Patch 1.1 passed review!

The update has finally passed review.  It should be arriving on your consoles in 24-48hrs.  Please report any issues to

16 thoughts on “Patch 1.1 passed review!”

  1. I’ve been playing this game all day because of the epic 1.1 update. I found some bugs with the zombies and health not showing 100 of 100.

  2. I’ve noticed a glitch with the beds that wasn’t fixed in the update, or was it? Anyway, the glitch is that sometimes, the bed’s texture glitches-out and instead, the sides of the beds are glitched-out and doens’t show it’s original texture. So there’s that, but I have another glitch to report with beds, sometimes, you can find a half bed, it’s like a destroyed bed, just like the refrigerators/doors when they’re missing there half. So the bug is that when I took a bed with me to ‘update’ my location, I tried putting it down to save/update my spawn, but the bed was like divised in two, so when I tried to remove it, it actually gave me 2 beds (half), so I tried again but for the same result, so it was just like a “infinite beds glitch”, also, I was able to ‘use’ the beds but they were acting like 2 different beds even though it supposed to be 1. I was also only able to put down the half of a bed, not the whole, so I actually had to go scavenge for a whole bed. Anyway, thanks for reading this Reanimated and hopefully look into the matter.

    Oh, and Reanim, I was also wondering something very important that you could hopefully add into the next update.
    I was wondering if you could add a ‘Save’ option while In-game just like Minecraft, that way instead of auto-saving, I could save it myself at a specific moment.
    This would be very helpfull in some situations, for example if I was to get out at night while theres a party of zombies outside, it would be great if I could save just before I go out, so if I fail and die, I can just load back to where I was. Think about it Reanim. :p

    1. Nope, the bed issue wasn’t fixed in 1.1. It should be fixed in the next patch.

      Not sure on the save option. The auto-save is really there to try to limit the damage if your game crashes. I could add a manual save feature but it wouldn’t provide for reloading after death, as the game would simply respawn you. I could potentially see it would be useful is auto-save was completely removed, but the game isn’t stable enough for that at the moment.

  3. Me and friends have been playing this for a hour and it was super fun but noticed that there were couple of bugs and I want to share them with you.

    when the zombies were coming towards us they started to climb but immediately they fell back down and killed them selves.

    When one of my friends went out exploring the chunk he was standing on was there on his screen but fell to the bottom of the world and couldn’t get out.

    When I was exploring I noticed some zombies were lying down on the floor but still in the standing pose and was still able to attack me.

    When one of my friends went to looking for supplies he saw a zombies with a weird pixel texture.

    When zombie were trying to climb up to hit me I couldn’t hit them even though I hit them directly, I think the hit box is messed up.

    but besides that it was really fun and can’t wait to play more of it. I will update you of any bugs I find.

  4. Love the update. Bugs I’ve noticed are not being able to pick some items up when in another player’s game sometimes, or searching a cupboard for food but none dropping. Also zombies lying down which is kind of funny, and some weird swirly multi-coloured block in a wall.

    Just wondering if you could add seed information on the pause menu in a future patch? Would be helpful in using levels across the different modes.

    1. Hey Emily,

      Sorry about the issues. It looks like 1.1 introduced a few new crashes that I’ll have to fix. I’ll be releasing a stability patch to address these. If you can send me a pic of any blue screens you hit that would be helpful, you can send them to

  5. Reanimated, can you please remove the level-cap or at least add an option to activate/deactivate it? I really wish to level up until I am maxed-out on everything, please could you do that? It’s just kinda unfair that the zombies become more powerful each day and until they’re invincible and one-hit kills us but we have a limit, you see? please, I beg you, could you remove the player’s level-cap or add an option to deactivate it Reanim? That would be really nice of you and it would be way more fun, and fair : )
    And Reanimated? I am just curious and I really wish to know, will you ever add new melee-weapons or guns? especially sharp weapons like kitchen-knifes that could be found in…kitchens, meat-cleavers, katanas (swords), chainsaws and since there’s a simple axe as a weapon in-game, maybe you could add a fire axe? which would do great damage just like the heavy sledge-hammer.
    And as for guns, maybe a flametrower or rocket-launcher or new shotgun, or a stun-gun that could paralyse your target, or molotovs/grenades.
    Also, for blunt melee-weapons, maybe a metal pipe? or a nail-hammer would be good, maybe a guitar that we could use as a weapon? anyway, I hope some of theses ideas will interest you.
    And a manual save option would be great if you could : P
    And will you ever add a weather system? like rain or thunders? maybe snow-falls?
    Anyway, Thanks Reanimated.

    1. Level cap is something a lot of players want. I’m only worried in as much as PVP (Not an option currently) would be very weird with maxed out characters. I’d rather add a higher level but not let you cap out all skills.

      I plan to add more weapons, not sure how many atm.

      Manual save option makes sense, especially since I’m going to add a setting to disable the auto-save in the next patch. Not sure if it will be in the next patch, but it will be in soon.

  6. Hey reanimated I was wondering if you could add split screen soon because I would like to be able to play deadburg with my brother. I enjoy the game and can’t wait to see what else you add to it.
    Thank you reanimated

    1. Haven’t decided yet, it’s something I want to do but until I dig into it I won’t know the details.

  7. Me and my friends are trying to download game but microsoft hasnt fixed the indie game problem completely yet.

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