Patch 1.2 teaser!

Hey Folks,

Patch 1.2 is a bit late, shooting for around June 15th into review, hopefully available to you all by the end of the month.  Given that I haven’t posted anything recently I figured a little teaser of 1.2 content might be worth while.


Deadburg fixed!

Hey Folks,

The issue appears to be resolved, at least for some folks.  I haven’t got an all clear from MS but you should be able to try to download the game again.  Note you’ll need to find the game on the store, but it should not charge you to download the game again.

Please let me know if you’re still seeing the issue.


Hey Folks,

It looks like something is going wrong when people try to download the new patch.  If you try to update then it will fail and delete the original game along with it.  I’m contacting Microsoft about it as it’s on the Xbox Live side of the equation.  No news at this point.

Monday AM Update #2: Download is still broken.  MS is looking into the issue now, no ETA at this point. 

Patch 1.1.1 in review!

Hello Folks,

Patch 1.1.1 is currently in review.  This is primarily a stability patch to fix some of the issues introduced in 1.1 and some issues from release.  There are a few new features which should help people who are being affected by the auto-save and who want to tweak the defense mode timing a bit more.

Current Review Progress: 100%! 

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed an issue causing out of memory crashes after players leave a game while being chased by zombies.
2. Fixed an issue causing out of memory crashes when a certain number of items have been dropped but not picked up.
3. Fixed an issue causing a desync with items dropped in the world.
4. Fixed a crash related to zombies despawning.
5. Fixed a crash related to terrain generation.
6. Fixed a crash when keybinds are reset/corrupted.
7. Fixed some terrain generation issues introduced by 1.1
8. Fixed an issue when placing beds.

1. Option added to disable auto-save (This should help if you play with a USB storage device).
2. Manual Save option added to pause menu (Really only needed if you disable auto-save).
3. New advanced setting for determining the time between zombie attack waves.
4. New advanced setting for determining how many days the zombies will wait before attacking.

Patch 1.1 Patch Notes + Update!

Hello Folks,

Update – Things seem to be back to normal in the store.  I’ve posted Patch 1.1 into review!

Current review progress: 100%  (3/29)

Finished up 1.1 tonight.  I’ve included the patch notes below.  Unfortunately the Xbox Indie service seems to be having issues with recently posted games no longer being downloadable.  I’ve seen it happen to one full game, and it looks like it may have also happened to a game receiving an update.  While this issue is present I will be unable to release the Deadburg patch.  So far no word back from Microsoft on this issue, I’ll let you know when I have an update.  Sorry for the delay.

Patch 1.1 Change List:

  1. Fixed issue where strength durability bonus could make weapons invulnerable.
  2. Fixed issue where street lights would not emit light when moved.
  3. Fixed issue where clock would incorrectly show 12AM at noon, and 12PM at midnight.
  4. Fixed issue where broken doors and refrigerators would spawn back their missing half when actioned.
  5. Adjusted terrain generation to improve performance.
  6. Fixed issue where zombies might spawn in mid air on apocalypse maps.
  7. Fixed issue where zombies would occasionally be frozen in incorrect animation. (Or not…)
  8. Fixed issue where game would occasionally crash when drawing zombies.
  9. Fixed issue where lights were generated in the middle of hospital stairways.
  10. Fixed issue where zombies could occasionally become unresponsive (This may still occur due to other bugs)
  11. Fixed issue where flowers would remain after their flower boxes were destroyed.
  12. Fixed issue where zombies would occasionally get stuck trying to jump over a block.
  13. Fixed issue which could cause an out of memory crash in multiplayer games.
  14. Adjusted auto-save to run every 5 min instead of every 60s to help address stuttering in game. (Will probably make this a setting in a future patch)
  15. Fixed issue where player could become stuck during initial game load.
  16. Added network throttling to games to try to recover from significant desync conditions.

Big Features:

  • Defense game mode added. Currently in “beta” as there’s still some work here.
  • Advanced settings added to games.  More settings to come in future patches.

Known Issues:

  • Zombie attack waves arrival/departure is not animated.
  • Defense mode may not be playable/responsive on all network connections.

Update on 1.1

Hey Folks,

I’ve been a bit remiss in updating you on the 1.1 progress, wanted to remedy that now.  The patch is pretty close to complete.  The features are functional but during testing I saw some fairly significant network slowdowns when dealing with defense games over Xbox LIVE.  I’ve got a few ways to address the problem but they need to be tested thoroughly as they could cause new issues.  On the plus side they should improve the network performance on survival games as well.  Rough ETA for this work is Tuesday.

Sorry for the delay.  I’ll let you know as soon as I submit the patch to review with the full patch notes.

Update:  Still testing the networking fix, hopefully should post to review tomorrow or Thursday.

Patch 1.0.2 submitted to review!

Hello Folks,

Just wanted to let you know that the latest patch (1.0.2) was submitted for review tonight.  I decided to tell you now, rather than wait until it’s actually available.  I’ll post an update when it passes review so you know when you should see the update.

Review Update: 8 of the 8 required reviews are in, it’s on the way!

Patch notes included below.


Patch 1.0.2 Change List:

  1. Fixed issue where changing key bindings in game could cause a crash.
  2. Fixed issue where large damage over time effects could cause a crash.
  3. Changed damage over time ticks to be slower and deal more damage per tick.
  4. Fixed issue where deleting the last city in your resume game list could cause a crash.
  5. Fixed issue where secondary attack could cause a crash if weapon breaks during swing.
  6. Fixed issue where terrain saves could become corrupted.
  7. Fixed issue causing auto saves to not work if console is turned off or game crashes
  8. Changed network search to only look for games of matching version.
  9. Reduced food drops from kitchens.
  10. Adjusted zombie noise volume.
  11. Adjusted third person muzzle flash location for all guns.
  12. Fixed issue where dropped items/blocks could cause a crash on loading game.
  13. Fixed issue where Night Owl was not affecting ranged damage.
  14. Fixed North and South street names so they match sunrise/sunset.
  15. Beds can now be moved, will drop block instead of components when broken.


  1. Added apocalypse terrain modifier.  Note: Enabling will increase load times.
  2. Added new upgraded guns.
  3. Zombies will now respond to gun fire.
  4. Added basic compass + player radar.

Known Issues:

  1. Apocalypse terrain modifier can result in spawns inside pits.
  2. Apocalypse terrain modifier can result in zombies falling to their deaths.

Patch 1.0.1 has passed review! (Stability fixes only)

I got the final reviews needed tonight.  The patch has now passed review.  It can take 24-48hrs for it to propagate through the Xbox LIVE servers, so you may not see it immediately.

Note this patch is a bit smaller than most will be, as it was coded up at the tail end of the holiday.  Here’s what was fixed in this patch.

Stability Patch 1 Change Log:

  1.  Fixed issue where player will crash if selecting Ready while in a game lobby.
  2. Fixed issue where kicking a player can cause the network session to crash.
  3. Fixed issue where game would crash upon player hitting lvl 20.
  4. Fixed issue where player could no longer jump when at bedrock.
  5. Fixed issue where player would loose items if in stacks over 255 (This will not work for your initial load, but should work subsequently).
  6. Fixed issue with bandages that would occasionally behave like med kits.
  7. Fixed issue where game would occasionally crash when a player left.
  8. Fixed issue where game would crash if “Coming Soon” menu was opened twice.
  9. Fixed issue where game would Code 4 instead of blue screen if crashing during load.
  10. Fixed issue where stats and attributes could be set higher than their 10 lvl max.
  11. Fixed issue where game could crash when saving stats.
  12. Fixed issue where some crafted weapons/guns would get extra stats.
  13. Fixed issue where some crafted guns could crash the game when fired.