Deadburg PC Update – September

Hey Folks!

We’re getting close to the private test.  Here’s the big things I worked on this month.  Take a look at the end of the post for some information on when the private test will start.

Character Animations

So in my last post I mentioned some issues I was having getting the animations necessary for testing.  Since then Mixamo has been fixed and I’m now working on getting all of the animations working in game.  The process involves getting animations for all of the primary actions, which are generally movement.  And then animations for secondary actions, like holding objects or using them.  Then we combine those animations in game to show the character.  Here’s an example of what that will look like.

So in this case we’re taking a walking animation and combining it with an animation of holding a rifle.   I’m also moving the head up and down, so I can give a better idea of where the player is looking.  It’s not a perfect solution, but it allows me to animate the characters better without needing to have separate animations for each combination of object and movement.  The included animations will be for test only.  In this case you can see the stock animation deforms the wrist of the model pretty bad.

There’s one item missing from the above gif, the actual items.  That’s generally the final step in getting a working animation into the game, making sure all of items position themselves appropriately.  I’ve got a separate application I use to fine tune the position of the items on the character, which I’m doing as I bring in the new animtions.

 Bug/Feedback Reporting

Last month I showed the crash reporting system, but not every issue in the game will cause a crash.  I’ve added a bug reporting system in game to cover the other types of issues.  Simply press B+U+G at the same time to bring it up.  You can then give a short description of the bug and a screenshot will be sent along with it.  You can also just send feedback if you think something should be improved or changed.

Private Beta Test

So I can now announce that the beta test will start on 10/31!  In order to participate you’ll need to join the following Steam Group.  All members of the group will be given a key they can use to install the game.  All you need is a Windows PC and a Steam account.

Join the group here!

14 thoughts on “Deadburg PC Update – September”

  1. Can’t wait for this, you’ll be getting my feedback, ill test the restrictions and bug test the hell out of this. I know what i’m doing for halloween. Thank you!

  2. the stock animations look really nice so far! Is the anti aliasing going to be better than the ones we see right now? Also I was thinking of a way to have a level up perk for your weapons. Like an electric crowbar at level 2 would increase damage by +%5 and hit time -%0.5, so it makes the user feel like they are invested into the game. One of the things that I wasn’t too fond about was the fact that you can just go house to house raiding and basically have unlimited resources depending on how deep you go and they re-spawn back if you leave that area, so is gameplay going to change a bit with the physics, models, and the graphics for the new version? Also is the beta going to have a monthly update or is it just whenever based on the feedback for bugs and ideas? (I requested to join the beta on the steam group)

    1. Specific to AA there’s some work I’ll need to do to support it properly. Part of the PC version is a switch do a deferred rendering method, which means traditional AA doesn’t work well. The solution is doing one of the other AA style fixes that supports deferred rendering. I haven’t done anything with that as of yet. It will probably be brought in when I’ve got a chance to focus on graphics settings.

      Gameplay is one of the areas I want to iterate on, although the initial test version will be the same as the 360. Once the test is running smoothly it’s something I’ll be able to spend more time on.

      I’m not 100% sure how the updates will roll out. I’m thinking monthly in line with the blog updates. Although I may setup another branch with more frequent updates that might not be as stable as the normal beta branch.

  3. I requested to join the group, and it says “awaiting approval.” My Steam name is TheRealDerpsYT – when will you be approving membership requests? I really want to try the game. Also, will people that get beta access get the full game for free?

    1. I’ve approved everyone as of this AM PST. I’ll probably be checking it daily for now. Once we get closer to the start of testing I’ll poke it more frequently.

      No announcements yet on what happens when the beta is over. I’ll post my plans before the test starts.

      1. Do Beta Testers get the game for free? Also what are the system requirements? I have a PC with 4GB RAM, I’m expecting it will work?

        1. The beta test itself is free, but testers will not get a free copy of the game. Your PC will probably work, although it depends more on the GPU at this point. Part of the test will be seeing how it performs on different hardware.

          1. the Xbox GPU was 512MB
            if your PC can run fallout 3 you will be fine
            id say anything modern or if your gpu is more then 1GB
            youl be more them fine
            i my self am running a 750TI FTW

          2. The Xbox avatars are probably not going to make a return. Microsoft only allows them to be used in certain games. The old 360 game was allowed via the Xbox Live Indie Games program. They could possibly be used for an Xbox 1 game, but by the time that happens there will probably be enough work put into the normal game models that it won’t make sense to change them out again.

          3. Nothing is set in stone, but my thought right now is 4.99 during early access and 9.99 when it’s fully released. I don’t know when EA and/or release might occur at this point.

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