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It looks like something is going wrong when people try to download the new patch.  If you try to update then it will fail and delete the original game along with it.  I’m contacting Microsoft about it as it’s on the Xbox Live side of the equation.  No news at this point.

Monday AM Update #2: Download is still broken.  MS is looking into the issue now, no ETA at this point. 

34 thoughts on “DO NOT UPDATE DEADBURG!”

  1. I was wondering what happened I went to go updated and it deleted it off of my hard drive along with almost all of my save files..thank God I had my backup files on my card but this is insane it won’t even let me redownload it back to my system

    1. So your saved games should be fine. No word back from MS as to when it will work however.

      1. Hey i just updated deadburg only for it to cancel and uninstall, i only read this article afterwards (doh) abd i was wondering id the game server sided or not becuase i want to know if it is possible to get back my deleted save

        1. Your saves are separate from the game install, unless you deleted them yourself they should still be there. That said until the issue is fixed I can’t say that for certain.

  2. I was wondering why the demo wasn’t downloading…I thought it was on my end..then I just bought the game and it still wasn’t working, but I’m glad I know what’s up now. I hope it gets resolved soon. The game looks enjoyable.

  3. Ive been dieing to play this game, its not downloading but i hope you fixed the blue screen of game crashing

    1. Yea, sorry about the downloading issue, I’m about as frustrated as a person can get. No word back from Microsoft yet and I’m afraid I won’t here back till next week at this point since I think they’re off for the weekend.

      1. What a shame, this is the only survival zombie game on 360 i could find! Have you added any new guns like sniper rifles in the 1.1 patch?

  4. just wanted to give you guys a heads up it deleted actually several of my save game files ( from other games including Mortal Kombat, wwe2k14) but I had backups on a memory card so thankfully I still have those particular certain save files were not safe..I don’t know if its just my particular issue that happened or anyone else’s but I do enjoy the game and actually I was hoping to play it online against someone this weekend but it looks like I won’t be able to I would write to Microsoft and explains that people who downloaded your game could not take advantage of the free online play because of the issue and they should give those particular people who downloaded the game an extra two days or Xbox gold for 1 month..just saying that’s what I would do only because there were a lot of people including myself looking forward to actually trying your particular game against friends who also downloaded the game.

    1. update…some of my files that are missing are from things i paid for awhile ago that i did not have backups on…i do have a few of them..just not everything..things i download like 2 years ago are missing well as player settings from a few games..what ever happened it did a number on my harddrive…so i contacted microsoft as well via twitter…this is a huge bug if its deleting files off i am wondering if i will get credit to redownload things i already had…

  5. I’m glad I come to the forums to see what’s new in the update so everything is safe on my side thanks for the heads up reanimated

  6. For whatever reason it erased one of my DLC cars I downloaded for Forza Horizon but didn’t affect anything else lol..

    1. well I’m glad that I’m not the only one that’s missing something on the last update…I highly recommend you check out all of your files on my particular hard drive it deleted quite a few things

  7. Maybe that’s how my Assassins Creed 2 save file got deleted after trying to download a different game earlier this year. Been bad since the start of this year with xbox indies. Worst I’ve known it to be since getting my xbox online.

  8. Well…Already updated it.
    My whole map is gone..i was quite angry, but its good that im not the only one

    1. It’s a bit too early to say, but I don’t think this will delete your saved games, since they reside separately from the main game on your Xbox.

      1. That would be great but i wouldnt mind if my world was gone. I was just shocked for a Moment ^^

  9. You really do have bad luck Reanim, ahah, last time you couldn’t put the update on Xbox Live because it wouldn’t work for whatever reason and now we can’t even download the game and play. Must really suck to be you at this point, I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you.

    1. Yea, it’s pretty bad when stuff is happening to your game that is pissing people off and you can’t do anything about it.

  10. have they figured out what the issue was? and a timetable when it will be repaired? I would like to redownload the game and actually play it..I was on day 93..had the majority of the weapons I think

    1. Not yet, at least they haven’t told us (Myself and the other devs) anything other than they’re looking into it.

    1. Working for me as well, haven’t got an all clear from MS but hopefully it’s resolved for everyone.

  11. Hey Reanimated, is the game okay now ? I mean, can I download it without being worried about any of my files or saves deleted ? I just want to make sure, better safe than sorry right ? And also, I want to ask you Reanim, could I ever play Deadburg with you if you want ? Or anything else really, I just really need someone to play with, you know ? I am just really tired and bored of playing alone so I would really really like to play with you if you want. So here’s my gamertag: NightmareWolfxX , that would be so awesome since I never played with a game developper before 😀

    1. Yup, it should be fine now. Worked for me and I’ve heard from a number of players it’s working for them too.

      I’ve had a couple people ask to do some gaming. I’ll probably setup something at some point. Probably after 1.2 is out and we can get some more people in game.

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