Patch 1.2 passed review!

Hey Folks,

Patch 1.2 has passed review.  It should be making it’s way to you all shortly.  Keep in mind it can take 24-48hrs for Xbox LIVE to update fully.

Please let me know of any issues you see so I can fix them in the next patch.  Send them to

53 thoughts on “Patch 1.2 passed review!”

  1. I’ve found a bug on the 1.2 update the bug is the hockey stick is on the wrong way round. Also I don’t know if this a bug but the back end of the heavy sledgehammer is now white.

    1. Those two are intentional, albeit not totally perfect. I made some changes to the orientation of a few weapons to better work with their upgraded versions. The sledge will be flipped in a future patch. The hockey stick might go back to the way it was, not sure at this point.

      1. You should add more perks and new zombies!and add crashed airplanes to the map that has good gear and supplies that people can scavenge , and can we get some boss zombies that is guarding the airplane? Their is so much ideas for this game! I’m glad that you made deadburg and its really fun!

      2. Hi I have an idea for the game, you should add an editing game type for worlds so you can break blocks and build anything to give people more freedom to get creative. I’m sure this will get more people to buy the game. I am currently playing on the trial but I will buy the game soon! Deadburg is a really good game and I hope it gets even better in the future! 🙂

        1. A creative mode was something I was expecting to get calls for earlier, and while there have been people asking for it, it hasn’t been as numerous as I would have expected.

          Not to say it won’t get added at some point. I’m not sure when/if it will get added however.

          1. I am having trouble with spike strips, how can I take them off after I have placed them?

          2. Right now you can’t, once they’re placed they can’t be moved. Basically that was to prevent placing them, having them take some damage, and then replacing them. There are a few ways I could special case them so you could move them. Not sure when/if that might make it into the game however.

          3. Thanks for answering my questions but I still have one more… Sorry. Well, will the game ever be available on PC one day? Like if it gets even more popular will it ever make it to steam greenlight?

          4. The game is almost certainly going to be on PC. I just want to build it up a bit more before I bring it to greenlight.

  2. Trying out 1.2 and so far it seems to be running very smoothly.
    I noticed that the zombies seem to be responding a lot better to my hits and they seem to be just smoother in general, I’m glad to see that, little things like that go a long way.

    I do still have a couple of things to suggest to further the development of Deadburg, and I hope that you do take them into consideration.

    1) I was wondering if you could break up the difficulty selection a little bit. Perhaps have different categories for different stats, like speed or health, because I like playing on insane because of the speed and aggro of the zombies, but I don’t necessarily like being two hitted by a zombie. If you don’t want to do that, could you add a zombie breaking speed to difficulties? I feel like on higher difficulties zombies should be breaking through walls at faster speeds.

    2) I really do hope you add chests and limited inventory soon (I’m recommending the Bethesda way: lbs for objects). I think that it would make my worlds last longer and ultimately be more fun. It would also convince me to make a home base, as it would other people. Also, perhaps with this a drop inventory option upon death? It would make surviving mean a lot more for us players.

    These are just two things that I would be very impressed with in Deadburg. Either one would make my day, and both would even be better. But even without these the game is awesome! I am going to continue testing out the new update, and I will keep you posted if I find any glitches in the game.

    Overall, nice work with this update!

    1. Difficulty select stuff shouldn’t be terribly hard. I’ll see about working that in.

      Limited inventory/containers is still on my wish list, but it’s a pretty big work item at this point.

  3. Ok, I have an idea that I think is very possible to implement before carry limit(s) and chests or backpacks. I think this version of PvP would fit perfectly. Ok, here is the idea:

    -The Arena Update-
    • 4 new Games Modes
    • 2 new Weapons
    • And loads more options

    -Game modes

    •PvP Survival:
    A simple setting at world creation.
    The objective is to do as usual and survive,
    but the catch is that people can Kill you!

    • Competitive: Watch your back:
    A simple setting at world creation.
    The objective is quite simple . You have
    only 1 life and you start off with some basics,
    20 Scrap metal and bandages. You must run
    from the players when you spawn or kill as you
    please. You must not that when you die, you
    cannot respawn EVER. After everyone has died,
    the world will end and when you try to play more
    it will not let you spawn, therefor the world is useless.
    This mode is more of a party/competitive gamemode
    as you must rely on not dieing. But when the inevitable
    comes, you cannot play any more.

    • Competitive: TDM:
    In TDM you will join a lobby created by a random player.
    When join in the lobby you must have at least 4 ready players.
    Then when the game starts, every player must choose a set of 3 weapons. The weapons allowed are chosen by the host.
    When every player has chosen their weapons the game will start. The idea for maps is the host can choose:
    “Randomly Generated” or their own world. If the host picks
    their own, players will spawn 30 – 100 blocks away from
    each other. (Chosen by host) Then a kill limit is set and the
    teams too. The host decides who goes where and players that
    are friends automatically et paired.

    • Competitive: FFA:
    Literally all of the same stuff from TDM, but no teams.


    • Hunting rifle:
    A Civilian sport rifle. Uses 5.56 ammo.

    • Police rifle:
    A black variant of the Hunting rifle but does more
    damage and uses 7.62.

    -New Options

    • 14 Players in a lobby:
    Im sure this will be a LOT of networking for Re Re,
    But I have a lot of faith that you could do it.

    • View bobbing:
    Re re, I also have faith you could do this too. You
    said you had it at alpha but took it out. Why not make
    it a setting? I dont care if its a bit choppy. Please.

    • Player UI toggled settings;
    -Players in a game next to compass.
    -Dark Edges:
    Faint black shading around the HUD for a more
    dramatic feel (Able to set intensity)
    -Custom Tracks:
    Oh Re re, I got an idea and a half for you.
    I would like to have custom tracks from the HDD played
    in game! You could choose witch ones and the order.
    You could have a whole new feel of the game. For instance,
    “The last of us” Sound track I bought, I could burn to my HDD
    and have it play in loops in the game and main menu!
    -Retical customization:
    I am not a big fan of the default aim retical. Being able to
    change it would be great! Here is some reticals I made for this
    idea: ( You would be able
    to modify color, size, and hit marker color.

    • In-game chat:
    This setting would be on by default. The player could have an
    ingame keyboard and press Down on the D pad to enter the chat. Your messages would be saw by the whole lobby.

    Thank you for reading! I dont expect this to completely be implemented, but it would be nice if Mr. Re Re could grab some cool features from these ideas. ;). And Re re, thanks for the great update! I hit Lvl 30 in 1 min due to the Artisan upgrade! You need to increase the XP needed for high lvls. But the new guns (MP5 and UMP45) are awesome!

    And thank you for making a great game!

    1. PVP modes are still blocked by more networking work. 1.2 was the first part of that, assuming any new issues are minor I’ll be able to grow the player count in game a bit each patch. Although I’m guessing it’s going to cap out around 8, rather than 14. This is a memory issue at this point more so than a networking. Beyond player count there’s some work that I need to do specific to players to improve their responsiveness in network games, so you don’t get shot around corners and the like.

      View bobbing wasn’t working right so it got pulled. Honestly it was so long ago I forget exactly what the issues were. It may make it’s way back in when I get a chance to go back and fix it up.

      Players in game meaning their GamerTags in a list? Or something else? A dark UI theme is a maybe, I’ll have to look and see exactly how much work that would be, some of the images may need to be redone.

      Custom tracks were working at some point in the past, I’ll need to check to see if I broke them. The game itself can’t play them, but you should be able to play them from the 360 media tab on the guide.

      New reticles would be nice, the current version isn’t that great, as you say.

      In game chat is more of a maybe. There would be a lot of work to filter profanity and the like so that trolls can’t go around spamming slurs.

      Regarding lvling using crafting. I was thinking about nerfing that in the patch as well, but I decided against it. Making the lvl exp increase more would probably have felt too slow for players not using crafting to level, since the other exp rewards are much slower.

      1. Ok, so I am getting from you is that PvP is a possible to put in.
        View bobbing might make it. And I meant a like “1/4 Players”
        in top corner. And I meant custom tracks in game. New reticals

  4. I agree that competitive would be really cool to implement, but it does worry me that the game wouldn’t run as smoothly as one might think. I just don’t want the game to end up like Minecraft for the Xbox 360, a game that is littered with a lot of lag, sometimes even unbearable for the players. I just hope that not TOO much memory goes into competitive, for I think it would be a lot of work for such a little thing.

    I’m glad to hear you might be looking into the settings, because I think that with more customization, there is something for everyone, and it will keep the veteran and novice players happy.

    If you ever need ideas, I have a plethora of them on your ideascale, each touching on different topics. As always, I’ll let you know if I find any glitches in the game.

    Awesome update!!!!


    1. Most of the memory needed for PVP is really just needed to get players in the same game. So the same work that would allow 8 players in a non-PVP game. I can’t think of anything that would be PVP specific from a memory point of view. But to your point, there is a balance for supporting sometimes features vs features everyone uses.

      1. I think you should have pvp completely as amuch option. Because in a zombie apoc not everyone wants to tear athe each others throats.

  5. Amazing update but doesn’t make muck since that the glass club does more than the fork hammer but other than that I love it and the new smgs are super cool

    1. Yea, I played around with some of the stats to try to make the upgraded items somewhat situational. So they’d all have a use.

      No donations at this point. Thanks for buying the game!

  6. Patch 1.2 was absolutely amazing I played for 4 hours straight and hit level 30 and built all the new melee weapons its awesome this is an all around fantastic game I bought it thinking “eh just some knockoff Minecraft” but I was so wrong its actually very very challenging too hard/insane I will darringly compare it to darksouls only because zombies in houses come out of nowhere and one shot you enough rambling I’d like to suggest a couple of ideas inventory- I love the fact that inventory is unlimited but it just means I don’t have to build an actual base or stay in one spot I can just run around and be fine because I keep everything

    2.more crafting- not trying to turn it into Minecraft but being able to craft floors and walls to make my own house instead of just stealing a pre-built one would be really cool

    3.zombie scaling- I love that the zombies grow stronger each day and that you can turn it down to 10% stronger but it’d be really cool if you could make it multiples of 5 instead of 10

    I know it isn’t really my place to send you ideas but I just wanted to say some things I thought would be a nice touch to the game I love it and in addicted to it I keep making my friends buy it I am so addicted to this game I just wanted to give some feedback I hope you think about some of the ideas thank you for making such an awesome game

  7. i found a bug just now where when you go to change max players you get a blue screen i don’t know if it happens to everyone but it just happened to me and ill see if i can get some footage of it

    1. I wasn’t able to repro it in a quick test on my side, but it does strike me as something that might be broken since it got changed in the last patch. I’ll take a look. If you can get footage of it that would be helpful as well. Thanks for reporting the issue.

  8. Really love this game, with 1.2 though…. The hotbar seems to be bugged so that it’s constantly moving and I’m unable to use anything on it

    1. Thanks for the report, I’ll take a look. I did add a click and hold to auto-scroll the hot bar, but it shouldn’t constantly move.

  9. Reanimated, I like what you put in the update except for one thing: how you get the new weapons. It takes so long for me to advance 1 level, but sucks for me because now i need to get 10 more levels. Could you just make it ridiculously expensive to craft if you aren’t the required level? It would really help.

    1. I haven’t gotten tons of feedback on the lvl locked items. I might tweak the levels down, but at this point I probably won’t remove them completely.

  10. Constant lag and freezing, as well as being kicked out of games after 1.2 update. Blue screens and crashes are a definite problem unless you feel like shutting down and opening the server over and over, as well as losing some progress when it does decide to blue screen. When hosting it’s not a problem, but when joining other players, the music will cut out during load and the host will get the message that (player) has left, but it will still attempt to load in until (player) gets the message that Host Has Left Game. Extremely frustrating because it’s such a good game, and so cheap, but virtually unplayable some days.

    1. Hi Haley,

      Sorry for the issues. If you see a blue screen again, and are willing of course, I would love to see a shot of it, you can send them to I haven’t gotten any crashes for 1.2 yet (Which was a bit surprising to me honestly, but player count has dropped, so not hugely surprising). I’ll look into the disconnecting during load issue, it shouldn’t be any worse in 1.2 than in previous versions, but something can always interact strangely.

  11. Could we have aiming down the sights soon? The regular hipfire is quite inaccurate at long range and makes it nearly impossible to hit. Also, if you do ads, you should add some sniper scopes for rifles and maybe even some bolt action rifles. I love the game and cant wait to see what else might come in the future.

    1. I can say it won’t be soon (At least not soon from a player perspective). Basically for the reason you mention, once you add ADS you kind of need scopes. You need all of the gun art to have usable iron sights. There are a fair number of art requirements to complete before I can add what I would call an adequate ADS system.

  12. Could you add in bullet penetration? For example, say there were zombies approaching you in a line, and you shot the first one with the bullet gradually losing strength as it went through the zombies. I think this would really help, especially if a horde was after you.

    1. Explosives are on the list, there’s some networking work to be done to support them so it’s a non-trivial add.

  13. I think you should put a lot more zombie skins for example some zombie girls ect have some fat zombies (run slower but heavy hitters ) some old people zombies and a really skinny zombie that is really really fast at day and turns into some thing else at night ( make it look cool and a really really heavy hitter at night ). Make the map bigger and more of a city feel to it ( zombies 100% pack some main streets like down town) put the buildings in the city closer together for the feel and add good / bad npcs who run around they may work with u or try and kill you ( there strength changes for each one )

    1. Hey Kaelan,

      I’ve been working on a small side project that has eaten up a lot of my time recently. I’m still planning Deadburg patches. No hard ETAs at this time however.

  14. I LOVE this game but I think you should add these things:

    Make a LOT less zombies in the forest and plains

    Make it so you have limited inventory room and you can build crates

    Make it so ores spawn underground that you can mine and melt in a furnace to get ingots

    Make it so you can get scrap wood with tree blocks

    make zombies in survival and lastlife walk around and try to find you at night so the night isn’t as boring.

    And finally everyone at reanimted studios… STAY COOL! 😀

  15. Hello. Your beta of defense does not allow private games. People can still join even if set to private.

    Please advise,
    Thank you! Great game!

    1. Private games still allow friends or people you invite to join. That said I’ll double check that they’re actually private.

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