Deadburg PC Update – November

The first month of the private test is over!  Here’s some quick status.

Bugs, Feedback, Crashes and more Bugs

So far I’ve had 219 bugs/crashes or feedback reported.  I’ve pushed out roughly 30 builds through steam.  Lots of bugs have been fixed, some new bugs have been introduced.  Thank you to all of the folks who have reported bugs, given feedback and/or sent crash data.  Those actions are what help me fix issues ASAP.

Features added this past month

So a lot of smaller features have made their way into the game.  They aren’t all complete, but they can be tested right now!  Here’s the stuff added in just this past month

  1. View distance settings, up to 3.5x the Xbox version
  2. Anisotropic filtering
  3. FXAA
  4. FOV Slider
  5. Dark Mode
  6. Flashlights
  7. Text chat added
  8. Game invites supported
  9. Female character option
  10. Sprinting

And then a ton of small bug fixes or features.

Join the test!

Open beta signups have now closed.


One of the early testers setup a Discord server for the test.  I check in there fairly regularly.  Note that this server was not created by Reanimated Games and it’s content is not subject to my review/moderation/approval.

What’s Next?

December will probably be a little light with the holidays but I’m planning for two more builds and hopefully I get one or two cool features in there.

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