Patch 1.2 in review!

Hello Folks!

Patch 1.2 has been submitted for review! You can find the patch notes for it below. I did some fairly large reworking under the hood, so please let me know if you see any issues. Send crashes to You can leave feedback on the forums, reddit or here on the wordpress.

Due to how review works I won’t be able to give a hard ETA for release at this point. I will keep this post updated with the current progress.

Current Progress: 75% (6/23)

New Content:

  • Upgraded melee weapons added.
  • New guns added
  • Level cap raised to 30 (Stat points only given on even levels after 20)
  • Max player count in multiplayer games raised to 4 (From 3)


  • Zombie blocks can no longer be walked through by players
  • Zombie blocks can be broken by any melee item (Including fists)
  • Changed how worlds are saved to free up memory and improve network performance.
  • Added suicide option to pause/in-game menu in case you are stuck.
  • Added keybind (Hold X + Y + LB for 3 seconds) to delete settings in case of a crash related to the current player settings.
  • Screen configuration now supports click and hold.
  • Belt now supports click and hold.
  • Time to drop is decreased after dropping two items. Not a “fix” for dropping a large stack, but a small improvement.
  • Significantly reduced the costs of crafting spike traps.
  • Resuming a network game will now put you in the lobby, so you can change player count and game type. Other settings will not be configurable.

Fix List:

  1. Fixed issue where zombies would be frozen in a strange position/pose until approached.
  2. Fix crash associated with killing zombies in some edge cases.
  3. Fix issue where items that were picked up could reappear on load
  4. Fixed possible item sync issue that could result in items that could not be picked up
  5. Fixed issue that would cause the world to despawn if you walked to the northern tip of the map and then south again.
  6. Fixed issue that could cause terrain to not render properly if you died near the edge of the map.
  7. Fixed issue that could cause zombies to not fully spawn if you died near your respawn location while in another person’s game.
  8. Fixed issue that could cause items to desync if two players were playing nearby one another and picking up items together.
  9. Fixed issue that could cause zombie to be left unresponsive if it was dying as it’s target was respawning.
  10. Fixed issue that could cause zombies to occasionally not receive damage from another player.

21 thoughts on “Patch 1.2 in review!”

  1. When are you expecting the release date to be? And what are your plans for 1. 2. 1/1. 3? Im guessing it will be fairly big.

    Also, have you considerd adding a bit more to the games feel? Such as: New Music, View bobbing, seeing your hands on the gun, a bit more customisation with the player UI?

    Also, please change the default FOV to 130. I have seen countless people get turned off when they first play and say: “why is the view so weird?” telling them to put FOV at 130 helped them enjoy the game a bit more.

    The only items I would add is a chest and a settings to make it when you die, you loose your items. (on or off when you make the world). And please work on a carry limit. But make a new Ability skill called ‘Backpack’ that will increase your carry limit drasticly. (1.3 Hmmm?)

    And lastly, thank you for making a game that has gave me many good times with my buddies! Have a good one Reanimated!

    1. The review for 1.2 is going slower than usual, so hard to say when it will make it out. Nothing to announce for 1.2.1 or 1.3 at this point.

      Head bobbing was in at one point, but it wasn’t working well enough so I pulled it before release. New music isn’t something high on my priority list right now, but I’m not against it. Hands on the weapons is mostly a memory issue. 1.2 freed up some memory so some of that could go towards first person animations, but that would mean less stuff somewhere else, so I’m not sure on it. Player UI customization isn’t on the list at this point, I’m open to it depending on what customization is wanted.

      I believe I set the FOV to Halo’s default, I’ll look around and see if my default FOV setting is matching other console first person games. 130 seems a bit high to me, but I’m not against tuning it up a bit.

      Chests/carry limit are on the list, but no hard plans to announce at this point

      1. First I just want to say I love the game and respect you as a indie game maker. I’ve put around 4 to 5 hours in it so far and I really like it but. I was noticing that since the world is limited and items don’t respwan. That it will eventually become a land with no resources. I was going to suggest adding something like farming or pounds to drinks from stuff like that. So you can still live once the world runs out of resources this also opens up room for new skills for farming and stuff
        Thanks for your time and good luck

  2. Haven’t played in a while, but it’s good to know work is still being done to improve the game. Gonna have to hop on soon to check out all the new stuff!

  3. Hello I found a glitch within the game I was scrolling through the inventory going down then the scroll wheel went up and down rapidly I tell it went to the top please fix this if you can in the next patch thank you for your time and really excited for the next update PS you made an amazing game that my friends and I really enjoy and thank you for being so nice when replying to all these comments have a good day. 🙂

  4. Hey Reanimated! I have a concept for a scope. Here is my concept for a Assault Rifle (M4) With a Scope: Here you can see the Rifle with an Acog esk scope. I think this should be the model of the Rifle with the scope. Well, along those lines. But here is the other Pic zooming though the scope: In this pic you can see the red reticle. Is it possible to make the scope zoom and put that sort of overlay image on the screen? like a scope? Or increase the fov?

    Please let me know what you think of the idea and concept pics.

    1. I’ve actually got a similar scope sitting in the game files. The implementation of ADS is really the only thing preventing it from being in game at this point.

      1. How is ADS going to work then? Sounds like you have done quite a lot but missing the most important part, the actual ADS. Is ADS going to be an actual animation or just like an instant swap to the sight? Are you going to make a 3rd person ADS animation too? Are you going to make iron sights available for ADS and if so, will you improve the models to fit the sights? And if you had to give a rough estimate, in comparison to the name of the real thing, what would you say the new guns are? And do you have an XBL Gamertag? 🙂

        1. I’ve tried to stay somewhat ahead of the curve on the art, since I don’t do it myself it can take longer to make changes. So one of the things we’ve (Myself and the artist) on the new weapons is improving the iron sights. The old guns have some optics I didn’t put in the game since they weren’t functional. We’ll go back and improve weapons as needed to support ADS.

          ADS will likely have some smoothed animation of some kind. 3rd person ADS is a big maybe, I’ve not yet committed to put 3rd person in so 3rd ADS is one step beyond that.

          I’ll say one of the new guns is inspired by a gun built by H&K.

          Gamertag is ReanimatedGames, although generally I’m only online when testing Deadburg these days (Not enough time in the day).

          1. “I’ll say one of the new guns is inspired by a gun built by H&K.” -reanimated June 23, 2015 at 12:14 am.
            H&K 416 CONFIRMED! :). My favorite gun.

  5. I love dead burg
    I have some ideas that would make deadburg even better:
    1.chests or containers of some sort
    2.on the streets add wrecked cars that you are able to fix buildings such as : houses with garages that can contain cars, army quarantine outposts, gas stations, police stations and old survivor safehouses items such as: new guns,weapons, armour such as riot armour or military armour,gasoline for cars,MRE’s,attachments for weapons and a Sniper rifle.
    If these were added it would be one of the best games I’ve ever had
    Please add these

    1. So basically add some elements from unturned, is what you’re saying.

      Also. Love the game. Bought 2 copies so my friend can play too. Thanks for doing more than simply reinventing the wheel, i look forward to future content and development. Any plans to make it available on steam?

      1. Yea, steam is in works, I just feel the game isn’t quite to the point where it can compete on that stage at this time. So some more work to be done before it heads over.

  6. Randomly bought this from the xbla indie section and I can honestly say, money well spent. An amazing concept and executed amazingly well.

    I do hope you can manage to push this game further and add more stuff into it. Cars would be a plus, however, lack of splitscreen is a shame. I’d still reccomended this to everyone I play online with. Well done, congratulations. (:

    1. Thanks, I’d really like to get splitscreen in, but after doing some work on it I just don’t think I can get it running on the 360 hardware well enough. I’m not quite ready to say never, but it’s unlikely at this point.

      More stuff will be coming, nothing specific to share/spoil at this point.

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