Deadburg fixed!

Hey Folks,

The issue appears to be resolved, at least for some folks.  I haven’t got an all clear from MS but you should be able to try to download the game again.  Note you’ll need to find the game on the store, but it should not charge you to download the game again.

Please let me know if you’re still seeing the issue.

23 thoughts on “Deadburg fixed!”

  1. Just downloaded Deadburg again. When I first clicked download again it tried to charge me, even though I downloaded the game when it first appeared on the indie section. Leaving the purchase screen and clicking download again fixed it. Still annoying though.

  2. Reanimated, could I play with you on Xbox ? My gamertag is : NightmareWolfxX , so if you want to that would be extremely awesome, I never played with a game developer ahah, I really need someone to play with, I’m really tired and bored of playing alone. Anyway, we’ll play anything you want, so are you interested ?

        1. will be uploading it shorty and i will link it …if you head north the bug really does something odd

    1. The major push for 1.2 is to get more than 3 people in a game at once. Which is a bunch of networking changes and freeing up some memory. I’m working on a few other things, but nothing to announce at this point.

    1. Working on 1.2, hopefully I’ll have patch notes out around the end of the month. A couple things could delay that however.

  3. Roughly when will aim be added (if its added) and will a PC version be in the futer (it would be better funded)

    1. No specific ETAs on ADS. I don’t want to commit to a feature until I’ve actually got code working in game for it.

      PC version is in the future, I’ve got a few more things on the 360 I’d like to do, then I’ll be going hard on getting it done.

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