Patch 1.1.1 in review!

Hello Folks,

Patch 1.1.1 is currently in review.  This is primarily a stability patch to fix some of the issues introduced in 1.1 and some issues from release.  There are a few new features which should help people who are being affected by the auto-save and who want to tweak the defense mode timing a bit more.

Current Review Progress: 100%! 

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed an issue causing out of memory crashes after players leave a game while being chased by zombies.
2. Fixed an issue causing out of memory crashes when a certain number of items have been dropped but not picked up.
3. Fixed an issue causing a desync with items dropped in the world.
4. Fixed a crash related to zombies despawning.
5. Fixed a crash related to terrain generation.
6. Fixed a crash when keybinds are reset/corrupted.
7. Fixed some terrain generation issues introduced by 1.1
8. Fixed an issue when placing beds.

1. Option added to disable auto-save (This should help if you play with a USB storage device).
2. Manual Save option added to pause menu (Really only needed if you disable auto-save).
3. New advanced setting for determining the time between zombie attack waves.
4. New advanced setting for determining how many days the zombies will wait before attacking.

10 thoughts on “Patch 1.1.1 in review!”

  1. Glad to see that you are actively working on the game!

    What do you think your content-to-patch update shedule will be? Something such as 2 patches to 1 content update? Just an estimation on the progression of the game.

    1. I’d like to get to content patches only, but realistically it’ll probably 1 content followed by 1 stability patch.

  2. Hey Reanimated ! I am really happy you put a manual save option in the pause screen, this will be extremelly usefull 😀 But will you also add a Load option in the pause screen too so we can load back our saved game quickly instead of having to exit to the main-menu then load back from there ? This would also be really nice 🙂 Thank-you Reanimated for reading my message and taking your time to answer to it :3 Oh ! and I forgot to ask you if the next update will be about contents, such as new gameplay contents like new buildings or weapons, food, ect.. 😛 That would be so awesome ! but, I understand if this could take some work and time so anyway, Thanks Reanim !

  3. I cant download the update it goes to 1% to 0% then 99% and then it says cant download update. Please help!

  4. I cant download the update it goes to 1% to 0% then 99% and then it says can’t download deadburg. Please help!

    1. Looks like something is wrong on the Xbox Live side of things, contacted Microsoft but no news as of yet.

    1. It is something I’d like to add, but it’s somewhat far down the list at the moment. With a temperature/comfort survival requirement it could make more sense/be more impactful on gameplay. So if it comes in it would probably be with a hardcore survival mode patch.

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