Patch 1.2.1 released!

Hey Folks,

Patch 1.2.1 should be on it’s way to you all today.  Note that it may take 24hrs for the update to propagate Xbox Live and be available for download.

Changes in 1.2.1:

  • Fix crash related to changing the player count of a private match.
  • Added confirm dialog to using the Sucide option in the pause menu
  • Added a compass icon pointing to your sleep/respawn location
  • Added colors to player compass icons so you can find specific players
  • Added new UI for dropping stacks of items (Will be used automatically if you’ve got a stack of more than 10 items/blocks)
  • Added ability to rotate blocks with the B button (Or what you’ve remaped auxiliary to) prior to placing them in the world.

39 thoughts on “Patch 1.2.1 released!”

  1. It says ‘The game your trying to play is missing or corrupt. Please delete or re-download the game.’ The game did work earlier.

        1. If you delete the game no, the saves are separate. Just don’t delete “DeadburgSaves” and you’ll be fine.

      1. my Xbox broke and the hard drive broke and I was wondering if there would be a way if you could email me a free download of the game because you know I had it before cuz I sent you a bug list I need to get the game back to find more bugs on this new update

  2. What is the next major content update looking like? Anything we can expect as of now? How often will you be updating now?

  3. I really enjoy deadburg and would play it every day if there was more to it. This new update made it easier to find players, which is great. Here are some idea’s that would be great. Reloading animations, removal of the tentacle zombie thing(I think It ruins the game) or make it to where it is an option.

    1. Not sure, right now focused on the PC version, some of the work there will be on new/refined features that might make their way back to the 360 if the hardware can support it. Nothing specific to announce at this time tho.

  4. Heya guys I wanna reccomend something I’d like to have military bases full of guns, mineable resources, bombs, craftable zombie resistant walls, NPC survivors, build able towns with NPC survivors, towns already with NPC survivors, bunkers, turrets, traps, factions, and a campaign with a story to it. I hope you can do this over a period of updates thanks.

  5. Hey, just wanted to say that I love this game! I just recently found it while searching for a decent indie game, and ended up finding something greater than decent! Amazing, in fact! Also, I was wondering if you’re still working to improve on this game aka updates or have you moved on to another project of some sort? Not much I can think of to add in except maybe some zombies shuffle around instead of standing still all the time, maybe a enemy that you should watch out for (as if it were a slender man type who can kill you very quickly and possibly pops up in random locations and hunts you down,maybe?) And lastly some possible local multiplayer? Keep up the great work!

  6. This is a pretty cool game. Just got it today to see what’s new on the indie game genre and I’m very impressed. It’s very challenging and also very entertaining! Would like to see maybe a creative mode maybe?

    1. Hey Jacob,

      Not sure off hand. Are you getting a blue screen crash with some text? Or a Code 4 error in a normal Xbox pop up?

      If it’s the blue screen, can you take a pic and send it to, or type the top 3 lines of the blue screen text (They’re usually pretty long, so the pic is likely easier).

      The Code 4s are harder to diagnose.

  7. The game crashes whenever you have someone in a lobby with you before you start the game as a host in multiplayer and crashes sometimes while playing with others.

  8. sorry if you get loads of these questions but is there any news on what’s next for the xbox updates?

  9. Hey guys loving the game but i just want to ask a few Questions. 1. When will the next update ( if there will be ) come out? 2. If you are updating further can you make it so that zombies respawn in areas youve already killed them in if you save, quit , then go back into that game? 3. Again if you are updating the game further can you make an option to put PvP on to make the game a little more competitive ? Thx if you reply i just want to help out, support and make the game even better!

    1. I hate this Idea! I like the fact that they don’t respawn…but make it to where the herd hordes travel like in walking dead or Z Nation…

      1. But I LOVE THE IDEA of being able to kill fresh starters in my city! They usually don’t have guns right off the bat lol pun intended!

  10. Hey just downloaded the game, looks great! But one problem. It says “press any button to continue” then I’d press anything and it would say “press any button to select storage” and once I press anything it freezes for about 3 seconds then the words those words disappear and nothing happens. The music still plays, the title and the copyright stuff is still there, but nothing happens. I had a friend invite me to a game and I accepted the invite and still nothing happens.

    1. Thanks for reporting the issue. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here but I’ll take a look. In the meantime you might try deleting the game content from your storage device.

  11. Dewsbury is a really awesome game but I think you should be able to crouch and zombies move around even when your not by them. This will make the game a lot better.

  12. Hey I just found this game on the 360 indie games. Was about to purchase it but was just wondering if you are still supporting this game in terms of updates and content?

  13. Sup Creators, I love the game…Some ideas that I’d lIke to share?

    Item 1: Creative Mode (Switch zombies on and off)
    Item 2: Add City Sewer system with tunnels
    Item 3: The ability to turn off starvation (With in each game mode)
    Item 4: Water (Borrow idea from Castleminer or Minecraft) PLEASE KEEP AVATAR Character in game, I read the idea of remove please dont?!

  14. I’m not saying exactly like it but can u make it like dayz like add more guns(snipers rocket lanchers etc.) And regular and armoured vehicles also take the compass that shows where people are like if u put PvP on which is a big want. People will find u easy and kill u

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