. So the minimum amount of time between patches is ~17 days. I can only submit a new patch 7 days after the last patch has passed review and gone live. Then it is taking on average 10 days beyond that to pass review. That said depending on the size it can take longer. The first two patches pretty much went out as soon as I was able to post. 1.1 took more dev time, so it was a longer process.

      2. I would say yes, but a qualified yes. The game still isn’t at the level I was envisioning when I started the project.

      3. Nope, I don’t mind. I just might not always respond right away depending on what else I have on my plate at the moment.

      4. I do plan on making more updates, I’m not sure how many tho. It will be dependent on what I am able to add to the game and how many people are still playing/buying it.

      5. At this point I’m too early into the next features to talk about the big stuff.

  9. A million Thanks to you Great Fine Sir for sacrifying your own precious time to have answered to my 5 pointless questions, I am really but indeed, extremely thankfull of you. Now, if I may, I do want to answer to the fine answers you, Good Sir, gave to me, Melon-hat. So here I go:
    1:It is, indeed, quite a long wait, but these updates that you, Sir, release, especially the patches to fix the bugs and crashes, are quite vital, and I understand that what counts the most is the patches to fix these annoying little glitches first, and then, the updates for new amazing contents that you give us. It does take time, but, please, My Good Sir, you are Good at what you are doing, Deadburg is a unique game that is like no other. Nobody else thought or, made a game like this, you, Sir Reanimated, did an amazing creation and shouldn’t give up on such a fine work.
    2: It is normal, Sir Reanimated, Deadburg is still young, it needs time to grow and, eventually, become what you dreamt. Remember that you are quite the only person working on it, it is normal to take some time, and Deadburg has a fine future ahead of it if you may take the time to perfect it. But it is at your will, Deadburg’s fate rest between your hands.
    3:I am sorry, if I wasted your time with these pointless questions Sir Reanimated, I just wished to know more about this Amazing game of yours, I hope you can pardon my curiosity.
    4: You shouldn’t worry My Good, Mighty Sir about people still buying/playing Deadburg, like I previously said, Deadburg is still young, but, as it grows older and older, (which means adding updates/patches), more and more people will buy it/play it, as it will be more fun and playable with new contents and patches, trust my words Good Sir, you will be the “King of the Indie Games” eventually.
    5: It is okay Sir, no hurry, no worries, I understand you have to think about the current situation, pardon me Good Sir.
    6: Sir, I just want you to know that I greatly enjoy your amazing work, and I, never will stop playing Deadburg, it is my most favorite game and I definitely support you and respect you for making this. I beg of you, please do not abandonn this game or give up, Deadburg may be a small “1$ game”, but to me it’s more than that, it is a fun and addictive little game that deserves way more attention than it currently has. Please Reanimated, I love your game and I wish to see more from it, I know you can do it, otherwise you wouldn’t have went this far, please, I beg, you absolutely have to finish what you have started, I do not want Deadburg to die. Sir, I just wish you the Best of all the good luck I can give to you. Thank-you Reanimated for reading this and Thank-you for creating Deadburg.

    Sincerely, Your friend Melon-hat. (Brandon Malette)

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