Deadburg PC Update – October

The private beta is here!

Private Beta Test

Last night I started sending out keys for the private beta.  A small change from my last post is that you’ll need to friend the “reanimatedgames” steam account in order to get a key.  I’m checking the account periodically to accept friend requests and send out keys.

Beyond that, in order to participate you’ll need to join the following Steam Group.  All members of the group will be given a key they can use to install the game.  You will need a Windows PC and a Steam account.

Join the group here!

Setting Expectations

This is the first semi-public test of Deadburg on the PC. It will have a lot of issues. I’m going to try to fix them as fast as I can, but the game will crash on you and it’s likely you will lose progress. If you want to have a smoother play experience I would recommend waiting for a week or so as the issues are discovered and patched up.

The game content is identical to the last patch Xbox 360 content. So you will not be finding new weapons/items in this build. They will be added in updates during testing, but right now the focus is on making sure the core game is stable on the PC.

There is no controller support in the current version. I’ve already heard from some people about that and it may change in the future, but right now it’s keyboard and mouse.


If you hit a crash, found a bug, or just want to tell me why the game sucks, you can do so from inside the game. Simply hold B+U+G and you should see a simple UI where you can send feedback to me directly. Please use this as often as you like.


Is there an NDA?
Nope, no NDA. If you want to share screenshots, videos or simple descriptions of the game feel free. I would ask that you mention the game is in early test if you do decide to share it somewhere, but I won’t be tracking people down if they don’t.

What’s Next?

The rough plan is to spend the next few weeks fixing issues with the beta and implementing a few new features to support further testing.  After that I will probably be dropping patches on a monthly basis, with possibly an “experimental” branch of the beta getting new builds every 2 weeks.

5 thoughts on “Deadburg PC Update – October”

    1. I’m not sure exactly what you are asking about so I’ll just list off the overall status of graphics and hope I cover it! The terrain/item graphics are unchanged. The player models are new compared to the xbox, but it’s the same models you’ve seen here. They are not the final game models. The real time shadows I mentioned a while back are in and are the only major graphics effect improvement from Xbox at this point (Aside from just pure resolution).

    1. The PC version hasn’t released yet. You can participate in the private beta test if you want to. Just join the steam group and then send a friend request to reanimatedgames. I check it periodically and will send you a key to unlock the Beta. Keep in mind this is an early test, so there are going to be issues. You may want to wait if that doesn’t sound appealing.

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