Patch 1.2 teaser!

Hey Folks,

Patch 1.2 is a bit late, shooting for around June 15th into review, hopefully available to you all by the end of the month.  Given that I haven’t posted anything recently I figured a little teaser of 1.2 content might be worth while.


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  1. It would be great if you would increase the level CAP beyond 20. I have several friends who play the game, and all agree that they would play more often and have more interest if the level didnt CAP out at 20. Its quite inconvenient. And I have to agree with them, it makes me loose interest if I cant progress further. Other than that the game is quite enjoyable.

    1. Increasing the level cap is probably one of the more requested features. I’ve put off doing it since I think it could become somewhat over powered. But it’s still on my list to put into the game at some point, it’s just figuring out how it will work (Specifically if/when PVP is introduced).

  2. wow this looks really good but it would be really tight if they add a different kind of mob, like a zombie that explodes

    1. AKA a creeper? TRY Minecraft on pc with the DR infection mod, basically just like this with comfy Minecraft feel to it but I prefer Deadburg over it cause I’m not much of a pc gamer

  3. Hey I’m glad to see you guys are still updating your game unlike the other Xbox 360 indie developers…. there games would of been better if they would of stayed on them but alas the xbox one came out a year ago and many people are switching so that’s out of the question…. BUT! You are still updating even after the xbox one came out and I hope u continue updating till u ether die or think your done! If u do feel like your doing this for nothing then consider trying out patreon or kick starter to help out in your development but other than that thank you!

    1. At this point I plan to support the 360 as long as it’s feasible. There are a couple factors there. How much room I have to add things to the game, and how many people are playing the game. Sales right now are low, but fairly steady so I foresee support to continue for a while at least.

    1. PVP is something I’d like to do, but no concrete plans atm. Enabling it with the current game would not be an enjoyable experience for most players. There are some networking issues to resolve (So you don’t get shot around corners) and probably a fair number of balancing issues (Right now players would be killed fairly quickly by most player ranged weapons for instance).

    1. It’s on the list of player requests. But I don’t have a hard plan for putting it into an update at this point so I can’t guarantee it’ll show up.

  4. Hey also in the next update please put a change list I want. To know why you took it out and if not where is it and if possible can you make deadburg support splitscreen. Or Offline Co-Op

    1. It is attached to a battery.

      Split screen is something a lot of players want. Unfortunately it’s difficult to get into the game at this point. I’m still looking at possibly adding it in the future, but I don’t know when that will happen. And it’s possible it won’t ever happen. Sorry to be so vague, but I don’t have it working right now and that’s the only way I’d be able to say for sure.

      1. Please release this for the Xbox One! Like idk if you even could but they’ve let up on the restrictions of indie games and This is a game I would love to see come to the Xbox One. I understand you can’t just port it over but I really would love an xbox one release.

  5. thanks for the north to south update ! will be great to not have to reset after that happens ! are the new weapons going to replace any ? and can we get a rocket launcher in the next update?

    1. Yea, when I saw how easy it was to repro I had a bit of a face palm moment. I imagine it’s quite annoying if you’re around the north side of the map for long.

      New weapons don’t replace any old weapons.

      Explosives are on the list, but I don’t have any announcements about the next update at this point.

      1. are you going to add gravity like blocks fall if it is just in the air it just is not what most mmo zombie based games are like and what are you going to do with wooden logs there not alot of things you can do with them and you should add malls police deparetments and billbords to tell you what part of the city you are in and some times the game stops and i have to open my disk tray then i get put on to the dashbord and have to start again it happens when i find the laboratys and the werehouse part of town and some times i find a zombie with so meny picsls in it it can not move and i find alot of problems but i still play our amazing

        1. Block gravity probably won’t happen, it’s a pretty big perf hit to do those kinds of calculations. And at the moment I’m not sure if it would improve the gameplay enough to warrant the perf hit.

          More city buildings is near the top of my list.

          Hmm, not sure why the game would stop, but I’ll put it on my bug list. It’s probably a crash of some kind that the game isn’t handling properly.

  6. and are you going to add shop signs in and can you put in some tip of start point like a plane crash or hospital car crash your house the block road = the evac route or a party a bunker a school = parants evning or an amry base or safehouse a fallen stronghloed made by people who got this far and can you add something to do with tvs and make it so you can craftwepons = the makeshift ones that you CAN NOT FIND but they still do the job and can you add farming too and add blueprints to modify wepons and can you let players choouse the prize on defenc mode = how meny zeds did you kill = the more you can get in rare ness like if you kill 3 zeds you can get chips or cola for food wepons shovel baseball bat blocks wooden spicks but they CAN NOT TAKE THEM ALL i put c
    somethings in caps to let them stand out

    1. Not sure exactly what changes will be happening to the city. Shop signs would be nice, but I think more structural variety is a higher priority right now.

      Makeshift weapons would be nice, although I can’t say I have any plans for them right now.

      Choosing the prize in defense mode could be interesting, I’ll have to think about it.

  7. also you are doing great in my book so keep on don what your doing for now bye and could you put diffrant gropse of npc s to the game = some good some bad

  8. by the way can you please look in this my game crashs and i have to pressthe button to open my disk tray to get off the game and it only happens when i find gun shops the hotels and werehoues and labsand it gets on my nerves alot

    1. I’ve added this to my bug list for investigation. I don’t have the cause narrowed down at this point so I can’t say it will be in the next update as of now. But I haven’t given up on it yet.

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